Sunday, December 29, 2013

I love this pass to the post player

I was so excited to see senior guard Aaron Bowen immediately look into the post to distribute the ball right where Hoyas big man Joshua Smith wanted it to his hand closet to the basket. If you've ever noticed Smith always does this, but lots of time isn't recognized, but this time he was.

Junior Mikael Hopkins threw one of these passes inside to senior Moses Ayegba for a sweeping jump hook in the lane for two points. These passes make the game so easy especially for our bigs. Everything else opens up after this. 

When Smith is out of the game the Hoyas to be confident about giving other bigs the ball in the paint as well. This is very key and will help keep Smith out of foul trouble, and I'm sure he'll be a happy camper.
I'm just glad this is sinking in now, to know where your bread and butter is. This is where it starts, inside then it works it's way outisde. 

CLICK HERE to check out the pass, I hopped out of my seat .04 secs.

I also liked seeing junior guard Jabril Trawick on the ball. His high basketball IQ with the ball in his hands is a force to be reckoned with. Trawick had another exceptional summer playing point gaurd for his team.

His decision making, patience and knowledge of the game is exceptional. I liked the way he was attacking the rim off of the dribble. The Hoyas, yesterday, looked like a different team.

 I think this was the best game they've played all season win or lose and doesn't what team they played either. I'm basically talking about the things they Hoyas need to do to quickly recover from their lost in Kansas. 

They did mostly everything right, now if they could just stick to this and even make it better, they will only get better. They have a whole team, they have depth. Mold it and use it, trust is the key. When all your players know you trust in them to listen and go out there and hustle and try your best, they'll give you their best and you'll be awed. 

Hoyanation, let us now forgot about this easy "BOUNCE PASS" as well, I haven't seen much of this, and just think these passes are so easy to make. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Quick thoughts on Hoyas pounding of FIU

Now that's how you play smart inside, outside basketball. One would have to love how the Hoyas stuck to their game plan today. They "consistently" scored 58 points inside the paint (34-56 60.7%), free throws, good job (19-24 @ 79.2%), this is when you know you've played the game of basketball the right way. Three pointers shot were not so good (5-14 @ 35.7%).  It was good to see the bench in the game early and played scoring a total of  41 points. Score 92-57.

The Hoyas could've taken that loss and kept their heads down, but it was obvious this didn't happen today. The Hoyas kept their heads up the whole way. Even during warm-ups there was a seriousness about the team. The Hoyas facial expressions were businesslike.

Sophomore guard D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera (nonstarter today, senior Aaron Bowen started for DSR) scored (15 pts., 6 assts., 3 rebs., & 2 stls., no turnovers) coming off of the bench today. Freshman "sniper" Reggie Cameron (7 pts.) entered the game knocking down two three pointers in thirteen minutes, he also went 3-5 in field goals. Senior Moses Ayegba (4 pts. in 10 minutes he had 2-2, 4 rebs., 1 asst., & 1 blk.). A sweeping, aerial jump hook was one of Moses shot he made, it was marvelous I must say.  Hoyas guards scored a combined 43 points, 11 assists, 9 rebounds and 7 blocks (Smith 2, Bowen 1, Hopkins 3, Ayegba 1).

Good team effort after Christmas. A very strong showing today. The Hoyas came out fired up from their big loss in Kansas. The last the Hoyas loss they went 3-0. Let's hope the Hoyas can get on a new winnnig streak in Big East play starting next week against versus the Depaul Blue Demons at home on December 31 at 5 p.m. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bits and pieces of inside, outside consistency, foul trouble & how to avoid it

Early on during the Kansas/Hoyas were playing smart inside, inside, outside basketball. It took Kansas about ten minutes to realize they needed to step their defense up.

According to Jesse Newell of the  Newell Post and Joshua Smith posted 17 points and 13 rebounds in UCLA's 77-76 loss to KU on Dec. 3, 2010. Smith — up to 350 pounds now — has actually greatly improved his offensive efficiency since then. He has three main offensive skills: 1. He's a great finisher at the rim, making 72 percent of his 2-pointers overall and 74 percent of his combined layups and dunks; 2. He gets fouled often, drawing eight whistles per 40 minutes (18th nationally); 3.  

He's outstanding on the offensive glass, grabbing 13.5 percent of his team's misses (109th nationally). 
The junior is an OK shot-blocker and a horrible defensive rebounder, but his strong offensive game more than makes up for that. He has battled foul trouble all year, though (7.3 fouls/40), so that will definitely be something to watch.  

In my opinion and knowing guard play and my team's guard play as well. Over the years, I've always felt the guards could do a better job at getting their big's the ball on a consistent basis which can help solve some of the fouling problems with the Hoyas big men. The "frustration fouls" I call it.  Silly fouls start happening. Your big is using lots of energy getting himself open, but you have to know this as well and make a better effort to get your big men the ball. Great players find a way to get the task at hand taken care of.  I don't  know if they're not used to getting the ball inside or simply just don't know how to get the ball inside "consistently." (knowing all the the different kinds of passes to make).  

You make your big's better by encouraging and giving the them the ball where and when they want the ball, but make sure you have this locked in at all times especially in crucial situations to make the great play.  "You're going to get to the (free-throw) line," he said. "You're going to get the opposing team's frontcourt in foul trouble. You're going to be able to play inside-out, and by playing inside-out, you're going to have more driving opportunities. You're going to make people guard more of the floor."

One thing I've noticed in the in the 2007 Final Four game against Ohio State when Oden went out of the game in early foul trouble Hoyas guards should of quickly recognized this and immediately went to their legit center, Roy Hibbert, but: 

“Hibbert was tremendous… he more than held his own against the younger, more celebrated Oden. Problem was, he spent too much time as a spectator… When Hibbert was out, the Hoyas were simply lost.” Hibbert played only 24 minutes. Oden, also in foul trouble, only played 20 minutes as the marquee big man match-up was reduced to a game of small ball. …Yesterday, Roy Hibbert’s Georgetown career came to a close. Hibbert would do this despite being whistled for two fouls in the first 10 minutes of  each of his previous seven games.


Frustration fouls led to silly fouls, maybe one or two bad calls as well, but anyways foul trouble has appeared, and it's not a good situation to be in especially, so early in the game a game as important as a Final Four. 

Against Davidson: With Davidson not having any player taller than 6’8’’, Mandel’s narrative would be a great one – except for one tiny detail. Georgetown’s “Goliath” spent most of the game on the bench — again. Hibbert was whistled for his 4th foul while there was still 11:37 left on the clock and the Hoyas maintained an 11 point lead. With Hibbert’s absence, the help of nine offensive foul calls and 30 total free throw attempts, Davidson would prevail behind a brilliant late shooting display by Stephen Curry. Georgetown became only the 2nd team in NCAA tournament history to shoot over 60% from the field and still lose. After the game ESPN broadcaster Digger Phelps remarked: “I thought the X-factor in this game was Roy Hibbert getting into foul trouble. First two minutes of the game – he’s got two fouls [and] he’s down on the bench. He doesn’t play but 16 minutes for the whole game. When you look at Roy Hibbert on that bench – that to me was the reason why they lost that game.” 

This is another reason why I'm sold on my legit & true center carrying my team. Two weeks prior to the  2007 Big East Tournament.

Playing for seeding
1. Georgetown (20-5, 10-2, 2): The Hoyas are playing like an elite team. I had them at the top of the league in my preseason ratings but gave John Thompson III a hard time for much of the season. Once the Hoyas found Roy Hibbert, they started winning. And on Saturday, Georgetown won despite getting next to nothing from Hibbert. Hibbert and Jeff Green have established themselves as the league's best 1-2 punch.  Georgetown is clearly playing the conference's best basketball.

Doing some research I found this comment from an Ohio State University fan that sounded all too familiar. Jared in Arizona: "I am a firm believer that Thad Matta intentionally designed his offense specifically so Greg Oden wouldn't develop his game and thus he stays for a year, maybe more. Think about it. The only time that Oden has been involved this year is on the offensive glass. He'll either go out and set the high pick and then roll, looking for the offensive rebound, or he will have single coverage on the block and won't get the ball. 

He'll just try and get the offensive rebound after another 3-point shot. Greg Oden has even said he's not ready to make the jump because he can't post up as good as he thinks he should. Well how is he going to improve when nobody's giving him the ball? 

This is what Matta wanted to happen and Greg Oden has paid the price for it. Actually we all paid the price for it. How does Thad Matta explain not giving the ball to Greg Oden when he's being guarded by one 6-7 guy? Thad Matta has lost serious karma points for this ingenious trick he has put on Oden."

NBA sage Marty Blake a league scouting staple for more than 50 years, tells a story about sitting in the stands with then-U.S. Olympic coach John Thompson at the 1988 European championships in Rotterdam. Thompson had coached Patrick Ewing at Georgetown a few years earlier and had Alonzo Mourning and Dikembe Mutombo on his Hoyas roster at the time. 

Blake asked Thompson what qualities he looked for when recruiting centers. Blake remembered Thompson telling him, "I want him to get position with his back to the basket. I want him to be able to give the ball to the guard cutting through, to rebound and start the fast break, to throw the ball to the forward in the corner if (the center) is covered. And invariably the kid will say, 'Coach Thompson, I can't throw the ball to the forward in the corner because I want to be the forward in the corner.' "

Kansas had 46 free throw attempts against Georgetown, tied for its most in a game over the last 15 seasons.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My thoughts on Hoyas big road loss vs. Kansas 86-64


The game started out going the Hoyas way to some degree until some young name named Tariq Black came off of the bench. Black scored 10 pts. in the first half to set the tone for Kansas. ''Tarik was better today than at any point in time, but that's how he's been practicing every day,'' Kansas coach Bill Self said. ''His attitude has been great.'' ''We can definitely do some damage on the inside,'' Black said.

''They did a good job of getting us in foul trouble,'' Hoyas coach John Thompson III said. ''I think particularly Black played very well today. Whenever we felt like we were making a step toward cutting into the lead, he'd get a rebound or make a three-point play.''

The Kansas bench out scored the Hoyas bench 15-7 in the first half as well. By the end of the game Jayhawks bench continued to outscore the Hoyas bench 33-15. KU's Black and Embid both combined for 34 pts., 17 a piece. Hoyas guards combined for a total of 40 points, KU's guards scored a combined total of 31 points. 

I think the Hoyas guards could've done a better job at getting the bigs the ball in the paint a lot more especially in second half. There were lots of times the bigs were looked off. The guards have to know for "40 minutes" it's about getting the ball in the paint and attacking off the dribble. Hoyas defense needs to tighten up for the duration as well. ''All the credit goes to them,'' Lubick said. ''We didn't come ready to fight.''

The Hoyas were outrebounded 39-29. Kansas went on a 27-11 run before the half. Both teams shot poorly from 3 point range, KU 35.7%, Hoyas 26.7%. Hoyas shot well from the free throw line but only made it there 28 times, 16-28, at 57.1%. Kansas shot 31-46, at 67.4% from the free throw line. 

"Kansas had 46 free throw attempts against the Hoyas, tied for it's most in a game over the last 15 seasons" per ESPN Stats Info. The foul calls and free throws could've been the difference maker in this game, because the field goal percentage for both teams were almost similar. "Field goals both teams, Gtown 22-54, 40.7%, KU shot 25-46 54.3%." Both teams had 12 turnovers and 7 steals. 

Hoyas had 5 blocks, KU 7. Definitely not taking anything away from the Jayhawks, but something seems fishy here. I'd like to see most of our team play on a consistent basis. I think this will help a great deal. I'm glad I saw this today. 

The Hoyas do have some experience on the bench especially on defense. I really like Hoyas senior guard John Caprio, the kid is for tough and has great hands on defense. I know my best defensive players get playing time because they make a difference and they are gamechangers. I always said when you have great defensive players playing great defense this becomes contagious, so I tell my teams whoever plays good to great defense you will earn playing time, and guess what? They all do, and this, again, becomes contagious.  

I think this game was a great learning experience for our Hoyas today. They can either take this big road loss and put their heads down or get back up and use this loss as motivation for the rest of the season. Most teams we've beaten over the years during the regular season or have blown out made it to the Final Four, Butler, Duke, Louisville. If I'm missing one or two teams I'm sure you know the rest. ;)  Anyways, I love seeing my team play win or lose. "I always take the bitter with the sweet, it's what life is all about, but NOW for the Hoyas it's about getting back up. Never give up, never give up!" 

Up next, Florida International.  Hoya Saxa! 


Friday, December 20, 2013

My thoughts vs. Kansas

Jabril Trawicks's UNFINISHED BUSINESS! PT. 1



My thoughts on some things the Hoyas have to do to beat Kansas. My first thought is to play inside/out basketball. I need for the guards to immediately look in the post and get our bigs the ball early. A guard's first look should be in the post and to get it in there. When he/she does this it becomes "CONTAGIOUS" amongst team member. Throw the ball to the rim or hand once the big has sealed his defender. You can also use a very seldom seen "BOUNCE PASS." Hoyas guards can make their bigs better by giving them the ball and yelling out to them "GO TO WORK BIG FELLA!"  It's very "CRITICAL" for our guards to be able to feed the post properly. This is something I've always done playing and coached.

The ball will come right up where the big/bigs can make their move. I haven't seen many bounce passes on a consistent into the post this season, but would like for the Hoyas guards to do this more  consistently especially playing against zone defenses. It easy, just use your peripheral vision and get the ball there or attack. 

My thing is to be tough, and play with some heart. Test yourself, get in the paint.. "Where there is a will, there is a way, great players find a way." This will help get some early fouls on their bigs especially with the recent play of freshman Jayhawk center Joel Embid. Here's an article on Embid written by Jason King.

Great players find a way, no excuses. Michael Jordan was one of those type of basketball players. He ALWAYS found a way.

I cannot stress enough of the importantce of  "COMMUNICATION & POINT COMMUNICATION on DEFENSE." This is key. With Phog Allen Fieldhouse being one of the loudest and intimdating college sports venues lots of point communication will be need. Make no doubt about the Hoyas will be in a very hostile enviornment in Kanas but maintaining their composure especially during those stretches where Kansas maybe making run. I'm pretty sure the Hoyas will go through some adversity the game, but I think they'll be able to overcome the odds in Lawrence, Kansas. Kansas has won 67 non-conference games straight in Phog Allen Fieldhouse, so let's break this streak Hoyas! 


"Everybody's excited because we're getting back on a roll." Wayne Selden on the locker room after the win

"It should be a big time college basketball game…" - on the Georgetown game

"Andrew's had a great week…he's been really good in practice…getting better everyday." - on Wiggins

"We've always gotten better over Christmas…" -

"I'm excited to get back home, we need it. Our players need to feel the home crowd and get themselves juiced." -

"If you watch him everyday, nothing surprises you. The kid can do anything." - on Joel Embiid

"He dunked one yesterday and never jumped…" - on JoJo

"It's been awhile, we're excited to be back home…" Andrew Wiggins on returning to Allen Fieldhouse

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Game Review on Hoyas 85-76 win over the Elon Phoenix

Work Hard Play Hard Hoyas! Let's Get It! 

In the beginning minutes the Hoyas jumped out to an early five point lead after that it was toe to toe the rest of the way in the first.Elon went toe to toe with Hoyas blow for blow in the first half. With the Hoyas down by one at the half I figured they had a lot of talking to do during the half. 

Early in the second quarter I saw the energy I didn't see in the first half on both ends of the court. The two team came out swinging blow for blow, but this didn't last for long as the Hoyas at 15:18, second half the Hoyas went up by seven. Hoyas senior point guard Markel Starks (21 pts.) hit a three pointer at 14:26 to take an eight point lead. Starks, again at 9:38 put his team by nine points this time.

Hoyas fouled Elon's Tanner Samson for two free throws at 7:38 to bring his team within five points 66-61, but senior Hoya Aaron Bowen quickly answered the call to put his team back up by sevens points. With four minutes to go in the game Hoyas Big Man Joshua Smith threw dunk a powerful dunk for a nine point lead. 

The Hoyas finally take a ten point lead with 3:23 to go as Starks was fouled shooting but only knocked down one foul shot, score 64-74. On an assist from junior guard Jabril Trawick, senior forward Nate Lubick made a layup for the Hoyas to go up 78-67 with 1:39 to go in the game. Elon managed to pull within seven points on a dunk by Lucas Troutman, with 1:26 in the game.

Elon would not let as Sebastian Koch makes an and one fouled by Trawick to bring his team within four points, 1:09 to go. Sitting where I was, Phoenix were very excited and thought they had the chance to come back and win the game, but the Hoyas would not be denied as Hoyas senior guard saves the day knocking down crucial free throws in the end. Score, Hoyas 85, Elon 76.

The Hoyas were outrebounded 37-34. Gtown shot well from the free throw line 23-31 and from three point range as well 6-11. I'm just glad they didn't live and die by the three. Get the ball inside you have a potential all-american inside the post. Smith is ALWAYS open but the guards have to QUICKLY recognize this. Hoyas 20 assists, Elon 18 assists.

Elon is a smart team, a veteran team. A team that never gave up. Another so called mid-level team that came into the game thinking they could beat the Hoyas. Oh, they believed and their fans did too. It was a great game, a game tough game mentally and physically the Hoyas need before they fly out to Kansas and handle their business. Better guard play, better communication, better point communication will be well needed as always. I'd like to see some good bounce passes in the post from guards and other teammates as well for Gtown. 

Hoyas meet Kansas on Saturday! Stay humble, stay hungry ... Click here for game photo's courtesy of Christine Burns

Monday, December 16, 2013

Phoenix vs. Hoyas Tuesday Night


A team that lost to a DII powerhouse #1 ranked Metro State in November,  the Elon Phoenix reeled off three straight wins against VMI, Georgia State and an overtime win over Columbia. The Phoenix last game was played against the Colorado Buffaloes (Big 12), who upset highly ranked Kansas Jayhawks.

The Phoenix hard fought 80-63 loss was well respected by the Buffaloes. Click here for Elon's last game story CU's Dinwiddie led his squad with 17 pts. as Elon had no answer for the Buffaloes in the paint.

Kill em softly inside Hoyas! 

''We did not play with aggression in the first half and we have to play with aggression,'' Elon coach Matt Matheny said. ''To Colorado's credit, they are very good, they are very talented, but they outrebounded us in the first half by 22 rebounds and we cannot expect to hang around with a Top 25 team.''  After a twelve day layoff for the Hoyas, Elon is looking to catch them sleeping, but I know the old blue and gray will be ready for the Phoenix and on top of their game. 

In the Hoyas last game play was a win over a tough Colgate squad. This was good test for the Hoyas in letting them know that any team in college basketball can be dangerous no matter conference they in. They know they can never give up no matter what the circumstances are. This game against Elon will be know different. They are 5-5, 1st in the Southern Conference. 

Georgetown preview click here

Elon preview click here 

The Hoyas will be ready.

Friday, December 6, 2013

My post game thoughts on Hoyas vs. High Point win 80-45

Rolling In The Deep Hoyas! 

It was great to see the Hoyas come out roaring early in the first half. The defense later on in the first half slacked some and a lull set it in. It seemed the Hoyas were stuck at 26 forever, but managed to hold the Panthers down by 12 at the half 28-16. 

The Hoyas hadn't score in about five minutes. I'm pretty sure at halftime Coach Thompson told his squad to step up their defense, and play more team basketball. I could see this to start the second half the defensive intensity was major.

The Hoyas came out strong with senior Markel Starks (18 pts., 5 asst., 1 reb.) leading the way. He knew when to step his game up! Sophomore D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera (17 pts.) in 27 minutes (6-12 fg's, 3-7 3's, 5 rebs., 4 assts., 1 stl.) showed his talents last night knocking the three ball and getting to the cup. I did like the "Earl The Pearl" into the gut of the High Point Panters defense for the and one. AHHHHHH, Smith-Rivera yelled. 

Again, I thought the bench (26 pts.) played magnificient tonight. The reserves  have been playing well for most of the season. It's amazing to see the development of the team. 

Senior Moses Ayegba in 18 minutes had eight rebounds and one steal. This young man is a true warrior with great strength I can honesty say I think he's the strongest player in college hoops.

 If he's not, someone please prove me wrong ha. Junior forward Mikael Hopkins (9 pts.) in 17 minutes (4-5 fg's, 6 rebs., 2 assts., 1 stl.) continues his solid play for the Hoyas. Junior guard Jabril Trawick (6 pts. 4 ast played 24 minutes) lead the charge on defense for the might Hoyas. It's always great to see the Hoyas press, I love this. 

Freshman Reggie "Sniper" Cameron (9 pts.) in 16 minutesa fearless competitor in sixteen minutes went (3-7 fg's, 3-6 3's, 1 reb., 1 ast.). Good job Reggie! 

Overall the Hoya shot 52% from the field, 41.7% in 3's, 54.5% from the free throw line. 23 assists for Gtown, and outrebounded the Panthers 40-34.


Good job Hoyas! On to the next one. Beat Colgate! Click here High Point vs. Hoyas GAME PICS!



Sunday, December 1, 2013

My post game thoughts on Hoyas 70-49 win over Lipscomb

We Stand Together

The early part of the first half for me was all Hoyas until the barrage of 3's started taken place especially with the big man Joshua Smith on the bench with 2 fouls. Lispcomb took advantage of the Hoyas missed 3's 6-foot-10 Joshua Smth played only 17 minutes due to foul trouble after receiving three fouls. He only played 7 minutes in the first half, and picked up his fourth on a double technical call inside the opening minute of the second half. Most of those fouls were frustations fouls.

Your big man gets frustrated when he does not get the ball. Next comes the frustration fouls. Why? He's not getting looks or touches consistently especially when he's open. Smith knows how to get open. doubt about it.

Most big men don't really complain about it because for the simple fact they are team players, BUT sometimes that big man has to go to those guards and say, "gimme the ball!" Just as simple as that. This is what I saw, I remember watching the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, listening to college basketball analyst Alphonso Ellis saying how open Joshua Smith all the time.

I always see this. I think just knowing and turning your head something especially when Smith is coming off of screens he's wide open. I'd just throw it to the basket and let him go and get it and guess what? A DUNK OR AN AND 1 will happen most of the time. Smith was 2-2 from the line. Just think you get him the ball more the other is in early foul trouble and he's on the line. Go figure. Object of this game is for the guards to recognize hey, I have a big I'm attacking and giving or shooting the floater. I'm playing inside out basketball. I'm playing Georgetown basketball.

My thoughts on this. My thing every game and for the remainder of the season is to find ways to get the big man the ball at all costs. There is no defense that can hinder me from getting my big man/men the ball. . I know as ball handler my first look is in the paint. I have the best big man in the game on my team I'm looking for him 110%. You can literally get opponents to 7 fouls early in both halfs and win games from the line.Take advantage of Mr. Smith's luxuries for real ever practice and game.

 Give the big man the ball consistently he's right here.

Without their low-post presence, Georgetown settled for 3-pointers. The Hoyas made their first two 3-point attempts, but then missed 14 straight. They settled down in the second half and shot 56.5 percent from the field. So far this season the bench has been playing well (19 rebounds). Junior Forward Mikael Hopkins (13) and junior Aaron Bowen (7 pts.) combined for 20 points.  Despite it all the Hoyas 22 assists says a lot. Unselfish team play. Bisons only 6 assists.

Jabril's Dunk

I had fun too! Hoya Saxa!