Friday, February 25, 2011

Syracuse comes to town to seek win against the Hoyas for the Second Time Around


The Show Must Go On Hoyas!
Lupe Fiasco

Hoyanation and friends, first off I'd like to give thanks to all of the Hoyas seniors, Chris Wright, Austin Freeman, Ryan Dougherty, and Julian Vaughn.  I'd like to thank God for keep these young men under his wings.  In the classroom and on the basketball court these young men have giving it all they got, and still have more to give.  It has truly been a blessing to watch this senior grow into men.  Basketball has been an easier way to teach this young men about life during there college years.  They have to learn to win and they have loss, but during these losses they have learn to have "faith" and "hope" and to move on.  I think "faith" and "hope" will get them through the rest of their lives no matter what life brings them.  I'm so glad to have witnessed their true gifts on the Hoya basketball court.  For me, it gets no better than that. 

Seniors Austin Freeman, Chris Wright and Julian Vaughn

Senior Ryan Dougherty

It's the second time around for both the #11 Hoyas (21-7  10-6) and the #17 Orangmen (23-6  10-6).  On In Syracuse, on February 9th the Hoyas won the first meeting in Syracuse between the two natinonally ranked teams 64-56.  This meeting at home for the Hoyas will be different without the play of injured senior Hoya point guard Chris Wright.  Wright broke his left hand early in the second half of the Cincinnati game.  "Chris Wright, underwent successful surgery this morning for a break in the third metacarpal of his left (non-shooting) hand. Our medical staff is optimistic and although we do not have an exact timetable, we expect to have Chris back before the end of the season.  He's a tough kid, he would play with one hand if he could."- Hoyas Coach John Thompson III

The remaining Hoyas guards (Markel Starks, Tombs Vee Sanford, Clydes and Jason Clark, Team Takeover) will be the one's to pick up the slack for their senior leader Chris Wright.  All of have played point guards for their respected summer league teams.  All have done well.  It's just a matter of them knowing when to pass, attack and how to manage the clock/shot clock.   Against Syracuse the Hoya guards will have to swing the ball from side to side to shift the zone, and attack on angles to get inside.  Once they are inside the zone they can either pass or shoot.  If they shoot "the floater" that would help a great deal becasuse they would be able to shoot over the tall defenders.  They have the whole backboard to use for the "floater." 

One another note pointer, it'll take a lot of heart and determination to get into Syracuse's zone, so the guards have to keep their dribble low and find the holes in the zone defense to get through it.  Syracuse normally keeps their hands up while in the zone, so there are definitely holes in the defense.  I think our Hoyas have the heart and determination to complete this mission.  The just have to play smarter and a lot harder for each other.  Although the Hoyas have one man down, and we know it's a big loss but we still  have thirteen Hoya troops.  All will not play, but most will.  The ones that will play will have to step it up a level and take this game one step at a time. 

Syracuse is coming off 69-64 road win against #15 Villanova Wildcats, and the Hoyas are mindful of this.  The teams have swapped games this season with Villanova winning in Syracuse, but the Hoyas are not looking to "swap" games with the Orangemen, they are looking to "sweep" the Orangemen in their two game series.  Scoop Jardine and Rick Jackson combined for 38 points and freshman Dion Waiters,  and Jackson made the final free throws that sealed the win.  Brandon Triche had 11 points and seven rebounds for the Orange, who shot 47.3 percent for the game (26 of 55).

The Hoyas will be and ready for this game on senior day.  This game against Syracuse will be just as hype as the first meeting on February 9th.  This day will truly be a special day for the Hoyas and Hoyanation.

The Hoya Step It Up Crew




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