Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My thoughts on the Hoyas hard fought 65-60 loss versus #9 ranked Villanova

The Hoyas came to play tonight, they fought and they scrapped. But in the end it was all about decision making down by three points 1:28 on the clock. Official Timeout. What should we do? Coming out of the official timeout the Hoyas got a KEY TURNOVER with 1:56 left in the game, but didn't take advantage of that critical possession that could've put the score at 61-60 with over a minute left in the game. 

The decision at 1:28 to shoot a three pointer was not a good decision be honest with you. First of all, if I'm a point guard, I have to make a decision to get to basket to get a quick two points. Hey, who knows, you just might get a gift for making a great decision to get to the basket, a free throw, knock the free throw down and you tie the game with plenty of time to win the game.

With .55 left to go, senior Nate Lubick got a rebound and Georgetown had another chance to make a good decision. Gtown timeout. What would you do? Score still 61-58. This is Gtown's second chance to either tie the game or get a quick two pointer with .34 to go in the game. 

This didn't happen, a turnover did, at a crucial moment. The rest of the way all jumpers were shot. Guard decision making near games is very critical as you can see. It's about making that decision in a split second, a smart decision.

Despite it all, I really thought the Hoyas won this game. The bench came up with ten big points. Seven of those points from senior forward Aaron Bowen, he also had four key rebounds, one assist and two steals. It was great to finally see junior guard Jabril Trawick enter the game after sitting out a few games due to a broken jaw. 

Senior Markel Starks led the way with (20 pts., 5 assist, 3 rebounds, but also had 5 turnovers). Sophomore D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera (9) pts. went 0-6 from the three ponit range. He shot 2-11, but got to the free throw line 4 times. 

The rebounding was just about the same for both teams Gtown 20, Villanova 21. Both teams were tied with twelve assists. Turnovers Gtown 18, Nova 16. Steals Gtown 8, Nova 9. Both teams shot 30% in 3's. Both teams shot in the 40% range. Gtown 44.2%, Nova 40%. The only odd stat was free throws. One can only say the Wildcats had some help from the referee's tonight. 

It was a good ole scrappy Big East rivalry game.  The early foul calls were suspect. I don't know what referee Karl Hess has against the Hoyas, but his continuance of bias foul calling against the Hoyas is killing them and has to stop. When will it stop? Hess makes these bogus calls on the regular here in D.C. so one would only assume he makes these calls in our road games as well.

The Hoyas only went to the free throw line nine times and went 8-9 @ 88.9%. Villanova went the free throw line twenty-nine times and went 22-28 @ 78.6%. I also though the Hoyas guards could've done a better job of attacking the basket to get to the free throw line a lot more. Some of the foul calls on the Hoyas were bogus and unreal.  "Every game seems to be called differently" and added: "One could say that opposite ends of court are called differently." - John Thompson III 

"We're getting the ball into the paint, we're getting penetration, we're getting drives, we're getting the ball down low. Fouls aren't being called," Thompson said. "I'm not saying we're being fouled and they're not called. I don't know, but you look at that stat right away and you see we shot nine foul shots they shoot 28, so we've got to figure out how to get fouled." I agree, but as we noticed when our point guard started taking charge and getting the basket he was getting the free throw. Our point guard just had to keep leading and keep doing this especially in the beginning of games, it's all on him. His job description is loaded. He's our coach on the court. Starks that is. Recognize who's in foul trouble and go at them especially their bigs and key players. 

I really like how Coach Thompson is using all his personnel. He and his staff have figured out how to get the most out of every player, but now, it's all up to the guards to make those good decisions at the end of games to start winning again for the Hoyas. "they're in every game, they're right there, there's such a fine line between winning and losing and not having two starts to be in every game like this, I mean this is amazing." - Jay Wright

This is where it mostly matters, near game's end.. Point guard play/guard play is so crucial at these moments in any game you play. No matter what you do all game, it's always about decision making. It's also what life is all about. Decision making. These are the answers. 

You're just about there Hoyas, just keep attacking the basket and make better decision's in crucial moments of a game. "I do know how good the Hoyas are and can be. because you always measure yourself up against the best!" - GH

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hoyas loss at Creighton

Georgetown's defense was key for most of the first half until Wragge knocked down his second three pointer to tie the game at 13-13. From the 7:05 mark the Hoyas didn't score until 3:32 on a layup made by junior forward Mikael Hopkins. At 5:39 Bluejays McDermott made one free throw to put his team in the lead 16-15 with 5:39 to the half. Once again, the Hoyas struggled to score from the 2:21 mark until Starks made a layup at .20 seconds to the half.. In the first half Creighton was held at bay in the scoring department for long stretches during the first half as well.

In the first half, the Hoyas shot 10-31 @ 32.3% in field goals, 2-7 @ 28.6% in 3's, 2-3 @ 66.7% from the free throw line. Creighton shot 10-25 @ 40%, 4-11 @36.4% in 3's, 10-13 @ 76.9% in the first half.

Hoyas hit 15 points by the 12:44 mark, score 52-40. From the 12:24 to 10:57 the Hoyas hadn't scored. Three jump shots were missed by River, Starks and Hopkins. Creighton managed to take a fifteen point lead at 8:48.  After an offensive lull for 4:42 minutes Hoyas Markel Starks knocked down a jump shot at the 8:02 mark, but the Hoyas were still down 58-42 at 6: 01. The Hoyas would not go away with Rivera knocking down a three pointer putting the score 58-45. 

Three baskets made in a row by the Hoyas. Both team's were trading baskets at the 3:25 mark. The score was 66-53. Starks made a jumper at 3:28, but the Hoyas were still down 13 points with the score at 66-53. After 3:28 to go in the game, Starks, Hopkins  and Rivera combinee for 10 points, but not enough for the win. Bluejays Wragge knock down three consecutive three pointer in the first half. He was held to zero points in the second half.. In the Bluejays previous game against Villanova Wragge went 9-14 in three pointers scoring 27 points.

It was good to see Coach Thompson III keep his team encouraged clapping it up despite the odds and how many his team was down. Encouragement can go a long way in life, no need to walk with with your head held down, go and play as hard as you can and have fun. Hoyasaxa! 

“No matter how many times you get knocked down, keep getting back up. God sees your resolve. He sees your determination. And when you do everything you can do, that’s when God will step in and do what you can’t do.”
Offiical Box Score 2nd half.

Just keep on grinding Hoyas! 

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My thoughts on Gtown's overtime loss to Marquette

The energy and exictement was there last night especially from the students. During warmups the Hoyas looking confident and bouncy so to speak. They looked like they were ready and they were. This time there was no big lead to be loss. Marquette came out of gates with an early 7-0 lead.

 The Hoyas didn't score their first basket until 16:50 by senior forward Nate Lubick. The Hoyas ddn't score another basket until after an offiicial timeout at 15:30. This made the score 7-6. The next Hoyas basket didn't come until 11:33 from senior point guard Markel Starks which tied the score up at 9-9. By then, I knew something special was brewing for the Hoyas. 

I knew they would fight the rest of the way because they didn't let Marquette's 7-0 run stop them from what they needed to accomplish in the first half. Senior guard D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera knocked down a three pointer to pull within one point of Marquette at the 9:30 mark to make the score 13-12 in favor of Marquette. 

Starks made a layup at 9:39 to give the Hoyas their first lead of the game 14-13. After a free throw made by Marquette the score was tied 14-14 from 9:18 to 6:19 for both teams. Freshman Reggie Cameron knocked down two free throws. Score, Hoyas up 16-14.

During the first half the Hoyas only missed two free throws. Those were missed by senior center Moses Ayegba. At 5:52 the score was tied up at 16 by two free throws made by Marquette. 

At 4:41 the Hoyas took their biggest lead in the first half 20-16 on a tip in by Ayegba. Marquette tied the game up 25-25 on a layup made by Davante Gardner at the 1:51 mark of the first half. Marquette's John Dawson made a three pointer with .21 to put Marquette up 28-25. With .03 to Hoyas guard River-Smith was fouled. He went to the free throw line and sank two free throws. The score at the half was 28-27 in favor of Marquette. 

River-Smith knocked down two three pointer's to start the second half, but the Hoyas were still down by one point 34-33. 14:53 the Hoyas went to the line and knocked down two free throws. Moments later the Hoyas got fouled and went back to the free throw line to knock down two more free throws to give them a one point lead 39-38. 

At 13:43 Rivera-Smith knocked down another two pointer to give his team a 41-38 lead. The Hoyas kept their lead until At 12:21 Starks made a three pointer at 9:54 then a jump shot, this increased the Hoyas lead by seven, 51-44 with 9:00 to go in the game.

Now take in mind the Hoyas only went to the free throw line since the start of the second half. This told me no inside play was taking place whatsover at this point in the game. Hoyas big's rarely got any touches in the paint for the second half. I think the guards could have done a better job of getting their bigs involved in the paint.. 

The Hoyas only shot 24% in the paint against Marquette.The guards should've recognized that Marquette's Davante Gardner had two fouls on him at the 17:50 mark in the second half and to go right at him. Point guards/guards have to recognize this.

This is part of their many duties as assigned. The object of the game is is to get the most important players (opponents) into foul trouble early, especially your opponents big's. This didn't happen, and it was costly because Gardner got fouled and knocked down both free throw at 3:21 and .28 to bring his team within two 62-60. After a Marquette timeout (.28) Hoya Reggie Cameron was fouled, but he missed his crucial free throw.

Hoyas point guard Starks was fouled at .25. He went to the free throw line and knocked down two free throws to go up by four 64-60. With .19 to go in regulation Marquette's Gardner made a jump shot. His team was only down by two by then 64-62. 

Starks was fouled with .17 to go in the game, but he missed one of his crucial fouls shots that could've put his team up by  four instead of three points. .08 to go in the game, it was all in slow motion, Marquette's Todd Mayo knocks down a crucial three pointer at the top of the perimeter to tie the game at 65 and send it into overtime, something I know the Hoyas did not want due to being undermanned. 

During overtime Marquette came out of the gates with the first basket, to go on a quick 7-0 run. Quickly after Georgetown's timeout Smith-Rivera knocked down a three pointer, but the Hoyas were still down by 72-67 with 2:49 to go in overtime. 

Marquette called at timeout at 1:20, and out of that timeout they were fouled by the Hoyas. Marquette made the rest of their free throw in overtime to win the hard fought game from the Hoyas in ole Big East fashion.I guess you could say Marquette made all their free throw during crunchtime and the Hoyas didn't. This was the difference. Marquette knew automatically who had the hot hand and who to go to during crunchtime, Davante Gardner.

The Hoyas did not get to the free throw line. No inside play was available for the ole blue and gray during OT. The Hoyas must "consistently" to "consistently" get the ball inside to their bigs when they are posted up. 

I've seen a few times especially during crucial situations where Moses and Hopkins had their man sealed and was continously overlooked in the paint. This is a problem, and has been a problem all season. The Hoyas shot well from the free throw line except during the crunch time 18-24 @75%. Marquette shot 41% from the field and the Hoyas 37%.

The Hoyas have gone inside on many occasions, but they have also retreated from this in games relying on jump shots especially three pointers (8-20). I think Rivera-Smith and Starks can do a better job at this. Good fight Hoyas! Remember, free throws win championships, and the guards should know who's in foul trouble and who to keep going at during the course of a game. If the Hoyas would've kept going at Davante Gardner (2 fouls) it would've been a wrap. 

Make this guy better and feed him the ball when and where he wants it! 

 #4 gve #32 the ball inside make him better

Don't make excuses for why you can't get it done. Focus on all the reasons why you must make it happen.

PAIN is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

My thoughts on Hoyas second loss to Big East foe Seton Hall

I expected the outcome to be different this time for the Hoyas, but in a winning way. As we know this didn't happen against the Seton Hall Pirates.. So what do you do? First off, stay poised, as they say, "KEEP CALM HOYANATION," this thing will be figured out sooner, rather than later I would hope. In the middle for the Hoyas, starting forward Mikeal Hopkins in only 26 minutes he went (4-7 11 pts., 15 rebs., 3 stls, 2 blks) was very active stepping up to the challenge. Both teams were even in the rebounding department with 39 a piece.

This new Big East game was the Big East of old with two well foes going toe to toe for most of the first half before Georgetown broke away with a nine point lead at the half. The Pirates scored the first basket of the second half, but the Hoyas countered this with a three pointer from Hoya freshman forward Reggie Cameron (6 pts., 1 reb.). Sophomore D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera (14 pts.,  4 rebs., 5 asts., 1 stl. 0-5 3's).

The Hoyas on shot 34%, 22/% from three point range, The Hoyas shot well from the freee throw line at 81% from the line. I think this tells me something especially when I look senior guard Markel Starks stats. In 38 minutes Starks went 3-12 in field goals, 1-5 shooting three pointers, and 2-2 from the line. Starks missed
lots of shots. I didn't see him on the ball as much as I normally do. I think when he attacked it was out of frustration maybe fatigue I don't know, but whatever the cause I didn't see his floaters, something I always look for when guards to shoot when they get inside the paint. I think the ball should be distributed a lot more in traffic. This will save some energy from thinking and having to do too or so much out on the court. Here's a quote from the Providence win over Creighton today, ''Everyone keeps asking me, `When is Bryce going to come out of the game?' The reply is never,'' Providence head coach Ed Cooley said. ''When he graduates, he'll come out of the game.''

He had (9 pts., 2 ast., 1 reb., 1 stl.). Senior forward Nate Lubick (2 pts. & 1 reb.) only played 12 minutes. 

The Hoyas got fifteen points from the bench. Twelve points of those came from senior forward Aaron Bowen. In 29 minutes he scored (12 pts., 7 rebs., 2 asts., 2 blks). He was 4-9 from the field.
Senior center Moses Ayegba had five rebounds and no points. In seven minutes senior reserve guard Joe Caprio had (2 pts., 4 rebs.).

In the first half the Hoyas shot 38% in the paint. The second half was a different story for the Hoyas in the paint, as they only shot 24% in the paint. The last time Georgetown lost to both Seton Hall and Providence in the same season was '03-04. There is no doubt the Hoyas are undermanned but as Coach JT3 put it, “We have to adjust, adapt, change a lot of things,” Coach John Thompson III said. “As a coach, as a staff, as a team, we have to go back and try to figure that out. We will. The second half we’re undermanned, but that’s not an excuse. We have enough pieces where we can figure it out.”

Raise your hand if you'd like to see sophomore Bradley Hayes put in the mix.

The Hoyas will keep finding was to figure out how to win again. They will definitely need each other more than ever. They'll especially need the Georgetown student section to have their backs and "MAKE SOME NOISE" in the phone booth. When the Hoyas are down it's us, the fans, the student section that need to pick our Hoyas up, no matter how much they're losing by. If we can cheer, chant and make noise when the Hoyas are winning we surely can sing "LET'S GO HOYAS", "WE ARE GEORGETOWN," "HOYA SAXA!" 

"Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you've ever been, to stand up taller than you than you ever were."

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Undermanned timeouts

Even when you think everything is going fine in the game, you're winning big, pause, REMEMBER your team is  undermanned, so it would be smart to get as much rest as you can during timeouts, so extra timeouts are needed. Your team can save as much energy as they can throughout the game. 

Those timeouts we don't normally use when you're up big use those timeouts to rest your team because you still have a second half to go and as a coach I know either all those 3 pointers we're going to stop falling or our opponents would recognize we only played 8 players so they buckled down and put the pressure on.

The Hoyas first timeout was called near the end of the first quarter at the 3:25 mark. The Hoyas next timeout wasn't called until 13:13 of the second half. The only timeouts called after this were the "official timeouts and one Muskateer timeout." Of course this game was very sustainable. When you have two great team's playing against each other a 17 point lead can very quickly go away. Xavier recognized the underman, and attacked it. Your big dog Starks played 40 minutes, but he mentioned "fatigue" was not a factor

I was coaching in a game our team wasundermanned, almost lost, and I didn't realize until I went home and thought I needed to monitor my players energy and give them more rest during games when we're pressing and pushing the ball in transition at constant pace.I I quickly made this adjustment to monitor my players and to use more timeouts than usual. Timeouts will be used very wisely along the way to rest players since you don't want to take them out of the game.

Is this a tight squeeze to do so, yes it is, but if your smart and passionate this can be done through sheer confidence and trust of a team as a whole on a "consistent" basis. I'm a firm believer if I showed trust in all my players all the time I see things, they see things, we see things we've never seen before happen. This is where amazing happens. College hoops. . 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My thoughts on the Hoyas 80-67 road loss to Xavier

Georgetown came out to fighting, diving for loose balls. Just pure fight in the Hoyas right from the start! Playing real scrappy! Hoyas went on a 10-0 run as both of the Hoyas' guards Starks and Smith-Riivera knocked down jumpers. With less than 11 minutes to go in the half the Hoyas shot 9-16 @ 56% 9 rebs, 4 assists, 2 blks.. Announcer says Gtown can get a shot anytime they want.

With seven minutes to go in the first half the Hoyas shot  60% and made 66.7% in 3 pointers No free throws had been shot with seven minutes to go in the first half.

Hoyas take a 7 point lead with 6:21 to go in the first half. Hoyas ended the half making 7 3's. Also, at the half the Hoyas shot 17-31 @ 54.8%, 7-11 @ 63.6% 3 pointers, 16 rebs., Xavier 15.

To start the second half. Xavier cames out of the gates with 7-0. Hoyas immediately put a stop to Xavier's early madness and stormed to a 51-36 lead early in the 2nd on a barrage of 3's by the the Hoyas 10-15 66.7% with 15:30 to go in the game. 4:56  of the 2nd half  a big 3 was made by Muskateer's guard Miles Davis to put his team up for it's first lead of the game 68-65. Xavier never looked back on their 16-0 to end the game. .  

Starks scored a team high 17 pts. he also had 5 turnovers, 7 asts., and 5 rebounds.

The Hoyas loss a 17 point lead to the Muskateer's and hadn't made a basket in the last 6:14 minutes of the game. Was fatigue a factor? The Hoyas were 0-3 in the three pointers for the 2nd as opposed to 10-15 for the first half. 

Hoyas veteran point guard didn't think it was about "fatigue. "Just couldn’t score,” said Starks, who had seven assists and five rebounds but committed five turnovers. “I’m not going to put the blame on fatigue. Guys got to fight through it. Myself and D’Vauntes, we’ve got to fight through it regardless.”I think more timeouts than usual are needed in the future especially being being undermanned. If you're not ready at time an aggressive defensive press can catch you off guard if you're not ready at all times of the game.  

But did coach JT3 think his team was fatigued? “Not only not being able to score, but they scored every way possible,” Thompson said. “You can look back at it now, and it’s easy to say fatigue, but you have to give them credit. They made a run that kept going.”

The Hoyas offense feeds off of their defensive pressure. Never let up their pressure will always come. You just have to be ready.

BREAKING THOUGHT:  Hoyas AGAIN, not shooting as many free throws as opponent shooting 5-9 to Xavier's 18-22 and foul our bigs out AGAIN, hold up something is wrong with this picture for real.. 

Same thing with Butler... "Butler took the lead but the game went back and forth. Refs fouling out three of the Hoyas big men Lubick, Hopkins, and Ayegba? What I found strange during the course of this game was how many times Butler went to the free throw line, the Dawgs shot 25-33, Hoyas only 8-16 (all three bigs fouled out). For most of the first half the free throw stat was 0-0. The Hoyas hadn't been to the line I think this is suspect if you ask me. I don't normally complain about the refs but come on now. let's even this thing out on the playing field. 

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

My thoughts on Hoyas "Gritty" 70-67 overtime win over Butler


"Overcoming Adversity"

What an amazing game!!!! A tough game and gritty nailbiter! What a coaching job on display. Watching the game it looked like to me early in the beginning the coaching stafff and team were loose, which was a key way to be under such stressful situations, but the Hoyas simply just played. They out hustled Butler, they fought hard, they gave it all they had.

This game was amazing for so many reason's and Hoyanation knows why. All they needed to do is play hard, play smart and have fun.I think they did. This is a tough and well earned game. We've seen games like this from the Hoyas in the past, but as an undermanned team. This game was surreal. Starks stepped up when he had to. He took his team into overtime with an heroic deadly three pointer. Senior leaderhip is what he showed tonight against Butler.

Great first half for the Hoyas as they shot 48%. Rivera led his team in shooting 7-11 (15 pts.). 4 rebs., 3 assts., 1 block. The Hoyas came out fired up in the first half never getting behind. Their strong inside play payed dividends. Butler seemed to have no answer for the Hoyas. Hopkins seem to be everywhere inside.

Midway through the second half the Hoyas had a lull, but Bowen came threw with a dribble drive baske.This put the Hoyas up 47-39. With 5 mins left to go in the game Starks found his way to the basket for two to out his team up 52-47.

Butler took the lead but the game went back and forth. I don't know if it was me or the referees fouling out three of the Hoyas big men Lubick, Hopkins, and Ayegba. What I found strange during the course of this game was how many times Butler went to the free throw line, the Dawgs shot 25-33 @75.8%. Hoyas outrebounded Butler 43-38. 13-9 assists for the Hoyas and 5 blocks.

The Hoyas got the free line shot only 8-16 @ 50%. Although the Hoyas were undermanned they still managed to stay focused, hungry and poised during Butler's run. Three Hoyas reserves scored a total of 20 point off of the bench to Butler's 14 all points scored by the Dawg's Andrew Chrabascz. The Hoyas shot 45.3% for the game.

They had their backs against the wall. All the odds were against them. From academic issues to a transfer to an injury to a key player, who is a starter and a defensive specialist for the Hoyas this game was truly a Jimmy V Never Give, never give up, never give up moment for me. 

It always great to see the former Hoyas come out and support the alma-mater. Thanks Big Roy you were going hard for your boys, the Hoyas!  Your support is always a blessing, 


Thursday, January 9, 2014

My thoughts on the Hoyas' first Big East road loss of the season

"Without struggle, there is no progress" - Frederick Douglass

The Friars were coming off a 30-point loss to the nationally-ranked Wildcats. Providence beat the Hoyas 70-52 last night under the similar circumstances if not worse than the Hoyas when we lost our best big man junior (UCLA) transfer Joshua Smith due to academics in last night's game. D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera led Georgetown with 19 points on 6-for-10 shooting. Although Friar's point guard Bryce Cotton, did a good job defensively on senior guard Markel Starks still managed to put up (12 points) he was the only other Georgetown player to reach double figures. He only had 3 assists last night. Friars had 8 blocks, Hoyas 3.

Looking at the stats, Providence guards tallied 16 assists, Hoyas guards only 7. The Hoyas have to play more unselfish basketball and rely more each other every game on a consistent basis. Both teams had 32 rebounds. Fifteen turnovers for the Hoyas, 10 for the Friars. 

I just would've love to see Starks distribute the ball better. If Josh Smith doesn't play, this is something he'll have to do to make his team better especially his other bigs. He must encourage them when they get the ball to go to work. I think DSR can do a better job as this as well, and he has also needs to develop a "floater." There are many times when our guards are penetrating too deep in the paint. There are bigs down there, so the best way to defeat this purpose is to shoot a floater or dish the ball to your bigs. You have to, you have no other choice. 

With all of Providence's academics issues, injuries they've had this year they overcame those obstabcles and adversity with a win over our Hoyas last night. I guess what I'm trying to say here is I think the Hoyas will have to do the same. They'll have to find a way to have faith in adversity to get thorough this storm that has quickly developed. ''I think (the Hoyas playing without Smith) definitely changed their lineup a little bit,'' said Cooley. ''So it changed it, but at the end of the day I'm proud of the way our kids played.''

I read an article by Fox Sports sportswriter Reid Forgave yesterday, and it mentioned Providence's teams issues. ''We were kind of stumbling along in the first half, and they slowly gained confidence, gained momentum,'' Thompson said. ''We came up against a team that's lost a couple in a row, had some bad breaks, and they came out and made the plays to win the game. We didn't.''

Reid Forgave (Fox Sports) on Providence: "Providence is in huge trouble. I was talking to Croshere, a Providence great, about Ed Cooley, and he told me the third-year coach is absolutely beloved by the fan base and the university. Cooley is likable, he’s real, he connects with his players, he recruits the hell out of his situation, and he's brought the Friars back to relevance.

He's also leading a team with a three-game losing streak (including a crushing double-overtime conference opener to Seton Hall), his point guard Kris Dunn is out for the season with an injury, and two highly recruited freshmen were recently suspended for the season. (One of those freshmen, Brandon Austin, has elected to leave the program.) This is after last year’s fiasco with Ricky Ledo, who didn't play a game in a Friars uniform. Bryce Cotton has been an absolute hero for this team, doing it all, stepping up at point guard and playing the most minutes of anyone in the conference. He can'€™t do everything, though. It’s fair to wonder when Cooley's impressive recruiting will begin to pay off."

Sometimes lessons are learned through sports. Sports is life. You'd have to love life through sports the ups the down the surprises good and the bad. One thing I understand, as a fan and coach in life you win some you lose some. It's how you get back up and respond that's most important. 

I also know and ALWAYS remember these players are college students first and foremost and they are developing in life into adults. I do understand our own children are in college, and this is no different for them either. Lessons for any college team's players are sometimes learned the hard way. 

Junior Joshua Smith's academics issue/issues happened to hit our team at the spirit of the moment. I don't the Hoyas handled this to well last night. So, how do we deal with this? Easy, adjust, just fix it and move on and don't look back. I don't know if he'll come back this year, but I do know this is no reason to give up or give in as a TEAM!  'I think the group that we have in the locker room right there is more than capable of playing better than we did today, whether Josh is here or not,'' Thompson said. I definitely agree with this quote.

To lose the way we did against Seton Hall at home and then get blasted on the road (at Villanova). To come back and play this way, I'm proud of our guys. This was a "character win" for us.''  So, now it's the Hoyas turn to learn how to do this same thing Cooley said about his team in getting a "character win."

I love the Hoyas win or lose with all my heart I'm with them do or die. The best thing I like about this whole situation is I know the Hoyas will find a way to prevail having "faith in adversity!" This what life is all about getting back up after being knocked down in so many different ways. I think one would have to fully understand life to understand what I'm saying. It's life through sports. 

I would love to see sophomore7 foot center Bradley Hayes get thrown into the fire early, he can quickly learn to be our other enforcer. I think he's ready, if he's not, that's cool too, but do throw him in the mix, he's 7 feet tall! 

Butler is up next.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My thoughts on Gtown's 77-60 win vs. St. John's

I saw the look on their faces during warm ups as I was walking into the phone booth. Focused, sense of urgency look D'vauntes Smith-Rivera. Smith was focused and had a sense of about last post season's game loss and how it felt from the players who were there.

 One face I saw in particular was that of  sophomore guard urgency scoring a team high (31 pts.) in a duel with the old and new Big East foe St. John's. Even with Smith-Rivera putting up shooting numbers he managed to tie junior Joshua Smith's for six rebounds in today's outing.

Senior Hoya point guard Markel Starks was solid once again today ending the day with 12 pts, 4 assts., & 5 rebs.

This game was great team effort with teammates feeding off of each other. The first and second halves were all Hoyas. For the game the Hoyas were 23-41 and shot 56.1% in field goals. Three pointers were 9-13 @69.2%. 

The Hoyas shot 61% 22-36 from the free throw line. Other noticeable stats were the Hoyas outrebounding the Johnnies 37-30, assist 17-8 Hoyas, steals 12-9 Johnnies, 5-4 blocks Johnnies, with Hoyas' junior forward Mikael Hopkins with 3 swipes. Hoyas 18 turnovers, Johnnies 12. Hoyas 14 bench points payed dividends. In just 8 minutes senior center Moses Ayegba had 5 pts., 3 rebs., and he went 5-6 from the free throw line.

For a moment, especially in the first half, there was one referee that looked like he had it out for our Gtown big men. Lubick, Smith, Ayegba, all had 2 fouls going into the lockeroom for the half. To me, most of the foul's were not legit, but anyways the Hoyas shooting prevailed over the terrible calls to keep the Johnnies from coming back.

Here's that terrible referee right there in middle, keep a lookout for this guy he can be very dangerous calling fouls on your favorite college hoops team

Hoyanation as the love the team defensive effort by the Hoyas. The communication, the point communication, the sense of urgency. It's the Hoyas knowing about NOW! 

Here's a few pics of the Hoyas win over the Johnnies Courtesy of Christine Burns.

Jabril Trawick in lockdown mode

The Front Line...

Trawick taking off!
 Trawick coming in for a landing!

My hands behind Smith-Rivera shooting the rock were on their way up, and he did make that three pointer

Mikael Hopkins rim protecting!


I think the legendary John Thompson Jr. like Smith's on hand dunk! 

Wish I had a photo of that vicious assault Bowen did on St. John's, anyways this is after that assault, my goodness, yeah, it was just this HYPE!

Hoya brotherhood!

We Out Here! 

A Hoyas fan with some old school Hoyas buttons on his Gtown lid

I got my Breast Cancer Awareness tee 

Rock Steady Hoyas! Let's go! 

Up next, Providence! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Being ready, staying ready at all times

Doing anything and playing sports you have to be ready at ALL times, especially in boxing. I remember watching the  Floyd Mayweather's vs. Victor Ortiz fight, well, needless to say the young fella learned a good lesson that particular night in the ring and it was to defend yourself at all times! You can hear the announcer saying, "defend yourself at a times, it was legal!" 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that in basketball you have to always be ready to defend yourself . When your opponent has the ball to never turn your back on him/her. When the referee gives your opponent the ball be ready, and never turn your back. 

Now, do some referees quickly give the ball to the inbounder in some circumstances? Maybe, but whatever the case I wouldn't trust any referee in this instance because I  would always be ready, watching and waiting. This was something I saw in the FGCU tourney game, and it sort of came back to haunt me when I saw this happen against the Hoyas in their win over Depaul, but it's a good thing this wasn't done at a crucial moment in a game. If so, we wouldn't hear the end of it. . 

This is a play that can win a game, and a championship for your opponents all due to not being ready at all times. Check out 1:23 when the announcers say, "hey how about Comer, then Reggie Miller says, "he threw it off of the back of a Hoya player with his back turned to the defense." But, Reggie the defense, how about, "the player taking the ball out bounds!"  

All I can say is the Hoyas have  to ALWAYS be ready and attentive throughout a whole game, especially communicating during out of bounds plays when their opponent's are taking the ball out of bounds.

Don't turn your back on your opponent EVER with or without the ball! 

After you grab a rebound if your opponent's not set on defense PUSH the rock run right past them. If anything your opponent will foul you (reaching foul). A smart way to get a foul. Basically, think of smart ways to get fouls (attack the basket, get the inside to your post players as much as you can by using an array of passes, lob, bounce, chest Smart ways to get fouls

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My thoughts on Georgetown's first New Big East conference win vs. Depaul


The New Big East started off with a bang last night with the Georgetown Hoyas winning their first conference game against a tough Depaul Blue Demons squad 61-54 on New Year's Eve! Senior point guard leader Markel Starks led the charge scoring 21 pts.He saw when his jumper wasn't falling from three point range (1-4) he decided to attack the basket and picked up fouls along the way.

Starks picked up steam when he knew he had to. He knew the only way at the time when the Hoyas were struggling to attack and take matters into in his own hands and this became contagious amongst his teammates especially the big man Moses Ayegba swatting away three of Depaul's shots in Mutombo fashion. No finger wave, but the finger wave did come from me, and I yelled out, "Moses Mutombo, no no no!" Haha. I was indeed having much fun, but I didn't think Depaul's fans liked it, so I had to rub it in a little bit. 

He went 8-8 from the free throw line, and 6-12 in field goals. Smart thinking and tough thoughts and moves. Junior Jabril Trawick, did a great attacking the basket as well, he went 2-4 from the free throw line, 3-4 in field goals, 4 rebounds, 1 steal, and 2 assists. Great defensive as well for Trawick!

The Hoyas came out going inside to their post players, but soon afterwards an early lull set in, but still managed to shoot 42% for the first half and 45% for the second half which I thought was pretty good. I also thought this stat could've been a lot better if the Hoyas would've keep going inside, and attacking at will less turnovers will happen and the Hoyas could get that "in the paint/field goal percentage" up to 50%+ on a consistent basis.

When this didn't happen the turnovers (19) came (18) for Depaul. First half turnovers Hoyas (8), Blue Demons (9). I like to see the Hoyas pushing the ball in transition, but I'd also like to see the wings get out and sprint down the floor a lot more. This makes it a lot easier for the guards to look up and see those wings in front of them to make the pass to them to create showtime! 

The Hoyas were outrebounded 39-33 by Depaul, but sophomore guard D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera  managed to lead his team in rebounding for this game (8 rebs.) last night. How this happens is beyond me. I guess DSR has some kind of ball radar on him or something. 


The Hoyas have been using the shot clock to their advantage noticing the time left on the shot clock or the game clock. Senior Aaron Bowen's toughness, smart and acrobatic heroic plays continue to pay dividends when he steps on the court as well. For some reason, I knew AB's shot was going in to end the half on a high note. One word, "WOW!"  On this video look over to the left and you'll see my arms quickly raise up in victory. Thanks Aaron and Happy New Year's to you too! 

Georgetown's Post Game Quote's

Up next, St. John's at home ...