Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hoyas lose 58-51 and split games with Syracuse on senior day


I walked into the Verizon Center I could feel it in the air.  It felt like the Gray Out Duke game we played last season with President Obama in attendance, but this time it was former President Bill Clinton in the house.  I knew how big this game against Syracuse would be.  Gray Out 2-26-11 tees were placed on just about ever seat in the Verizon Center just as they were last season when the Hoyas played against Duke.  Also, it was senior day for four of our seniors Julian Vaughn, Chris Wright, Austin Freeman and Ryan Dougherty.   The Georgetown Hall of Famers were introduced at half time featuring Hoya basketball great Alonzo Mourning.  The atmosphere in the Verizon was just astounding and electrifying.  I think I was as hyped as I've ever been, and believe me I stay hyped in the phone booth (Verizon Center).

The Hoyas (21-8  10-7) kept the score close until the 8:32 minute in the first half.  The Orangemen scored 21 points off of the Hoyas 16 turnovers.  Scoop Jardine made a steal and then made a layup to put the Orangemen up 21-16.  Syracuse (24-6  11-6) had the momentum for most of the first half, but couldn't pull too far away from the Hoyas. From the 7:54 minute to the 4:07 the Hoyas did not score until Hollis Thompson made two free throws.  The score was 24-19.  Freshman Hoya Markel Starks made a steal at the 3:45 minute and Austin Freeman a layup.  Score 24-21 with 3:41 minutes to go in the first half.  

After a Syracuse timeout at the 3:38, the score was still 24-21, but Orangemen James Southerland grabbed an offensive rebound and then had a tip in to make the score 26-21 with 3:05 to go in the first half.  The last basketball scored in first half was three pointer scored by James Southerland to make the score 33-23.  The Hoyas did not score until the 1:54 minute in the first half.  The basket made was a layup by Hoya Henry Sims.

At the 10:47 minute in the second half the Hoyas tied the game on a layup by freshman Hoya Nate Lubick.  Lubick, who seemed to go a tear scoring another layup at the 10:00 minute mark to put the Hoyas up 45-43.  After that Orangeman Scoop Jardine came down at the 9:05 minute and made a jumper to tied score 45-45.  The two teams did not score until Syracuse big man Rick Jackson made a layup to put the score at 47-45 with 6:46 to go in the game, and after that Syracuse never looked back.  With 1:21 to Austin Freeman was fouled by Orangeman Baye Moussa Keita. 

 Freeman made both of his free throws to put the score 54-51.  Senior Hoya big man Julian Vaughn grabbed a big rebound on a missed free throw by Scoop Jardine with :40 seconds to go.  A Georgetown timeout was called with :36 seconds to go.  Out of the timeout instead of going to the rack Jason Clark shot a three pointer with :28 seconds, but the shot was blocked by Orangeman Kris Joseph. 

Brandon Triche grabbed the defensive rebound and was then fouled by Jason Clark.  Triche knocked down both pressure free throws to put the score at 56-51 with :20 seconds to go in the game.  After a Jason Clark turnover with :12 seconds to go Brandon Triche was fouled by Markel Starks.  Triche knocked down both free throws to put the score at 58-51 to end the game.

I liked how the Hoyas had the fight in them in the second half.  I knew they had their senior point guard Chris Wright's back.  They played as a team.  The Hoyas dug down deep inside themselves to try to pull this game out.  It was so beautiful to see.  I knew my team would not go down without a fight and that they did.  They fought until the end.  They tried to make up for their mistakes early on but came up on the short end. 

"We came out on the losing end," Georgetown coach John Thompson III said, "but whether Chris is out there when Chris gets back, until then we're going to figure this out."  "I'm not trying to look for something good, but we responded. It's not like we packed it in. It's not like we took a 'woe is me' attitude.  We fought.  We scrapped.  We got back in it," John Thompson III said.  "Are we in a position we thought we would be five days ago?  No. But that group in there I've got confidence that we're going to figure it out."

Personally, I think the Hoyas have figured it out, except for one thing, don't start Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson, bring him off of the bench just as we've been doing.  His mind has smoothly adjusted to his new role coming off of the bench, and he has been doing great adding a big punch to the defenders with his three point shooting.  Start Markel Starks, he's ready, he has grown up. 

Will he make a mistake or two, yes or maybe, but the mistakes won't be drastic because he's a pure point guard, who knows his role.  He adds skill, heart, determination, a high IQ of his position and the game of basketball.   Markel Starks is a smart player and quickly catches on.  When a coach shows confidence in him by playing him he's the type of player that will respond above and beyond the call of duty.  

The Hoyas have to cut down on the turnovers, and play smarter near and at the end of games.  Advertising passes, over passing was the cause of most of the turnovers, so what that means is the guards need to get low before they receive the ball and stay in triple threat position to be a threat to attack the basket a lot more, this especially would cut down on turnovers because the ball would be going into the paint.  

The guards also have to give their big man the ball quickly by throwing to ball to the up hand or to the basket where the bigs can go get it and lay it in or dunk it. A lot of times the ball was getting below the foul line but was being kick back out too much, this also caused a lot of turnovers. 

But one thing about it, this is something you can correct by going back to the basics of basketball.  The triple threat stance and insertion of the ball into the interior.  I love talking about guard play.  It's seems to be my specialty.  I'm just glad God gave me this knowledge and gift.  It's something I taught my son and other's and it seems to work everytime.  I really seeing my Hoyas fight back, I think that was the best thing about this the fight of the Hoyas!  This definitely will carry over for our next game in Cincinnati!  My Hoyas still give me something to BELIEVE!




Friday, February 25, 2011

Syracuse comes to town to seek win against the Hoyas for the Second Time Around


The Show Must Go On Hoyas!
Lupe Fiasco

Hoyanation and friends, first off I'd like to give thanks to all of the Hoyas seniors, Chris Wright, Austin Freeman, Ryan Dougherty, and Julian Vaughn.  I'd like to thank God for keep these young men under his wings.  In the classroom and on the basketball court these young men have giving it all they got, and still have more to give.  It has truly been a blessing to watch this senior grow into men.  Basketball has been an easier way to teach this young men about life during there college years.  They have to learn to win and they have loss, but during these losses they have learn to have "faith" and "hope" and to move on.  I think "faith" and "hope" will get them through the rest of their lives no matter what life brings them.  I'm so glad to have witnessed their true gifts on the Hoya basketball court.  For me, it gets no better than that. 

Seniors Austin Freeman, Chris Wright and Julian Vaughn

Senior Ryan Dougherty

It's the second time around for both the #11 Hoyas (21-7  10-6) and the #17 Orangmen (23-6  10-6).  On In Syracuse, on February 9th the Hoyas won the first meeting in Syracuse between the two natinonally ranked teams 64-56.  This meeting at home for the Hoyas will be different without the play of injured senior Hoya point guard Chris Wright.  Wright broke his left hand early in the second half of the Cincinnati game.  "Chris Wright, underwent successful surgery this morning for a break in the third metacarpal of his left (non-shooting) hand. Our medical staff is optimistic and although we do not have an exact timetable, we expect to have Chris back before the end of the season.  He's a tough kid, he would play with one hand if he could."- Hoyas Coach John Thompson III

The remaining Hoyas guards (Markel Starks, Tombs Vee Sanford, Clydes and Jason Clark, Team Takeover) will be the one's to pick up the slack for their senior leader Chris Wright.  All of have played point guards for their respected summer league teams.  All have done well.  It's just a matter of them knowing when to pass, attack and how to manage the clock/shot clock.   Against Syracuse the Hoya guards will have to swing the ball from side to side to shift the zone, and attack on angles to get inside.  Once they are inside the zone they can either pass or shoot.  If they shoot "the floater" that would help a great deal becasuse they would be able to shoot over the tall defenders.  They have the whole backboard to use for the "floater." 

One another note pointer, it'll take a lot of heart and determination to get into Syracuse's zone, so the guards have to keep their dribble low and find the holes in the zone defense to get through it.  Syracuse normally keeps their hands up while in the zone, so there are definitely holes in the defense.  I think our Hoyas have the heart and determination to complete this mission.  The just have to play smarter and a lot harder for each other.  Although the Hoyas have one man down, and we know it's a big loss but we still  have thirteen Hoya troops.  All will not play, but most will.  The ones that will play will have to step it up a level and take this game one step at a time. 

Syracuse is coming off 69-64 road win against #15 Villanova Wildcats, and the Hoyas are mindful of this.  The teams have swapped games this season with Villanova winning in Syracuse, but the Hoyas are not looking to "swap" games with the Orangemen, they are looking to "sweep" the Orangemen in their two game series.  Scoop Jardine and Rick Jackson combined for 38 points and freshman Dion Waiters,  and Jackson made the final free throws that sealed the win.  Brandon Triche had 11 points and seven rebounds for the Orange, who shot 47.3 percent for the game (26 of 55).

The Hoyas will be and ready for this game on senior day.  This game against Syracuse will be just as hype as the first meeting on February 9th.  This day will truly be a special day for the Hoyas and Hoyanation.

The Hoya Step It Up Crew




Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cincinnati Bearcats claw their way to the finish line beat Hoyas at home 58-46

The Show Must Go On Hoyas!
Lupe Fiasco

I can honestly say this is a night I don't want to remember, but I guess eveything is for a reason.  I'm glad I keep everything in perspective.  Yes, especially basketball.  I learn not to always expect.  I learn to be hopefully.  Game by game I'm always hopeful and confident that my team will prevail.  If my team doesn't prevail I'm always ready for that too.  I try to think of positives ways to move on win or lose.  In this case it's a loss, but if you know me well nothing can't keep me down, especially a loss.  We've came too far to just give up now. 

Both teams came out cold on offense, but the Hoyas defense look pretty good on the Bearcats early on in the first half.  With Cincinnati playing defense aggressively the tide quickly turned for the Hoyas as they turned the ball over six times in the first half.  The Hoyas had some tough times bringing the ball up the court adverstising and throwing nonchalant passes on offense due to the Bearcats pressure.  "You have to give Cincinnati's defensive intensity credit," Thompson said.  "In general, definitely in the first half, we were careless with the ball.  Just too careless with the ball."  Both teams were tallied with 12 turnovers each.  The Hoyas were only 12-48 in field goals @ 25%.  Georgetown only shot 5-23 @ 21.7% from three point range @ 21.7% for the Hoyas.  

I would have to give Cincinnati credit for their very aggressive style play of defense tonight.  A senior ladened team, who seemed to be very hungry and determined to pull the game out.  The Bearcats seemed to have the best defensive output I've seen against the Hoyas this season.  They did it with defense, playing more zone than they have all year, mixing it with occasional man-to-man looks, and changing up their full-court pressure.  “We’ve always played Georgetown some zone,” Cronin said.  “They’re so good offensively that you’ve got to do things to change up and not let them get in a rhythm on offense or they’ll dissect you.”

 Five minutes into the second half  senior Hoya point guard Chris Wright broke his left hand in an attempt to retrieve the ball after he turned it over early in the second half.  Hopefully, Wright's hand isn't badly broken, but one thing I do know is how tough and durable he is.  I watched Chris Wright since he was 8 years old and he's always been tough as nails, and I think we all know this too.  I'm hoping and praying his hand with be healed quickly, so he can get back out there on the court and live his dream.  No, I'm trying to rush things, but I think he would also like for his hand to quickly heal.  "He's a tough kid," Coach John Thompson III said.  "He would play with one hand if he could. One trip up the court and you could see he was in excruciating pain.  The doctor and trainer came over and said, 'We're pretty sure it's broke.'  For him to ask to come out, he's in a lot of pain.  He's as tough as they come."   In the mean time we will all pray for a speedy recovery for Chris Wright.

Whatever the case, it's time for the freshman Markel Starks to step up.  I think he's ready.  He might have the experience, but he's had some playing time this year, so he'll have to get ready to grow up real quick.  I think he has.  Although he had one turnover, Starks added a spark for the Hoyas which showed me some promise to still believe.  I would still believe in my Hoyas, because that's just me, I love and believe in a "never say die attitude until the end."  To me, this is what makes our Hoyas and college basketball so interesting, fun and dreamy.  It's about the ups and downs and how you overcome adversity. 

This is something we've talked about before in my blog on how "Faith Develops In Adversity."  We have to remember these are young men learning "Life through basketball," which is one of the easiest ways for our Hoyas to learn about life.  All season we've watched our Hoyas stumble, fall, get back up, and brush themselves off.  This would be no different, just more determination, hardwork and focus will needed.  I do believe we have enough players to overcome the odds, they just have know and realize it, and I'm sure the coaching staff will do a great job at driving it home to the mighty Hoyas.  We still have games left, and we've came too far to give up, so Hoyanation and friends let's open our hands up and lift these young men and staff up and cheer them on no matter what the deal is.  Hoyabeliever!


Clap It Up Hoyanationa and friends Clap It Up!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bearcats claw into town to take on the mighty Hoyas in a Big East Showdown


People always ask me what a Hoya is, and I give a legit answer. The Hoya faithful already know what a Hoya is, but for those who still question me and others:   "Many years ago, when all Georgetown students were required to study Greek and Latin, the University's teams were nicknamed "The Stonewalls."  It is suggested that a student, using Greek and Latin terms, started the cheer "Hoya Saxa!", which translates into "What Rocks!"  The name proved popular and the term "Hoyas" was eventually adopted for all Georgetown teams."

Now, that some of us that didn't know what a Hoya was we now know.  The question and problem that I have is what the heck is a BEARCAT???  Please help me with this one! LOL!  I mean, I never even thought about the word after all these years until this past weekend.  I had to find something humourous to write in my blog and this was it.  What the heck is a BEARCAT?  I'm going to have to look this word up in Wikipedia.  Are you curious to know?  I am very very curious to know because i'm putting one and two together a bear and a cat.  Can you picture that.  A cat head with a bear's body or bear's head with a cat's body.  Too funny, if you could see me laughing so hard right, I'm almost crying.  How did a bearcat get to the University of Cincinnati and eleven other colleges throughout the country from Southeast Asia?  A Bearcat is another name for the Binturong, a viverrid mammal from Southeast Asia. It is also a colloquial term for mountain lion, used because mountain lions frequently shelter in caves.

Well, Hoyanation and friends here is your BEARCAT (Binturong)

I still don't see the resemblence of a bear but I do see a cat like face with cat whiskers, LOL!  How bout you!  Well, so much for the bearcat, let's get back to the Hoyas. 

The Hoyas (21-6  10-5) are seeking their second win in as many as 4 days.  Their last win was on the road against the fiesty bottom of the Big East pack South Florida Bulls.  The Bulls manage to hang around the whole game despite the Hoyas' big runs.  Saturday night was all too familiar for Stan Heath, whose team led Georgetown by seven early and found itself down by four with the ball and 45 seconds to play.  "It's tough when you're not able to pull one out," Heath said. "I think our guys recognize that even though our record looks like we're a bad team, we're not what our record indicates. We're going to fight you.  We're going to battle.  And at some point in time, it's going to pay off. We're going to turn the corner and be on the other end of the four- or five-point games."

"With the exception of Notre Dame, every game has been just like this," Hoyas coach John Thompson III said. "Every game has been close.  They've been in it, they've been up, down by a short margin. As a coach, you worry and try to express that to your team. Every game has been literally just like this.  What it is (that's kept the Bulls from winning) I'm not equipped to answer that. I'm just glad we turned out on the side we did."

Wright scored a season-high 26 points, taking up the slack for a sputtering Austin Freeman.  It’s good to have players that know how and when to help each other, to pick each other up and to cover for each other.  There’s going to be different people’s turn on different nights, and tonight it was Chris,” Thompson said.

Hoya senior point guard Chris Wright was named to the BIG EAST Weekly Honor Roll on Monday for the third-straight week.  This is the fifth time this season Wright has been honored by the league as he was named Player of the Week once (Dec. 6) and has been named to the Honor Roll on three occasions (Nov. 22, Feb. 7, Feb. 14 and Feb. 21).

Cincinnati (21-6  8-6) are coming an overtime road win against the Providence Friars 93-81.  Top rebounder for the Cincinnati Bearcats Yancy Gates added 21 points and eight rebounds, and Dion Dixon managed 16 points, including 14 in the first half.  6-6 Senior Rashad Bishop scored a career-high 23 points, and he is the leading scorer for the Bearcats. 

The Bearcats are a senior laden team that seem to want to play with a sense of urgency and make it the NCAA's.  To help jumpstart his team’s intensity Cronin has use a full-court press early in games and urged his players to pressure the ball in the halfcourt.  It’s become increasingly clear that the Bearcats are better when they get into the open court.  At times their half-court offense has become stagnant. It’s not a pace UC is comfortable in.  “Everybody wants to get out and run,” said Bearcats guard Cashmere Wright.

“We don’t have time to take a breath. The same effort we brought to Louisville, we’ve got to bring to every other game. Everybody wants to win because we’ve got seniors on the team who want to make the (NCAA) tournament. We feel like it’s our duty to help them get there.”—Bearcats guard Cashmere Wright on the team’s sense of urgency down the stretch.

The Hoyas will be ready, waiting, focus and determined and play with a "much" more sense of urgency for this home game against the Bearcats.  These two team have seniors that want to go out on top and should be a great matchup and another great rugged Big East game where you'll only get these of games.



Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Hoyas escape the HEAT, refocus and rebound for the win against South Florida 61-55

Excellent aggressive drive to tbe basket by Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson
Right when we needed it!  What Rocks!

Lift Your Leg Up LOL!

I figured this game would be a close one until the end.  The Hoyas (21-6  10-5) came out sluggish but managed to keep the game close against South Florida (8-20  2-13).  South Florida was very hungry for a home win.  Their previous game wasa road game against Pitt.  The Bulls played close with the highest-ranked team they have played yet, a Pitt team it beat in Tampa last season, so I knew this game against South Florida would be no different.  Most teams that are unfortunate early on during the season normally play better near the seasons end, and South Florida is one of those teams.  Just when it seemed like the Hoyas would blow the Bulls out they came right back making by good plays on both ends of the court.  They hung around and would not go away.

"It's tough when you're not able to pull one out," Heath said. "I think our guys recognize that even though our record looks like we're a bad team, we're not what our record indicates. We're going to fight you. We're going to battle. And at some point in time, it's going to pay off. We're going to turn the corner and be on the other end of the four- or five-point games."

Senior point guard Chris Wright (26 pts.), a season-high kept his team in the game throughout. Although the Hoyas are team oriented, Wright was the one to make it happen tonight for the Hoyas.  His energy and determination was well felt tonight.  He made all six free throws with 29.7 to go in the game.  I can imagine how Hoyanation felt.  Losing to UConn earlier during the week Wright clearly wanted this game, and put his team on his shoulders and marched them to victory.  He is indeed a true warrior.  Jason Clark was the only other Georgetown player in double figures with 10 points, including a layup that gave the Hoyas their biggest lead of the night, 49-38, with 6:40 remaining. Georgetown was 11 of 12 from the foul line, with Wright making all eight of his attempts.  This is a another step in the Wright direction this team that can go very far in the NCAA's 

"With the exception of Notre Dame, every game has been just like this," Hoyas coach John Thompson III said.  "Every game has been close. They've been in it, they've been up, down by a short margin. As a coach, you worry and try to express that to your team.  Every game has been literally just like this. What it is (that's kept the Bulls from winning) … I'm not equipped to answer that.  I'm just glad we turned out on the side we did."




Friday, February 18, 2011

Hoyas look to get warm in South Florida against the Bulls in Big East matchup



Hoyanation and friends, the Hoyas (20-6  9-5) are coming off a tough loss against UConn and are looking ahead to warm up by regrouping and refocusing on the task at hand.  The task at hand is the South Florida Bulldogs (8-9  2-12).  Georgetown has been playing marvelous basketball as of late, but fell short of a road victory against the Huskies.  I know the seniors really wanted this game because it was their last time playing in Storrs, so I understand how they feel.  One thing about it about it they can still hold their heads high in knowing this is far from the end.  They have other goals to accomplish and one of them is to win the Big East Tournament and the National Championship, but first things first, and that is South Florida. 

I know it's not good to look to far ahead of what the Hoyas have in front of them, but I was just stating a fact.  As you know, I am a "one game at a time" person.  As great as Kemba Walker was playing the Hoyas kept an unbelievable poise.  I heard the announcer saying, "the Hoyas seem to be rattled now," but I said to myself, "don't speak to soon, because when you think they're rattled they're not." 

The Hoyas will come back at you in a flash.  The did!  I think this is due to their senior leadership and their sheer determination and will to play and will to want it.  The will to play defense, communicate/point communicate all the way through, and believe in themselves was and will be the key in future. “Our defense has been better. I think it’s as simple as, the guys understand now that it is personal, said, Coach Thompson.”

The Bulldogs recent road loss was to  South Florida, but they were within one point of No. 4 Pittsburgh, 45-44, with just over nine minutes to go but wound up losing 67-55.  I'm sure the Hoyas are mindful of the fact that South Florida is capable and due for an upset at home.  The Bulls are winless in nine games against ranked teams this season.  South Florida returns home on Saturday and are desperately seeking a home win they haven't had since January 27, by beating DePaul 71-60.  Although the Bulldogs haven't been playing well this year, they still are in the best conference in college basketball.  As Coach John Thompson, III has been saying all season, "in this conference any team from top to bottom can knock you off on any given night."  This is due the coaching and caliber of players in the Big East conference which makes it the number one conference in the USA!

Sure the Hoyas could've played smarter by making better decisions, near games end, but that's something they can quickly learn from for the next game and beyond.  Here's the play-by-play of the last 2:38 minutes left in the game.

The Hoyas do a great job with their backs against wall and this will be not different from before.  As long as they have learned from their mistakes, stay focused, play smart, and play hard the Hoyas should prevail.  The Georgetown Hoyas are a great team with a lots of tradition.  Let's go and beat the South Florida Bulls!  Hoya Saxa!

I had to put this song by Johnnie Taylor on here called Let's Get Back on Track.  It's about him and his lady getting back on track in their relationship, but I'ma change it up a lil bit and make the song meaningful to our Hoyas, so Hoya and Hoyanation, let's get back on track.  LOL! 

Let's Get Back On Track Hoyas!
Johnnie Taylor





Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hoyas are cooled off and lose to the Huskies on the road 78-70


I'm sure we all knew what type of game this would be before the two teams played.  A tough, gritty, typical Big East game.  As one announcer put it, "it's not a Big East game if bodies are flying around and on the floor,".  He was right.  This is what makes the Big East conference so good, the rough and tough play.  That's what is was tonight as the Hoyas (20-6  9-5) lose to the Huskies (20-5  8-5).  UConn's Kemba Walker had the energy and the hot hand for the Huskies tonight.  Walker had a double-double night scoring 31 points and dishing out a game high 10 assists, and was relentless getting inside the paint and scoring at will.

UConn made runs as expected.  The Hoyas stay poised and made a furious comeback with great team play, but came up short.  I think the Huskies threw everything at Georgetown, but they never gave up.  The Hoyas shot  (8-21 38.1% from 3 point rage) and shot (28-65 @43.1% field goal percentage).  Chris Wright had 19 points and Austin Freeman ended up with 12 points.  The Hoyas played man-to-man most of the game and mid way in the 2nd half went to a zone, but UConn's Jamal Coombs-McDaniels 23 points, had the other hot hand answering the Hoyas' call making two big three pointers at critical times from three point range for the Huskies.  As the Hoyas take this loss, it'll give them chance to get the pressure off of them and refocus on the "Hoya Dream Season" for the rest of the season going into the Big East Tournament.  If I had to take a loss I'm rather take it early than later.  Eight wins and one loss is a great accomplishment in the number one conference in the land.  I'm sure the Hoyas won't hold their heads down, and I know they realize this.  The will bounce back and finish strong.  They are the mighty Hoyas.  We are they're fans.  Remember, when they fall down we're there to catch them and lift them back up.  I love my Hoyas, I know they will get it done.  Everything is for a reason for the Hoyas.  It's the rest of the season!

Keep Your Head To The Sky Hoyas!
Earth Wind & Fire




Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The "One Game at A Time" Hoyas glide to Storrs take on Huskies in Big East matchup


Gotta Get That Boom Boom Boom Hoyas!
Black Eyed Peas

As we all know it too well the Big East is a basketball conference like no other.  You better know when you're watching or attending a Big East game you'd better buckle up and enjoy the ride.  We also know that ride will be a bumpy or roller coaster ride.  Would you say like a heavyweight or would say you would compare the Big East conference to the NFL?  I would because the Big East is a rugged road to travel and the #9 Hoyas (20-5  9-4) will continue travel on that bumpy road to Storrs, Connecticut to take on the #15 Connecticut Huskies (19-5  7-5) Wednesday night.  The game will be shown live at 7 on ESPN. 

The Hoyas have been playing great tough team basketball for the last eight games.  I think this is all due to their focus as a team to play as a unit.  Their focus is not on a streak, roll, or tear.  Their focus is on "ONE GAME AT TIME!"  Thinking this way does so many great things for a team.  It really means you don't have to worry about looking too far ahead and it keeps you focused on the one game you're about to play.  Sometimes when you're thinking ahead takes your focus off of what's next and also can make you exhausted thinking we have to play this and that team.  Why do that?  The only focus is on "who's next."  I think it's all mental, and so far the Hoyas have done a great job passing the mentality test.  I think they will continue to pass this test due to the brillant minds of our Hoya coaching staff.

The Hoyas eighth win came against Marquette 69-60.  The Hoyas came out a little flat shooting a lot of 3 pointers, but they manage to hang around to keep the score close in the first half.  In the second half, the Hoyas continued to search unsuccessfully for their shooting touch. So they turned to a different way to win.  They outrebounded the Golden Eagles, 19-16, in the final 20 minutes, came up with four of their five steals and produced another strong defensive effort, holding their normally efficient opponent to only 31.8 percent shooting in the half. 

Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson provided the Hoyas with a career's best 13 rebounds in a winning effort.  "They were getting every loose ball in the first half, they were making the hustle plays in the first half," Thompson said. "But in the second half I feel we did."

The Huskies are coming off of a big win at home against Providence and are continuing to look for new life now in their younger players especially sophomore Jamal Coombs-McDaniel.  Jamal broke through for a career-high of 25 points against Providence.  "If  the victory is a bridge, and I will start Jamal Coombs against Georgetown, for some of those young kids to get over that and get that second wind, that's a good win," Calhoun said.  "They needed a bridge and some of the older guys stepped up and gave it to them.

The Huskies have suffered some recent losses, and with each loss of late, players had been noticeably deflated.  Walker asked teammates where the energy had gone.  Calhoun asked players where the smiles and jokes had gone.  Well, to say the least the energy, smiles and jokes are back and UConn is looking to put a holt to cool of the Hoyas in Storrs.  Hopefully, for my mighty.  Hoyas that will not be the case. 

The Hoyas will not take this game lightly and haven't taken any games lightly this season.  Focus, poise, tough and smart play will get the Hoyas over the rough terrain in Storrs.  As long as they continue to play as a unit our Hoyas should be fine.

Here's a couple of keeper's for you Hoynation and friends:

Allen Iverson scores 26 pts., 8 stls.,  G'Town vs UConn Ray Allen 96

Georgetown Defeats UConn 72-69




Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Hoyas Blue and Gray send the Marquette Golden Eagles soaring away in "One Game At Time" win 69-60

Senior Hoya Chris Wright's 20 points helped lead his team to victory

Yes, it was like "Fireworks," Hoyanation and friends!  

Katy Perry

Hoyas win hoyas win hoyas win hoyas win hoyas win hoyas win (In my Rich Chvotkin voice), lol.  First off, on my way to the Verizon Center I rode the yelllow line (Huntington) from Alexandria.  As I sat down, I looked over to my left and saw a couple sitting and wearing Marquette gear.  I didn't know at first, and I was like man, why did I set myself up like this, lol.  I look back to my normal gameface with my earphones in my ear, and the guy said, "are you going to the Georgetown game?"  I started to say, naw, I'm just out here walking around wearing Hoya gear for the heck of it.  

No I didn't, I'm just playing Hoyanation and friends, I didn't even think that at the time.  I said yes it's going to be a great for the simple fact it's the Big East, and he agreed.  Our conversation was very respectful and we talked good about both teams and the coaches.  I really enjoyed the conversation. 

I told them about my blog, but I didn't think they were listening, but they were.  It got quiet and I didn't realize they were looking at my blog from their telephone, and before we got off the train the couple said, "we like your blog, it's awesome."  I was to through, all I could do is say thank you.  I told them I dedicate my blog to my late son Chavis, who died of osteosaracoma (bone cancer) 4 years ago. 

I also told them that the blog is also dedicated to the Georgetown Hoyas and Hoyanation and friends.  I wish I could have taken a picture of this couple.  They were like the perfect couple and wish them nothing but the best.

The Hoyas are on a natural high.  They know what time of the year it is, and they are well informed by Coach Thompson III and staff.  While everyone is talking about the "streak" the Hoyas are thinking "one game at a time."  They have to.  Wouldn't you if you were a coach or player.  Word has it, you can't get caught up in the hype.  Why?  Because it'll through you right off of the of the tracks, and it's still a ways to go.  The Hoyas have to stay focused "ONE GAME AT A TIME" because they are clearly on a mission, and that mission is the in the "Hoya Dream Season."  

Georgetown is playing at a high level.  The Hoyas knew that Marquette knows they are the hottest college basketball team in the country at the present, and they wanted to catch them off guard and sneak a win in.  They didn't!  I could tell I was three rows from up from the Marquette bench.  I could tell by the look on Marquette's Coach Buzz Williams's face he badly wanted and needed this game.

The Marquette Golden Eagles (15-10  6-6) look like the hungrier team early on getting rebounds and playing scrappy basketball, but the Hoyas hung around.  Williams ran the first half like a hockey coach, shuffling multiple players in and out of the game at virtually every break in play.  Rarely was there a moment in which a Marquette player or two or three or four wasn’t sitting by the scorer’s table waiting for the next whistle.  Williams himself was almost like a sixth man, constantly straying so far from the coach’s box during play that Georgetown’s fans jeered him with the chant: “Off the court!”

The Hoyas (20-5  9-4) came a little flat shooting a lot of 3 pointers, but they manage to hang around to keep the score close in the first half.  They had an off night against the tough Marquette man-to-man defense and were only 7-27 from 3 point range.  But the Hoyas made 16 of 18 free throws and held the Golden Eagles to 40 percent from the field.  Chris Wright scored 20 points, Austin Freeman added 17 despite limping badly off the court in the first half.  The Hoyas played very unselfish dishing out 14 assists to the Golden Eagles 5 assists.

He was hurt during a scramble for the ball with 1:31 remaining in the first half and could barely put any weight on his right foot as he limped to the locker room.  Austin managed to come back strong early in the 2nd half taking over the point guard duties and showing great senior leadership.  He is proving and will be the "'Big East Play of the Year!"

With our big man senior Julian "JuJu" Vaughn, in foul trouble, I would like to give Henry "Big Hank" Sims a shout out for his determination and skill in knowing he would have to step his game up in relief for his teammate Julian Vaughn.  He did just that.  Sim played 16 minutes and was 3-4 in field goals ended up with 7 big points with each point scored at a time that was dearly needed.  4 of those points were scored on vicious dunks.

Hoya junior Henry "Big Hank" Sim in dunking mode 2/13/11

Hoya Henry battling for ball against Marquette's Crowder 2/13/11

Freshman Nate Lubick in two handed monsta dunk mode 2/13/11

Senior Hoya Julian "JuJu" Vaughn making his move in the paint against Marquette defender 2/13/11

Julian Vaughn goes up for two in traffic 2/13/11

Hoya junior Jason "Smoov" Clark looking to make his move against Golden Eagle defender 2/13/11

Hoya Jason Clark going up for two 2/13/11

Jason Clark on the defense 2/13/11

Justin Timberlake, T.I. and Jamie Foxx