Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Been gone for a while, I'm back now


I guess you could say i'm in the DMV State of Mind.  I really should have kept writing, but I guess I had to take break and get back into it.  It feels good to be back.  I hope Hoyanation and friends have been doing okay.  I sure miss all you all..  Actually, it has been kind of boring since March Madness ended.  Watching some of the early NBA Playoff games was very boring.  I couldn't believe the lack of effort on behalf of the Atlanta Hawks in their series with the Boston Celtics.  Boston is a very good team.  Atlanta should of played their hearts out win or lose, they didn't and suffered for it.  If I go down I'm going down hard with a tough fight, so I can feel good about my effort.  I could see some changes have been made on the Hilltop, but it's all for the good that's for sure.  Congratulations to David Coxt on his job with Rutgers and to Darryl Prue on his assistant gig with the Hoyas.  Big ups to the Hoyas new recruit Aaron Bowen.  I'll tell you the Hoyas are loading up and adding great pieces to the puzzle.  I guess it's because WE ARE...GEORGETOWN!