Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bearcats claw into town to take on the mighty Hoyas in a Big East Showdown


People always ask me what a Hoya is, and I give a legit answer. The Hoya faithful already know what a Hoya is, but for those who still question me and others:   "Many years ago, when all Georgetown students were required to study Greek and Latin, the University's teams were nicknamed "The Stonewalls."  It is suggested that a student, using Greek and Latin terms, started the cheer "Hoya Saxa!", which translates into "What Rocks!"  The name proved popular and the term "Hoyas" was eventually adopted for all Georgetown teams."

Now, that some of us that didn't know what a Hoya was we now know.  The question and problem that I have is what the heck is a BEARCAT???  Please help me with this one! LOL!  I mean, I never even thought about the word after all these years until this past weekend.  I had to find something humourous to write in my blog and this was it.  What the heck is a BEARCAT?  I'm going to have to look this word up in Wikipedia.  Are you curious to know?  I am very very curious to know because i'm putting one and two together a bear and a cat.  Can you picture that.  A cat head with a bear's body or bear's head with a cat's body.  Too funny, if you could see me laughing so hard right, I'm almost crying.  How did a bearcat get to the University of Cincinnati and eleven other colleges throughout the country from Southeast Asia?  A Bearcat is another name for the Binturong, a viverrid mammal from Southeast Asia. It is also a colloquial term for mountain lion, used because mountain lions frequently shelter in caves.

Well, Hoyanation and friends here is your BEARCAT (Binturong)

I still don't see the resemblence of a bear but I do see a cat like face with cat whiskers, LOL!  How bout you!  Well, so much for the bearcat, let's get back to the Hoyas. 

The Hoyas (21-6  10-5) are seeking their second win in as many as 4 days.  Their last win was on the road against the fiesty bottom of the Big East pack South Florida Bulls.  The Bulls manage to hang around the whole game despite the Hoyas' big runs.  Saturday night was all too familiar for Stan Heath, whose team led Georgetown by seven early and found itself down by four with the ball and 45 seconds to play.  "It's tough when you're not able to pull one out," Heath said. "I think our guys recognize that even though our record looks like we're a bad team, we're not what our record indicates. We're going to fight you.  We're going to battle.  And at some point in time, it's going to pay off. We're going to turn the corner and be on the other end of the four- or five-point games."

"With the exception of Notre Dame, every game has been just like this," Hoyas coach John Thompson III said. "Every game has been close.  They've been in it, they've been up, down by a short margin. As a coach, you worry and try to express that to your team. Every game has been literally just like this.  What it is (that's kept the Bulls from winning) I'm not equipped to answer that. I'm just glad we turned out on the side we did."

Wright scored a season-high 26 points, taking up the slack for a sputtering Austin Freeman.  It’s good to have players that know how and when to help each other, to pick each other up and to cover for each other.  There’s going to be different people’s turn on different nights, and tonight it was Chris,” Thompson said.

Hoya senior point guard Chris Wright was named to the BIG EAST Weekly Honor Roll on Monday for the third-straight week.  This is the fifth time this season Wright has been honored by the league as he was named Player of the Week once (Dec. 6) and has been named to the Honor Roll on three occasions (Nov. 22, Feb. 7, Feb. 14 and Feb. 21).

Cincinnati (21-6  8-6) are coming an overtime road win against the Providence Friars 93-81.  Top rebounder for the Cincinnati Bearcats Yancy Gates added 21 points and eight rebounds, and Dion Dixon managed 16 points, including 14 in the first half.  6-6 Senior Rashad Bishop scored a career-high 23 points, and he is the leading scorer for the Bearcats. 

The Bearcats are a senior laden team that seem to want to play with a sense of urgency and make it the NCAA's.  To help jumpstart his team’s intensity Cronin has use a full-court press early in games and urged his players to pressure the ball in the halfcourt.  It’s become increasingly clear that the Bearcats are better when they get into the open court.  At times their half-court offense has become stagnant. It’s not a pace UC is comfortable in.  “Everybody wants to get out and run,” said Bearcats guard Cashmere Wright.

“We don’t have time to take a breath. The same effort we brought to Louisville, we’ve got to bring to every other game. Everybody wants to win because we’ve got seniors on the team who want to make the (NCAA) tournament. We feel like it’s our duty to help them get there.”—Bearcats guard Cashmere Wright on the team’s sense of urgency down the stretch.

The Hoyas will be ready, waiting, focus and determined and play with a "much" more sense of urgency for this home game against the Bearcats.  These two team have seniors that want to go out on top and should be a great matchup and another great rugged Big East game where you'll only get these of games.



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