Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My thoughts on the Hoyas hard fought 65-60 loss versus #9 ranked Villanova

The Hoyas came to play tonight, they fought and they scrapped. But in the end it was all about decision making down by three points 1:28 on the clock. Official Timeout. What should we do? Coming out of the official timeout the Hoyas got a KEY TURNOVER with 1:56 left in the game, but didn't take advantage of that critical possession that could've put the score at 61-60 with over a minute left in the game. 

The decision at 1:28 to shoot a three pointer was not a good decision be honest with you. First of all, if I'm a point guard, I have to make a decision to get to basket to get a quick two points. Hey, who knows, you just might get a gift for making a great decision to get to the basket, a free throw, knock the free throw down and you tie the game with plenty of time to win the game.

With .55 left to go, senior Nate Lubick got a rebound and Georgetown had another chance to make a good decision. Gtown timeout. What would you do? Score still 61-58. This is Gtown's second chance to either tie the game or get a quick two pointer with .34 to go in the game. 

This didn't happen, a turnover did, at a crucial moment. The rest of the way all jumpers were shot. Guard decision making near games is very critical as you can see. It's about making that decision in a split second, a smart decision.

Despite it all, I really thought the Hoyas won this game. The bench came up with ten big points. Seven of those points from senior forward Aaron Bowen, he also had four key rebounds, one assist and two steals. It was great to finally see junior guard Jabril Trawick enter the game after sitting out a few games due to a broken jaw. 

Senior Markel Starks led the way with (20 pts., 5 assist, 3 rebounds, but also had 5 turnovers). Sophomore D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera (9) pts. went 0-6 from the three ponit range. He shot 2-11, but got to the free throw line 4 times. 

The rebounding was just about the same for both teams Gtown 20, Villanova 21. Both teams were tied with twelve assists. Turnovers Gtown 18, Nova 16. Steals Gtown 8, Nova 9. Both teams shot 30% in 3's. Both teams shot in the 40% range. Gtown 44.2%, Nova 40%. The only odd stat was free throws. One can only say the Wildcats had some help from the referee's tonight. 

It was a good ole scrappy Big East rivalry game.  The early foul calls were suspect. I don't know what referee Karl Hess has against the Hoyas, but his continuance of bias foul calling against the Hoyas is killing them and has to stop. When will it stop? Hess makes these bogus calls on the regular here in D.C. so one would only assume he makes these calls in our road games as well.

The Hoyas only went to the free throw line nine times and went 8-9 @ 88.9%. Villanova went the free throw line twenty-nine times and went 22-28 @ 78.6%. I also though the Hoyas guards could've done a better job of attacking the basket to get to the free throw line a lot more. Some of the foul calls on the Hoyas were bogus and unreal.  "Every game seems to be called differently" and added: "One could say that opposite ends of court are called differently." - John Thompson III 

"We're getting the ball into the paint, we're getting penetration, we're getting drives, we're getting the ball down low. Fouls aren't being called," Thompson said. "I'm not saying we're being fouled and they're not called. I don't know, but you look at that stat right away and you see we shot nine foul shots they shoot 28, so we've got to figure out how to get fouled." I agree, but as we noticed when our point guard started taking charge and getting the basket he was getting the free throw. Our point guard just had to keep leading and keep doing this especially in the beginning of games, it's all on him. His job description is loaded. He's our coach on the court. Starks that is. Recognize who's in foul trouble and go at them especially their bigs and key players. 

I really like how Coach Thompson is using all his personnel. He and his staff have figured out how to get the most out of every player, but now, it's all up to the guards to make those good decisions at the end of games to start winning again for the Hoyas. "they're in every game, they're right there, there's such a fine line between winning and losing and not having two starts to be in every game like this, I mean this is amazing." - Jay Wright

This is where it mostly matters, near game's end.. Point guard play/guard play is so crucial at these moments in any game you play. No matter what you do all game, it's always about decision making. It's also what life is all about. Decision making. These are the answers. 

You're just about there Hoyas, just keep attacking the basket and make better decision's in crucial moments of a game. "I do know how good the Hoyas are and can be. because you always measure yourself up against the best!" - GH

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