Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hoyanation will rock in 15 days, I can feel it in the air the Hoyas will be gliding


It doesn't matter what team the Hoyas will be playing, all that matters is it's time for redemption Hoyanation. That day is getting is closer and closer. In 15 days it will be gameday, and the Hoyas will be putting their blood, sweat and tears out there on the hardwood. Hoyanation, we know the Hoyas are working hard in practice because that's what they do. A Hoya tradition is continuing and they Hoyas want to keep it going. They are more eager, energized, experienced, determined, confident, fired up, smarter, stronger, and quicker. You add all those up and what do you get?

Excitement and lots of GLIDING, lol, yes, oh what a beautiful sight it will be. When Midnight Madness started I was like, Let's Goooooo!!! I was "fired up". When I went to see each individual Hoya play this summer in Kenner League action, I was looking for that "fire", and I saw it in their eyes, even in the freshmen's eyes as I've stated in a previous writing. The Hoya cheerleaders will be cheering, the Hoya band will be playing, the vision is hype. Hoyanation, I think as long as the Hoyas play hard, smart and have fun they will Glide into top form in the postseason and we will give them our all chanting Let's Go Hoyas, Hoya Saxa, and finally, WE ARE GEORGETOWN!

I went to LIDS yesterday to buy a Georgetown cap in Pentagon City. The hat is called, "Georgetown Hoyas 59Fifty NCAA Swagger". What's really special about this cap for one it's a Gtown hat, lol, secondly, the "creative design in the front of the cap, and what makes even more special is the Let's Goooooo I had sewn on the right side of the cap. These two english words I devoted to my son and the mighty Hoyas. The six "o's" are for the the number of letters in my son Chavis' first name. When I'm rooting for my team or coaching in clinic/camps these words are great motivators for me. I think this season will be a "Dream Season" and one to remember. The Hoyas have developed that faith through adversity and are ready to glide on to the promised land. When I say Let's Goooooo = Chavis, Hoyas, Hoynation, friends and family, it's all about life. Basketball if Life!


We Will Get It Back!

Let's Go Hoyas!


Let's Goooooo!!!  Six"o's"=Chavis
The Dream Season

Rocking that Georgetown Hoyas 59Fifty NCAA Swagger Cap

I just thought about this original song from back in the day Fly Like Eagle by the Steve Miller Band, Hoyas let's go!

Support and Prayer is the key for our Troops, Go USA!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hometown team gets it in for first night in NBA action

I'm Back!  Gilbert Arenas is back with a great opening night 29 point 9 assist performance.   The Washington Wizards, led by the most talked about Wizard last season Agent "0".  So many people talked so much trash about Gilbert Arenas.  It's like they had forgotten all he's done for D.C. and the Wizards.  Gilbert is a warrior and a team player and brings it every night.  Personally, I cannot talk bad about a player that gives his all in practice and games and shows leadership on and off the court.  For the Wizards Gilbert is still that special player, that dagger, but adapting to more point guard play that will expand his game.  Gilbert being an extension of Coach Flip Saunders will provide him with true leadership that is needed for the hometown team to get it in.  Great night in D.C. for the Wizards and Wizardnation.  I think the Washington Wizards will rock n roll this year.  It's gonna be exciting, it sure was tonight.

Opening Night NBA Action Gilbert goes up the for the layup on Jason Kidd and Dirk Norwinski

Gilbert Areanas 29 pt. 9 assist in first night NBA action

Gilbert Arenas in Kenner League Summer at Georgetown's McDonough Gymnasium

I'M BACK!  Gilbert Arenas DVD Live @ The Goodman League at the BF Coliseum, SE D.C.

Poet Pride DVD
Baltimore Legendary Dunbar High School Powerhouse
Greatest High School of All-time

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Support is Mandatory, Let's Goooooo!!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Glad the NBA season is here


Hoyanation, 17 days left before we start chanting my favorite Hoya song, Let's Go Hoyas, Let's Go Hoyas!   I'm wondering what songs will be spinning while the Hoyas warm up.  I know the sounds will be on point before gametime so Hoyanation can groove, get loose, and rockkkkkk for the Hoya Redemption that will take place when gametime starts.  I loved to hear Kings of Leon's song Use Somebody, of course that's just one song.  I love all kinds of music, but I like how this song rocks, it gets me fired up, and I know how Hoyanation likes to rock.  I can attest to that!  I can see the student section rocking to this song.  The favorite may be Gucci, you think?  Gucci has the hypeness to get things a jumping in the Verizon too.  The songs of Midnight Madness, Empire State of Mind by Jay-z and Alicia Keys, yes, I remember that song from Midnight Madness also.  Last season I only heard one gogo song representing the nation's capital, Welcome to DC by Mambo Sauce.  Pretty nice great beat.  I'm a gogo head myself, love to represent our area and nation as well.  Everyone pretty much knows gogo is tops here with the roots of gogo originating in West Africa with stops through Latin America.  I'm thinking about all this hype music I guess because I'm hyped as I write.  I just love talking about life through basketball and Hoya ball.  Yes, it's true, I'm bleeding the blue and gray, there's no dispute about that Hoyanation.  Let's Rock! 

Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

Wasted - Gucci Mane feat. Plies

I like to give a congratulations to ex-Hoya staff member Martin Bahar. Martin joined the Princeton men's basketball staff in August 2009 as the Director of Men's Basketball Operations.

Bahar comes to Princeton after three seasons at Georgetown University under former Princeton coach and player John Thompson III. In 2008-09, Bahar served as Basketball Assistant/Film Coordinator for the Hoyas, who reached the 2008 NIT and defeated six NCAA Tournament teams in the process. As Film Coordinator, Bahar was responsible for film breakdown and exchange, the arrangement and organization of recruiting mailouts, and served as assistant camp director for John Thompson III’s Georgetown Basketball School.

From 2006-2008 at Georgetown, Bahar was the graduate manager for the back-to-back Big East Regular Season Champion Hoyas who won 58 games in two years. The 2007 Hoyas, with current Tigers head coach Sydney Johnson serving as an assistant to John Thompson III on the Georgetown coaching staff, finished 30-7 and also won the Big East Tournament en route to Georgetown’s first Final Four appearance since 1985.

Prior to his arrival at Georgetown, Bahar was a student manager at Vanderbilt University from 2002-2006. As manager, he assisted in the day-to-day operations of the basketball program for four seasons. During this time, the Commodores reached the postseason three times, highlighted by a 2004 NCAA Sweet Sixteen appearance as a #6 seed.

A native of Potomac, Md., Bahar completed a double major in communications and Spanish at Vanderbilt in 2006 and a Masters in Communications, Culture and Technology at Georgetown in 2008.

We will hold it down for you over here Martin, Hoyanation will not forget your "fire" and "energy".  Go Tigers!

Former Hoya Staff Member Martin Bahar now Director of Basketball Operations
Princeton Tigers

Princeton Tiger

Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some memories from last season


This morning was a great morning, got plenty of rest last night.  I got up and headed to the swimming pool  and hot tub.  Oh yes, what a feeling, a great relaxed feeling.  Taking an early morning dip in the pool starts the day off just right swimming gets my blood flowing freely, organs working great.  I guess you could say it's like putting oil or gas in your car to get it running smooth, lol.  While I was making breakfast, I was thinking about what I wanted to write in today's blog.  Although I have moved on from last season, I just wanted to say it was a pleasure to see my Hoyas out there trying their best and being good students on and off the court.  I always keep in perspective that these young men are students first and foremost with that being said these Hoyas are a fine group of young destined to strive for greatness.  The goal of being "one unit" will successful see the Hoyas through.  I have some photos from last season, enjoy.  Let's Go Hoyas!

To start the morning off, the dip in the pool was relaxing this morning

#4 Chris Wright defending DePaul player

#10 Greg Monroe defends and blocks shot by Syracuse player

#30 Henry Sim glides in for the dunk against Syracuse!

Greg Monroe with the monsta dunk!

#15 Austin Freeman hyped after a made basket against Memphis

#4 Chris Wright goes up with the floater for two against The Orangemen

Greg Monroe's defending will contagiously rub off on the rest of the Hoyas

#20 Jason Clark glides way up for a crucial block on a Marquette plaer

Greg Monroe, Let's Goooooo!!!

Hoya cheerleaders leading the cheer

Thank you Jesse Sapp

My hero

Hoping this will be the outcome this season, clap it up Hoyanation, clap it uppppp!  Let's Goooooo!!!

Pray for our troops

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hoyanation I'm ready and I know you are too, Let's Glideeee!


Good morning Hoyanation, we gotta go out there and get it. The countdown until the first game continues, coaches coaching, players working hard, going through the whole scenario time and time again to get it right.  The right combination, the cohesiveness to being one unit, the strong sense of urgency, the focus, striving for excellence and one goal, a national champsionship, the Hoyas are ready for the challenge.

The Hoyas will take the necessary steps second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, and night by night the Hoyas will be in full flight.  I sit back and think about the Hoyas having the momentum in games pressing, always having their hands up and waving them up down on defense as the crowd is chanting, "let's go Hoyas, let's go Hoyas", and then a steal, a pass, then gliding in for two..  Jump on em again, another steal, okay, I'll calm down.  I'm just totally hyped as I can be.  The Hoyas will do well, I have as much confidence in them as I always had because WE ARE GEORGETOWN!

Coach Thompson teaching the game

Hoyas and some of  Hoyanation

Hoya Saxa!  Hoya Saxa!  Hoya Saxa!

Best 13 year old in the nation?  6'6" Andrew Wiggins

Steve "Air" McNair CRAZY Football Mixtape

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Summer of Hoya Redemption at Kenner

I was just sitting back thinking about last season and patiently waiting for one of the most prestigous college summer/pro league in the USA.  The famous James "Jabbo" Kenner Memorial Summer League started a month later than usual, and only a month long, 55 games in 19 days.  Hoya fans were eager to see how their Hoyas have improved mentally and physically from a tough rugid season.  I knew the Hoyas would respond with fire in their eyes with the bitter taste still lingering, the Hoyas are seeking redemption.  I think they will find.  The Kenner League provided the Hoyas to make a change within themselves of self-confidence with a sense of urgency while playing and working on their game.  I think it was a "dream" summer for the Hoyas knowing when the season ended another season immediately began. 

The Hoyas were split up on different teams and played very well.  The first thing I saw was the "fire" in their eyes, even the freshmen.  They knew they had a lot to prove to themselves and I know in there hearts they want to give it back to Hoyanation, and they will.  This is why the true Hoyanation has to raise up, right now.  The Hoyas will glide, there's no doubt about.  Whatever way you want to celebrate this season practice now, practice singing let's go hoyas, Hoyanation hit me wit da ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh jumping up and down.  Remember the song Chris Wright came out to at Midnight Madness?  JUMP!  JTIII, thanks for having the fans run on the floor at Midnight Madness, that gave me somethings to think about later on : )  Let's glide with the Hoyas, come on Hoyanation and soon to be Hoyanationers, LOL!  Let's Goooooo!!!  Enjoy the Kenner League photos! 

#21 Jason Clark Gliding across the hardwood

Hoya freshman Vee Sanford savvy ball handler

Vee Sanford with the nice form

Henry Sims making moves

Jason Clark's determination  glides him to the finish

Vee Sanford defending in Kenner League action

Austin Freeman going up with strength to reboud

Austin Freeman working on ballhandling in Kenner

I remember this Austin Freeman was giving Vee Sanford leadership and direction in the Kenner

Henry Sims defending in the Kenner League

Henry Sims going up on the hack by Calvin Brown (formerly of  Norfok State)

Freshman Jerrelle Benimon in position and mixes it up for rebound

Freshman Jerrelle Benimon strength and ferociousness will provide the Hoyas strong rebounding

Hoyanation, the Jerrelle Benimon puts shot on the glass

Freshman Hollis Thompson in action at the Kenner League

Cordero Holt throws tip off oop to the gliding Hollis Thompson to start the summer session

And down it goes for Hollis Thompson for two

Former Hoya Tyler Crawford on Glide mode at the Kenner League

Crawford comes in the for the landing