Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cincinnati Bearcats claw their way to the finish line beat Hoyas at home 58-46

The Show Must Go On Hoyas!
Lupe Fiasco

I can honestly say this is a night I don't want to remember, but I guess eveything is for a reason.  I'm glad I keep everything in perspective.  Yes, especially basketball.  I learn not to always expect.  I learn to be hopefully.  Game by game I'm always hopeful and confident that my team will prevail.  If my team doesn't prevail I'm always ready for that too.  I try to think of positives ways to move on win or lose.  In this case it's a loss, but if you know me well nothing can't keep me down, especially a loss.  We've came too far to just give up now. 

Both teams came out cold on offense, but the Hoyas defense look pretty good on the Bearcats early on in the first half.  With Cincinnati playing defense aggressively the tide quickly turned for the Hoyas as they turned the ball over six times in the first half.  The Hoyas had some tough times bringing the ball up the court adverstising and throwing nonchalant passes on offense due to the Bearcats pressure.  "You have to give Cincinnati's defensive intensity credit," Thompson said.  "In general, definitely in the first half, we were careless with the ball.  Just too careless with the ball."  Both teams were tallied with 12 turnovers each.  The Hoyas were only 12-48 in field goals @ 25%.  Georgetown only shot 5-23 @ 21.7% from three point range @ 21.7% for the Hoyas.  

I would have to give Cincinnati credit for their very aggressive style play of defense tonight.  A senior ladened team, who seemed to be very hungry and determined to pull the game out.  The Bearcats seemed to have the best defensive output I've seen against the Hoyas this season.  They did it with defense, playing more zone than they have all year, mixing it with occasional man-to-man looks, and changing up their full-court pressure.  “We’ve always played Georgetown some zone,” Cronin said.  “They’re so good offensively that you’ve got to do things to change up and not let them get in a rhythm on offense or they’ll dissect you.”

 Five minutes into the second half  senior Hoya point guard Chris Wright broke his left hand in an attempt to retrieve the ball after he turned it over early in the second half.  Hopefully, Wright's hand isn't badly broken, but one thing I do know is how tough and durable he is.  I watched Chris Wright since he was 8 years old and he's always been tough as nails, and I think we all know this too.  I'm hoping and praying his hand with be healed quickly, so he can get back out there on the court and live his dream.  No, I'm trying to rush things, but I think he would also like for his hand to quickly heal.  "He's a tough kid," Coach John Thompson III said.  "He would play with one hand if he could. One trip up the court and you could see he was in excruciating pain.  The doctor and trainer came over and said, 'We're pretty sure it's broke.'  For him to ask to come out, he's in a lot of pain.  He's as tough as they come."   In the mean time we will all pray for a speedy recovery for Chris Wright.

Whatever the case, it's time for the freshman Markel Starks to step up.  I think he's ready.  He might have the experience, but he's had some playing time this year, so he'll have to get ready to grow up real quick.  I think he has.  Although he had one turnover, Starks added a spark for the Hoyas which showed me some promise to still believe.  I would still believe in my Hoyas, because that's just me, I love and believe in a "never say die attitude until the end."  To me, this is what makes our Hoyas and college basketball so interesting, fun and dreamy.  It's about the ups and downs and how you overcome adversity. 

This is something we've talked about before in my blog on how "Faith Develops In Adversity."  We have to remember these are young men learning "Life through basketball," which is one of the easiest ways for our Hoyas to learn about life.  All season we've watched our Hoyas stumble, fall, get back up, and brush themselves off.  This would be no different, just more determination, hardwork and focus will needed.  I do believe we have enough players to overcome the odds, they just have know and realize it, and I'm sure the coaching staff will do a great job at driving it home to the mighty Hoyas.  We still have games left, and we've came too far to give up, so Hoyanation and friends let's open our hands up and lift these young men and staff up and cheer them on no matter what the deal is.  Hoyabeliever!


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