Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kenner League 7/31


Wow, what a game by the Tombs today.  I came to the Kenner League when the Tombs were warmning up for the first game.  Of course they were the first team on the court with only six players which is pretty much the norm every game.  What surprises me more and more is the freshmen poise.  Austin Freeman's leadership doesn't surprise me because he's been a leader all of his life on and off of the court, but I'm talking strictly on the basketball court.  Laron Profit (Maryland U graduate and former Wizard player) was coaching the Hoopmagic team.

Hoopmagic had a t total of sixteen players including Byron Mouton (National Champion).  There were players from George Washington, Maryland (freshman PeShon Howard Maryland U) and a couple of other schools.  I couldn't understand why Laron Profit wouldn't press the young Tombs with only six players.  Anyways, it look like the Hoopmagic would run away with the win, with the Tombs being down double digits in the first half. 

The Tombs overcame the odds in the second half with  poise and confidence and went on transitional runs with great passing and unselfish team play with senior Austin Freeman leading the charge.  Hoyanation and friends I saw something special in these young men. They had each other's backs for sure. Big Moses Abraham hurt his ankle and went to the locker room but somehow found the courage to come back which gave the Tombs some inspiration.  Moses Abraham is a really special young man, student and player and will add great strength and rebounding for years to come on the Hilltop.

I saw their hearts today as well as other summer league games they've played, but this game was great win for the Tombs and built lots of confidence.  I see these players developing right before my eyes.   Their courage and heart play a major role in this game.  I was sitting by Nate Lubick's family and it was good to see them again.  I was sitting by his family at the Duke game particularly his dad.  Near games end with the Tombs up by one PeShon Howard came down and hit an NBA three pointer to go up by two, but to end the game the Hoya freshman Aaron Bowen came down and hit a major a big three to put the Tombs up by two for the win. 

In the second game Clyde's versus 2009 Kenner League Runner-Up Beyond Belief.  The game was an up and down fast pace with a strong perfornace on both ends of the floor from sophomore Hoya Vee Sanford and senior Hoya Julian Vaughn.    As the game went on the two teams fought hard on both ends.  Beyond Belief's Isaiah Swan was having it his way, but his teammates could not pull off the win as Clyde's went on to defeat the tough and scrappy team.  The Vee Sanford to Julian Vaughn connection work well as Vee found ways to get Julian the ball.  Hoynation, there was great communication between the two and their teammates.

The third game featured senior Chris Wright and junior Henry Sims.  The DC Legends only had six players.  DC Legends versus Premier Athletics.  Premier Athletics had eleven players and could not wear out the DC Legend's shorter bench.  Again, this was another team that didn't press a team with only six players, but I was happy with the outcome as the DC Legends went onto a two point victory in a tightly played contest.  Chris Wright led the charge for the DC Legends.  Henry Sims did lots of little things that added to the big picture for the Legends and had a good game.  The Legends played great as a team.  Great job DC Legends!


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