Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kenner League 7/31


Wow, what a game by the Tombs today.  I came to the Kenner League when the Tombs were warmning up for the first game.  Of course they were the first team on the court with only six players which is pretty much the norm every game.  What surprises me more and more is the freshmen poise.  Austin Freeman's leadership doesn't surprise me because he's been a leader all of his life on and off of the court, but I'm talking strictly on the basketball court.  Laron Profit (Maryland U graduate and former Wizard player) was coaching the Hoopmagic team.

Hoopmagic had a t total of sixteen players including Byron Mouton (National Champion).  There were players from George Washington, Maryland (freshman PeShon Howard Maryland U) and a couple of other schools.  I couldn't understand why Laron Profit wouldn't press the young Tombs with only six players.  Anyways, it look like the Hoopmagic would run away with the win, with the Tombs being down double digits in the first half. 

The Tombs overcame the odds in the second half with  poise and confidence and went on transitional runs with great passing and unselfish team play with senior Austin Freeman leading the charge.  Hoyanation and friends I saw something special in these young men. They had each other's backs for sure. Big Moses Abraham hurt his ankle and went to the locker room but somehow found the courage to come back which gave the Tombs some inspiration.  Moses Abraham is a really special young man, student and player and will add great strength and rebounding for years to come on the Hilltop.

I saw their hearts today as well as other summer league games they've played, but this game was great win for the Tombs and built lots of confidence.  I see these players developing right before my eyes.   Their courage and heart play a major role in this game.  I was sitting by Nate Lubick's family and it was good to see them again.  I was sitting by his family at the Duke game particularly his dad.  Near games end with the Tombs up by one PeShon Howard came down and hit an NBA three pointer to go up by two, but to end the game the Hoya freshman Aaron Bowen came down and hit a major a big three to put the Tombs up by two for the win. 

In the second game Clyde's versus 2009 Kenner League Runner-Up Beyond Belief.  The game was an up and down fast pace with a strong perfornace on both ends of the floor from sophomore Hoya Vee Sanford and senior Hoya Julian Vaughn.    As the game went on the two teams fought hard on both ends.  Beyond Belief's Isaiah Swan was having it his way, but his teammates could not pull off the win as Clyde's went on to defeat the tough and scrappy team.  The Vee Sanford to Julian Vaughn connection work well as Vee found ways to get Julian the ball.  Hoynation, there was great communication between the two and their teammates.

The third game featured senior Chris Wright and junior Henry Sims.  The DC Legends only had six players.  DC Legends versus Premier Athletics.  Premier Athletics had eleven players and could not wear out the DC Legend's shorter bench.  Again, this was another team that didn't press a team with only six players, but I was happy with the outcome as the DC Legends went onto a two point victory in a tightly played contest.  Chris Wright led the charge for the DC Legends.  Henry Sims did lots of little things that added to the big picture for the Legends and had a good game.  The Legends played great as a team.  Great job DC Legends!


Kenner Summer League 7/30


I just came from doing my 20 laps in the swimming pool and sitting in the hot tub.  I really need that refreshing and relaxtion moment.  I slept pretty good last night.  All last night up until now I've been thinking how Chris "Lumpy" Wright and Henry "Big Hank" Sims played last night with the DC Legends.  I have to talk about this game first versus High Level, a team compromised of some George Mason players, although we had one Mason player, senior Isaiah Tate, and he played outstanding!  Back to Chris and Henry.  At the start of the game, during the game and after the game, I was really excited the way those two played. 

Chris Wright was feeding Henry Sims the ball at will in the post right from the start of the game, and that established the way this game was to played the rest of the game, inside out.  It made everybody's job easier, especially senior Hoya point guard Chris Wright.  He played to a perfection.  His experience and leadership really showed.  Although, we had some doubters/haters before the game, I think all that noise was non-existent during the course of the game. Hoyanation and friends, I love my Hoyas and I love when they play inside out basketball because that's our game. Great point guard play Chris Wright!  His motor never stops!

The first game featured Jason Clark and Team Takeover versus Premier Athletics.  This game started late becuase Primier Athletics only had 4 players until Keith Thomas Stevens (Bowie State U) strap for them as the fifth player.  Although everyone in attendance thought this was going to be a blowout including myself, we were wrong.  Premier Athletics play very hard and kept the pace with Team Takeover all the way to the end of the game. 

Jason Clark played his usual rocket paced game and wasn't having it.  He decided how bad he wanted this game and took over with reckless abandone on both ends of the floor.  This game was a pretty nice game with Team Takeover taking over.  Way to go Jason.

Chris Wright, Henry Sims, and Jason Clark were the only Hoyas that played last night and they all played hard, smart and had fun.  Way to go fellas!  Can't wait until today with Kenner League in full force.  See you there Hoynation and friends.  It always good to see you!  Glidehoyas!


DJ Khaled, Kanye West, T-Pain


Friday, July 30, 2010

Kenner League 7/29


Yesterday, late afternoon I was out, and I happen to look outside.  It started getting darker and darker looking like it was going to rain, so I said I better leave quickly and get home before it starts raining.  I know it's only rain, but you know when you have have those smooth kicks you don't want them to get wet.  Well, I made it home without gettting wet, but as soon as I got home I look out of the window and it started pouring down, and I started laughing, and I was saying to myself, "I beat you this time". 

On my way to Georgetown around 7 p.m. the sky look sort of cloudy and as I park my car on 37th and Prospect.  Once I got out of the car and started walking the rain started pouring down, but of course I sought shelter along with someone else, so I duck the rain twice in one day, so I thought I started a good Kenner day off pretty well.  Of course after 5 p.m. you don't have to put any money in the meters on 37th and Prospect.  I enjoy parking there instead of paying $4.00 to park inside the garage.  It's only a short walk to McDonough Gymnasium.  I hope I didn't let the secret out and hope I can get a parking space tonight there, lol.

Once it stopped raining I continued my short journey to McDonough and once I got both Clyde's and DCX were warming.  Clyde's featuring Hoyas' Julian "Ju Ju" Vaughn and Vee Sanford only had 6 players.  DCX had 5 players when the game started, but eventually had including Hoya Jerrelle Benimon.  I don't want to go into specific detail about the game, but Clyde's got the best of DCX with Vee Sanford shutting down DCX's best shooter and player Tristan Spurlock formerly of the University of Virginia now at Central Florida U.  I think the only I had a problem in that game was the ball not being distributed into the post to Julian Vaughn at will.  The game was too close and it didn't have to be.

I couldn't help it, but I had to tell his Clyde teammates to give him the ball and through the ball to his hand/fingertips or towards the rim so Julian could either drop the ball in or go get it and dunk the ball.  It makes it easier for Julian to score when you give him the ball like on the instances.  Also, a bounce pass would be sufficient.  His teammates just have to know how, when and where to get him the ball.  This takes skill and unselfishness.  Vee Sanford started giving the ball to Julian will and he was either making the basket or getting fouled and going to the free throw line which is what you want.  I think when Vee was giving Julian the ball in the post his man was too close to Julian which forced him to have to pass the ball back out which is okay, but when Vee man's is too close to Julian he should just bring draw his man out a little bit and quickly give Julian the bounce pass and let the big fella go work.  As long as Clyde's plays inside out they won't have a problem scoring and they win.  Good job fellas!

Hoyanation and friends, I knew the second game was gonna be a good game.  Tombs vs. Bowie Bulldogs.  The Tombs featuring Austin Freeman, Moses Abraham, Nate Lubick, Hollis Thompson, Aaron Bowen, and elite true point guard Markel Starks.  Folks say it's only D2 Bowie, but I think they were forgetting this is the Kenner League, and these players and teams go hard.  There are no names on these jersey's.  The only name's on these jersey's are Pro City! 

The first half was fast paced as Bowie kept up with the Tombs.  With the Tombs not getting back on transition defense Bowie's transitional offense was to be reckoned with.  I think it surprised lots of folks how Bowie was playing, but like I said, it's the Kenner Summer League, either go hard or go home is how Kenner is played.  Bowie's 6-11 rising junior big man Travis Hyman lead the charge.  The game was tied at the half.  Once the second half started the Tombs learned they had to get back on defense after they scored they were all right. 

Austin Freeman, Markel Starks, and Hollis Thompson led the charge with the big men Nate Lubick and Moses Abraham got it done on the glass.  Aaron Bowen came off of the bench and provided a spark for the Tombs on both ends of the floor.  Nate Lubick's play on both ends of the floor was outstanding blocking shots, two handed dunked in traffic, dribbling and passing was on point. Although Moses Abraham fouled out, he did a great job on Travis Hyman in the second half, but once he went out the Bowie guards did not recognize to get Travis the ball inside. Bowie settle for shooting jumpers, and we all know when you're shooting all those jumpers fatigue has settled in and it gave the Tombs lots of chances to score in transition.  The outcome of the game was Tombs 73 Bowie 55.  Great game Tombs and I give props to Bowie State U for bringing out the best in the Tombs!  Geez, didn't mean to write so much, my bad, lol!  Let's Goooooo!!!

Glidehoyas story

I heard this song on DC 101 last night on my way home from the Kenner League, I was feeling it.



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hoya freshmen Welcome to DC


Glidehoyas, would like to Welcome to DC to all the Hoya freshman Nate Lubick, Markel Starks, Aaron Bowen, and Moses Abraham.  I know Markel and Moses went to school in the area, but they didn't go to school in DC, but I still have to welcome them in.  We have been blessed with some nice weather yesterday and today, and I'm pretty sure it will continue. 









Monday, July 26, 2010

Kenner League 7/23 7/24 7/25


I heard this song this morning on the radio station, and I was thinking about my Hoyas and really feeling this song. I felt I had some kind of magic in me for my Hoyas. It's a good feeling to me, I can't describe.


After seeing most of our Hoyas in action this past weekend at the Kenner League, I always reminisce afterwards.  Hoyanation and friends, Friday night's games were very exciting.  Although Jason Clark's Team Takeover lost to Coach Roderick "Screamy McScreamerson's" Turner's Team Turner the game was very exciting and fast past.  Coach Turner really complimented Jason Clark's play this summer especially in that particular game against his team on Friday.  I called Jason's mom and Coach Turner was with me and he told her Jason's spectacular play and said, "Jason killed my team, he went past three of my players like it wasn't nothing, I called a timeout and asked my team, "all ya'll just gonna let Jason go by you like that?"   Jason was like a blur.  Lasan Kromah, a rising sophomore from George Washington and All-Met from Theodore Roosevelt, Greenbelt, Maryland also had a great outing each time he steps on the floor for Team Takeover.  Virginia Tech's Jeff Allen was a no show on Friday.

The second game on Friday was exciting also between Hoop Magic and Kenner League's 2009 Runner-Up Beyond Belief.  Hoop Magic featuring UMD National Champ Byron "Madman" Mouton and Maryland freshman Peshon Howard and George Washington's high flying rising sophomore Tim Johnson.  The highligt of the game and second great play of the summer was an alley oop pass from the freshman PeShon Howard and high rising one handed dunk to GW's Tim Johnson.  The crowd was electrified because it was a high flying electrifying thunderous dunk  Isaiah Swann also had a highlight moment with a two handed thunderous dunk off of the left baseline. 

Beyond Belief's Isaiah "Smooth" Swann, (Magruder High School State Champs, Florida State U, Hapoel Gilboa/Galil Elyon, Israel) led the charge and victory against Hoop Magic. In Israel Swann is a high-flying, explosive and quick player with the ability to go past or over the defense to create or finish at the rim. This coupled with long range shooting skill makes him a very difficult match-up for opponents. Started pro career in 2008-09 with Imola and moved to Galil in Israel helping them to final 4 in 2008-09 and won the Israeli league Title over Maccabi in 2009-10.  Beyond Belief stellar defense was led by none other than Petey.  I think folks know how Petey is.  He heart really sticks out on the floor.  He's definitely on the Kenner All-Defense Team right there at the top.

Isiah Swann
Flordia State U

Chris Wright and Henry Sim's DC Legends didn't far out too much on Saturday.  Personally, I think this team should have more players and better players.  Chris and Henry all left to do most of the work, but they are getting better and continue to work hard on their games.  Clyde's Julian Vaughn and Vee Sanford played hard and played well.  Most of the game was fast paced.  I enjoyed watching my Hoyas in action as always.  Jerelle Benimon's DCX team was off rhythm, but Jerelle continued to play hard and get better.  I think all the Hoyas know what time is and continue to work hard this summer and get ready for the upcoming season.

I was very proud of the Tombs.  With Austin Freeman being away Hoya freshman Markel Starks stepped up and showed his leadership distributing the ball and playing smart basketball.  Starks gathering his team into huddles, communicating, and point communicating was a sign he is and will be a true leader for the Hoyas in the years to come. 

One play that really stood out to me is when he properly gave Big Moses the ball on the block and communicated to Big Mo and said, "go to work Mo, go to work" and Mo went to work and scored the bucket.  This indeed showed leadership on behalf of Markel and gave Big Mo confidence in knowing that his teammates have confidence in him.  Great job Markel. 

Rising sophomore Hollis Thomspson's play was stellar hitting three pointers all around the perimeter and even hitting NBA range 3's and he stepped up his defensive play.  I can tell one thing I think Hollis has lots of potential and he's only a sophomore.  That's a scary thought for Hoya foes.   Freshmen Nate "Hard Chin" Lubick and Moses Abraham and Aaron Bowen played well.  Not really scoring all that much, but doing the necessary little things that add up to the big picture, playing defense, passing, blocking shots, altering shots.  Aaron Bowen's is definitely an offensive threat and will be a major one.  He showed flashes of offensive brillance and confidence.
Hard Work Hoyas!

Hoya rising sophomore Hollis Thompson's first dunk in Kenner action 2009

Oh, there's just one thing I wanted to say to the George Washington University player that didn't want to shake Austin Freeman's hand after a game last weekend.  Check it out!



Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting ready for the Kenner League Tonight



It's about 3:20 and I'm "chillin" in Sherwood Hall Library getting ready for the Kenner League games tonight.  The featured teams playing tonight are Team Turner vs. Team Takeover.  Team Takeover features one of our own Hoya's in Jason "Smoov" Clark.  Team Turner features Coach Roderick Turner aka Coach Screamy McScreamerson.  Coach Rodney was telling me that he was pumped for this game tonight.. It doesn't surprise me one bit because I know Coach Rodney will be up for the challenge. There will be another game to follow.  One thing I can tell you there will be no half stepping.


Coach Roderick Turner (Team Turner) in action at the famed James "Jabbo" Memorial Kenner League

Hoya Jason Clark looking forward to Kenner League game tonight against Team Turner


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big Ups to former Hoya Greg Monroe

First and foremost I'd like to give former Hoya big man Greg Monroe a big shoutout in his NBA rookie summer league play with the Detroit Pistons in Las Vegas this past week. Greg Monroe and Dajuan Summers scored in double fingures for most of the summer league games.  In one game both former Hoyas' scored 20 points each and one game Monroe scored a team high 27 points.  I think Greg is well on his way to the big time, where I know he will shine, how do you like that rhyme?  LOL!   He was indeed one of three outstanding rookies that included DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall.  Also, big Greg Monroe will be having minor foot surgery, but will almost certainly be ready for camp. He played in five Las Vegas summer league games, averaging 14.6 points, 8.0 rebounds and 1.8 steals while shooting 52.1 percent from the field.  Way to represent Hoyaland Greg Monroe.  Get well very soon!  Big ups to 2nd year Piston Dajuan Summers too.

Big John Thompson II and former Hoya guard John Wallace look on in Las Vegas summer league



Monday, July 19, 2010

Kenner League 7/17 - 7/18


It was a fun and great weekend at the Kenner League this past weekend.  Hoyanation and friends our  Hoyas the developmental process is a great process right before my eyes.  Some games are tougher than others, but Hoya players are consistently working hard and getting better in Kenner action each game.  I hear folks talking about our bigs.  Who will step up?  Everyone!  Will we be okay this season in the paint?  Yes!  Ya'll are gonna miss Greg Monroe.  Umm, we love Greg, but he's gone onto greener pastures, the NBA!  I hear it all.  The one thing I do know is my team, the Hoyas!  They all know it too well players are made in the off season, and "IT'S ALWAYS BASKETBALL SEASON" on the Hilltop. 

Big ups to Julian "Ju Ju" Vaughn and Henry "Big Hank" Sims

Bill Walton - The skyhook was unstopple
Lenny Wilkens - There was no way to block that shot
Mike Dunleavey - The greatest weapon ever unleashed in the NBA
Patrick Ewing - Just unstoppable




Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kenner League 7/15 7/16


Hoyanation and friends I got to the gym early on Thursday, and I happen to be the first one to enter the famed McDonough Gymnasim, the house that John Thompson II built.  I came to watch Chris "Lumpy" Wright and Jason "Graceful" Clark play.  Chris was warming up shooting jumpers with former Hoya Mark Tillmon feeding him the ball for about 15 minutes before gametime.  Afterward the game got underway with Chris and Jason checking each other on defense. 

Both had great games and played hard at one another.  Henry Sims had a solid defensive game also, his offense is coming along, but we have to remember the Kenner League is pretty much a run up and down the court type of game, so Henry had to run a lot.  Henry does lots of little things that add up to the big picture.  He was matched up against Virginia Tech's Jeff Allen, and did a pretty good job on him also.  Henry's mom and sisters and family came down from Baltimore to see him play as well

I was just glad to see my three Hoyas' in action Thursday.  It was good to see Chris' dad and mom as always.  Orlando is like a big brother to me and has been for some time with my late son Chavis playing on his 13 and under Rising Stars team.  Chris' older brother Orlando Jr. was also a teammate, while Chris 8 years old played on this team too.  A sight to see.  I'm glad I still have it on tape, because these are great memories for me. 

Friday night was really special for Jason.  His mom came down from Fredericksburg to see her son in action, and he sure didn't let her down.  Jason performance on the Gtown hardwood was spectacular.  You could really see his development, strength, speed and cat like quickness, knowledge, decision making and passing taking place right before our eyes. 

I think the play of the night for me is when Jason chased an open defender on a fast all the way down the floor and block his layup.  I was like wow, this is when I really saw the length in Jason and especially his fingers because I don't no one else could of ran that fast and jump that high that quick to block that layup.  I have to put an LOL on this one.  After the game I told him that was the play of the whole Kenner League this season, that hustle block.  I think the Hoya fans have something special to look forward to this upcoming Hoya season.  Jerelle Benimon had a solid performance grabbing lots of rebounds and passing the ball.



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life is Better


Hoyanation and friends Life is So Much Better the Kenner League has started. 

Piston Rookie Greg Monroe interview at the 2010 NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, NV


Monday, July 12, 2010

Kenner League Week 1/2


Hoyanation and friends, the James "Jabbo" Kenner Memorial Summer League at Georgetown University's famous McDonough Gymnasium is in session.  Kenner 101.   Week 1 started off with a blast.  I'm basically focusing on my Hoya troops on how they look and played, not really focusing on wins and losses, just development.  I'll start out with the Tombs, a team mostly comprised of Georgetown freshman.  Austin Freeman and Hollis Thompson are also on this team.  I think Austin is on this team for more of a leadership role for the young freshman and one sophomore.  Freshmen Aaron Bowen and Nate Lubick weren't present for the first game.

Freshman Nate Lubick was available for his first game in week 2.  Austin Freemnan looked much quicker and explosive in both weeks.  He was totally aggressive, logged many minutes. 

Hollis Thompson, much stronger, I can tell he's been lifting plenty of weights.  Although he did not score many points his first game, he did other little things that made up for his play such as rebound pass well, play good defense and communicate.  Hollis' second game he exploded knocking down the three ball back to back on some occasions.  He definitely had the confidence and hot hand in week two.

Freshman Marquel Starks looked great in week one running the point guard spot with skill and confidence and good decision making.  Week two was more of a challenge, but Marquel made it through was poise, patience, composure and confidence.  He ran point guard spot superbly.  Logged many minutes against a veteran laden squad. 

Freshmen Moses Abraham didn't score much both games, but that will come later, he very strong and keeps his hand and arms up.  He got in foul trouble, but he did more good things than bad.  His intensity and rebounding and on both ends of the floor are never ending.  His defense is aggressive, he definitely a go getter.  He's always around the ball and make does the little things that add up to the big picture.  He is a work in progress for sure.  He's gonna make a difference.

Henry "Big Hank" Sims, has definitely got bigger and stronger.  He's realized what's in front of him now, and the way it looks to me he's going to go get it.  I see some folks on talking negative of Henry, but he's play some good ball in the Kenner so far this year.  I know everybody's a critic and have their own thing about certain players, but I see differently and know the game and especially my Hoyas.  The Kenner League is and have always been a guard league, so for Henry to achieve what he has so far this summer running up and down the hardwood is an accomplishment for Big Hank, and it will pay great dividends for the Hoyas this season.  I see the development process for Henry expanding.  Hard work pays off.

I'm going to put Jason Clark and Vee Sanford together because both have had stellar performances in Kenner action.  Both are running the point with reckless abandon for their teams.  They are both on different teams, but both are awesome. Speed, quickness, electrifying, hang time and defense, both are leading their respective teams in scoring.

Chris "Lumpy" Wright, all I can say he's ready, he's quicker, smarter, skilled and always Ford tough as I always say.  The young man never gives up, he just keeps coming at you no matter how far he's down.  Attending the Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Lebron James Skills camps has and will pay big dividends for the might Hoyas this season. 

Julian "Ju Ju" Vaughn has played well and is getting used to being the big man go to guy and I see the development in the two games he has played especially the second where he was going up against a more seasoned big man 6'11 Travis Hyman of Bowie State.  It was rough for Julian in the first half, but Julian dug down deep inside and found a will to overcome the odds and win the game.  Wow, what a game, and what a gutsy performance but Ju Ju.  I think the Hoyas know players are made in the off season because the mott is "It's Always Basketball Season" on the Hilltop. 

Jerrelle Benimon's first game was not all that good, but Jerrelle came through in the second half of his second game in week two grabbing many rebounds on both ends of the floor scoring here and there.  He's more effective under the basket doing what he does best box out and grab rebounds.

And of course the one and only former Hoya great and Oklahoma City Thunder Jeff Green with a stellar performance played with the Tombs.  Big ups to ya Jeff!  One thing I love about the Kenner League, it always a family affair.



Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kenner League 2010 Rosters announced


Yes Hoyanation, it's that time of the year again.  It's Kenner League time.  The famed James "Jabbo" Kenner Memorial League starts this weekend July 3 and 4th.  I've been patiently waiting and I know lots of Hoyanation have been waiting to see their Hoyas' in action this summer.  Check out the roster and the teams, just click on the title.  Come and have a good time and watch other college and pro players do their thing in Georgetown's Legendary McDonough Gymnasium for free.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, sodas, french fries, candy to go along with the fun.  Bring the family!  Hope everyone enjoys!  Go Hoyas!