Monday, May 13, 2013

Big Roy "FINALLY" is getting the rock!

It might have taken some time, some years, but Roy is getting something he's always so desired. The Rock! I can honestly Roy has been patient and still going about his daily routine amid the negative talk sometimes. No matter what he's always been a loyal teammate especially when the going got rough. He hasn't gotten the ball when and where he's wanted it. Guess what? Roy Hibbert is getting the ball now. 





"As much as I've watched Hibbert play and coached against him (14 yrs. old) Potomac Valley AAU (PG County) and his hard work ethic, dedication to his teammates is really amazing to watch him develop up until now, and just think he's still not finished. I always knew Roy had a "plethora" of moves, just keep giving him the ball!

"We have a trust and we've been playing together for a long time and you can see it in everyone's eyes they wanted to give me the ball with deep positioning and they knew I was either gonna finish it or get fouled." 

"I think they're testing me and you know that's a big you're always gonna have to protect the basket no matter I can get dunked three times in a row so that doesn't faze me you know this what I am. I'm a rim protector, I'm a Georgetown Hoya, you know the lineage right there it is what it is.  - Roy Hibbert

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"But Hibbert has been reborn these  past two months and has been the Pacers’ best player in the two victories over the Knicks" - Bob Kravitz (Indy Star)

"The way these guy play, it's tough to get the ball into the post and you can fall into the trap of overfeeding it," Vogel said. "That leads to high turnover nights. You have to take advantage of the opportunity and we were able to get it to him at times, still not enough to my liking, but he got a lot of stuff on pure effort on the offensive glass. Just a great effort by him all the way around."  I sort of disagree with "most" this statement. Reason? If you're not going to play inside/out basketball and play with the ball along the perimeter this will cause just as many turnover's at high rate because you're not playing inside/out basketball, but when you're playing the game of basketball the right way inside/out, you won't have as many turnovers in a game. FACT! It's a point guard/guards job to make  this happen. NO EXCUSES! If you have a smart, tough and savvy point guard this wouldn't an issue. NO EXCUSES! No defense can't stop heart and determination. NONE! ...I hope this continues...