Sunday, December 29, 2013

I love this pass to the post player

I was so excited to see senior guard Aaron Bowen immediately look into the post to distribute the ball right where Hoyas big man Joshua Smith wanted it to his hand closet to the basket. If you've ever noticed Smith always does this, but lots of time isn't recognized, but this time he was.

Junior Mikael Hopkins threw one of these passes inside to senior Moses Ayegba for a sweeping jump hook in the lane for two points. These passes make the game so easy especially for our bigs. Everything else opens up after this. 

When Smith is out of the game the Hoyas to be confident about giving other bigs the ball in the paint as well. This is very key and will help keep Smith out of foul trouble, and I'm sure he'll be a happy camper.
I'm just glad this is sinking in now, to know where your bread and butter is. This is where it starts, inside then it works it's way outisde. 

CLICK HERE to check out the pass, I hopped out of my seat .04 secs.

I also liked seeing junior guard Jabril Trawick on the ball. His high basketball IQ with the ball in his hands is a force to be reckoned with. Trawick had another exceptional summer playing point gaurd for his team.

His decision making, patience and knowledge of the game is exceptional. I liked the way he was attacking the rim off of the dribble. The Hoyas, yesterday, looked like a different team.

 I think this was the best game they've played all season win or lose and doesn't what team they played either. I'm basically talking about the things they Hoyas need to do to quickly recover from their lost in Kansas. 

They did mostly everything right, now if they could just stick to this and even make it better, they will only get better. They have a whole team, they have depth. Mold it and use it, trust is the key. When all your players know you trust in them to listen and go out there and hustle and try your best, they'll give you their best and you'll be awed. 

Hoyanation, let us now forgot about this easy "BOUNCE PASS" as well, I haven't seen much of this, and just think these passes are so easy to make. 

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