Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tennessee up next

Tennesee - Arrested Development

Hoyanation, the Hoyas have watch out for this guy right here.  Trae Golden! He said the Hoyas size is a little overrated at the 7:44 minute. He's their playmaker. He's the Vols monster and the Hoyas have to chop off the head of the monster. I think they can do this.

It'll just take some patience and great defense. From watching the Vols play they like to get up and down the court on offense, and are very effective in doing so. Trae Golden loves to get inside the paint at will, but the Hoyas will have to prevent him from doing so. He said the length won't bother him, but we'll see how this goes. I'm thinking the length will bother him especially when the Hoyas press and play a 2-3 zone.

The fact is the Hoyas play great defense because they communicate/point communicate well and have each other's back. As you can see here from this short seven minute video what the Vols like to do.

Tennessee will have to deal with our monster. I don't think they can chop the head of this monster off! Markel Starks

Whatever the case the Hoyas will be up for the task come Friday. Game will be televised at 6:30 on ESPN.

As said last night, there is no way there are 25 better teams than the . No way!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What the last three games told me

 Progressive Legend's Classic

This song is very special I made for the Hoyas and fans this season, it definitely has true meaning 

While I was riding the bus from D.C. to New York for the Legend's Classic games to be played I was thinking about these "tough" games early in the season for the Hoyas that will be used a measuring stick to where he Hoyas are at and what they need to work on.

 This measuring stick turned out for the better the last three games played. The UCLA/Indiana games played big part in the Hoyas measuring themselves. Check this Georgetown put to test early in non-conference slate article from the USA Today.

The UCLA game was as anticipated game you could get this early during the season. With most of the country waiting for the the debut of the highly touted UCLA Bruin freshman Shabazz Muhammad. The Hoyas welcomed it. UCLA was not able to do what they wanted to do that night. Hoyas sophomore forward Greg Whittington had a lot to do with shutting Muhammad down. 

Most picked a Indiana vs.UCLA matchup in the Legend's Classic finals, but I already knew what the matchup would be Hoyas vs. Hoosiers. 

I think I was feeling the same way Coach Thompson III was about this game we played against the Hoosiers. "We came here to win, and we had our chances. We're still growing up. You hope to grow up without losses."

I have enough confidence in my team to know they can beat any team in the land this season. The Hoyas know it's about NOW! The journey! It's on! 

I like the props Indiana Coach Tom Crean gave the Hoyas! "This was going to be an epic battle, and we haven't been in a lot of those in November," Indiana coach Tom Crean said. "We knew we were playing a really, really good team in Georgetown, and we didn't see anything that led us to believe they're not."

The Mount Saint Mary's  game was played two days after Thanksgiving. The first half was neck to neck, but the second half was a different story for the Hoyas as they finally ran away from The Mount. 

Big shout out to Hoyas junior point guard Markel Starks for making the Legend's Classic All Tourney Team

The Hoyas are for real! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

On to the semi-finals of the Legends Classic

2012 Legends Classic

Thinking of the two and half games the Hoyas have played, and now it's onto the semi-final round to play the UCLA Bruins in the Legends Classic at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.. 

UCLA has gone 2-0 in two previous games against Georgetown, a perennial contender in the Big East Conference. In the two schools' last meeting, UCLA defeated the Hoyas, 71-70, at the then-MCI Center in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 8, 2003.

I came across a July article about the ESPN Legends Classic. The only thing wrong with are the ESPN College Hoops analyst picks.

Whom others are picking: 

Andy Katz: Indiana over UCLA 
Jason King: Indiana over UCLA 
Myron Medcalf: Indiana over UCLA 
Dana O'Neil: Indiana over UCLA

Those ESPN College Hoop's analysts are "sleeping on the Hoyas!"

"We are always going to look to push it and get easy baskets, but we're going to execute on offense in the halfcourt set and take good shots, You have to take away the transition. So once that's taken away, you better be able to execute and be able to play with nine other guys around you. You better know how to move and how to use ball screens." - Ben Howland

The Hoyas "defensive intensity and communication" will be on point. Stop that transitional offense in it's tracks and rebound well. UCLA vs. UC Irvine overtime game

In the video 4:48 the question was asked, "does this give you -- build up or give you more confidence or sense of relief knowing that you can  play this way going into that  game against Georgetown?" 

"Georgetown runs the Princeton Offense." No coach, it's called the "Georgetown Offense!" 5:01 

UCLA Coach Ben Howland James Madison Recap and comments of Georgetown

UCLA has Shabazz back, Georgetown has Porter back! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hoyas maintain their "intensity!"

Relentless Forever

As I walked from my job in the nation's capital to the Home of the Hoyas (Verizon Center aka "phone booth) I was thinking about the game to be played against Liberty and what the Hoyas had to do to win. Of course they had to come out of the gate strong, but I think more importantly was to have great "intensity" especially on defense. They did.

When I arrived the arena I was able to grab a new 2012-2013 Georgetown Hoyas poster. Actually, I was able to get a few, so I could bring some home to the kids in the neighborhood or send out to any Hoya fans elsewhere.

It was definitely good to see the Hoyas' full court press. I mean, I love it. The players love it also. It keeps them attentive and loose especially when they get on the offensive end of court. We definitely have the personnel for the full court press.  Gregory Whittington's relentless defense is phenomenal. Once he gets the steal he's rolling out. His ability to push the ball up the court at 6'9" and pass or finish is Magic Johnson like, and people wonder why I gave him the nickname "Lil Magic," but I think he likes Magic better. He continues to dive for loose balls, accidentally knocking over computers on the tables if that's what it takes to get the ball. He's definitely a young man that hustles and his teammates are with him. He's really stepped up since teammate Otto Porter's injury. He's a lot like Otto, "he's everywhere!"

Highlight of the night for me was seeing freshman forward Stephen Domingo knock down his first college points. A two pointer right inside of the three point line. Once Domingo entered the game I was patiently waiting for him to hit a jumpshot. The shot was nice too. Pump fake, off the dribble, knockdown. Nice! There's the photo of his first collegiate points to the left. Always a great pleasure to see my Hoyas, I'm so thankful to see the blue and gray play the game of basketball. Who's next? UCLA! Let's Go Hoyas!  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Up next ...Liberty Flames in the Legend's Classic

Liberty, liberty, liberty...give me liberty or give me death! I'm looking forward to going the game and beating Liberty tonight. The Flames are 0-2 so far this year with losses to Richmond (Atlantic 10) and William & Mary (CAA). The Hoyas are looking to go 2-0 very early in the season. I look for our Hoyas to come out and play strong from the start. There is no reason why they shouldn't come out of the gates fast and don't look back. Still trying to figure it all out the Hoyas remain a team that plays together, and from their first official game I saw they still have each other's back. Playing without teammate sophomore sensation Otto Porter proved this.

They could have easily folded if thier focuse was on, "we just our best player," but no, his teammates knew they had to step their games up. They did. Super sophomore Gregory Whittington stepped up grabbing 15 rebounds on both ends of the court mostly on the defensive end of the court. Super freshman D'Vauntes Rivera-Smith stepped up to the challenge knocking down four three pointer's with a total of 19 points for the game. Sophomore center Mikael Hopkins stepped up big in the second scoring 10 of his points in the second half.  The experienced and hard nosed junior forward Nate Lubick has been a man out there. He's had one and a half good games so far this season. Off of a rebound he got tangled up with a Duquesne defender and didn't back down one bit until the referee blew the whistle. The crowd went crazy because of this. 

I love the defense's communicaton and point communication. It's definitely a sight to see  and hear especially this early in the season. I hope they get to 5-0 like my New York Knicks at the present due to their stellar defense.

You have to love the tough sophomore Jabril Trawick's intensity and knowledge of the game. He knew when he had to attack the basket. He knows we need this from him, but would love to see him also shoot the "floater" my favorite shot in the game of basketball. Yes, a floater, not a dunk. Don't get me wrong I love the dunk, but my point guard/guards I love the the floater! Also, it was great to see our junior point guard Markel Starks have a better second half. Oh, don't I didn't see that floater, I did, but it didn't go in, but do keep shooting it. Well, Hoyains, it's about time I glide off into the sunset and get ready for the game tonight, so until later Hoyas Saxa, Hoya Saxa, Hoya Saxa!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hoyas are leaders in win against A10 foe Duquesne

Great to be a Hoya

It definitely felt good to be back in the Verizon Center aka "phone booth." After the Hoyas first basket I knew I was back the hypeness overcame me. I shouted, "yes let's go."

A few days before this game I envisioned how tough this game could be or how it could be a blowoutgame. Whatever the case the Hoyas stayed focused at the task at hand and without their star player Otto Porter for most of the game. Otto went out of the game with an eye injury and never came back into the game.Teammate Gregory Whittington noted, "I just had to step up even more, knowing that one of my other teammates went down". I hope the young man is recovering from his injury. I was proud to see how the Hoyas responded without Otto on the court. Again, this proved to me of how this whole team is full leaders, not just one, but many. I could clearly see the Hoyas still have each other's back. They have a team bond that's so strong to last forever. When the going got rough the Hoyas got tougher. Here'a an ole skool song from The Tuff Crew! What you know about this? 

My Part of Town - Tuff Crew

It was good to see the Hoyas struggle in the beginning of the game and then figure it out later in the game. This was some good coaching. Trying many different combinatins proved to be successful. The Hoyas so much to work with. Freshman D'Vauntes Rivera-Smith played an outstanding knocking down key baskets (4 3 pointers) and leading the charge for the Hoyas in his second college debut. Oh, he played big time. I always knew the young man could play. I mean, when you come from one of the best high schools ever Oak Hill Academy. Their team overall went 44-0. 

In today's world of basketball with so many great high school teams and players that's a phenomenal record and high school national championship. I mean really! Smith's Oak Hill team was so good their coach Smith named the tri-MVP's UCLA signee Jordan Adams, NC State signee, and Georgetown signee D'Vauntes River-Smith. Watching Smith play was different than watching him play since high school. He's a great person, student and athlete.

I like how the Hoyas shared the ball, but I wanted more attack. I just would like to see the guards stay more in triple threat without the ball, so when they get the ball they're ready and make moves. When you look like a threat on the court it's a great thing and great things happen. Our guards have the quickness to get past their defenders, it's just a matter of calming down and knowing this, then attack. Although some of the floaters did not fall I like the shot selection. At least when you're doing the right thing good things will eventually happy. Keep shooting those floaters Hoyas (smile). Good to see Flash Starks getting settling down and putting the metal to the pedal. 

The Hoyas shot 5-22 and 17 turnovers.. 5 for 22 meant I shot from the outside way to many times and didn't drive to the basket enough..These are some the reasons for the 17 turnovers. Hoyas basketball to me always had that thump. I just thought of something. Sitting here thinking about a made free throw by sophomore Jabril Trawick, his deameanor (shoulder shrug "get off of me") reminded of a "fierce" Hoyas 1984 National Champion Michael Graham. We ain't take no stuff, "right Syracuse?" (LOL)

In the second half it was great seeing the bigs attacking the basketball a lot more. The rebounding was key as Duquesne had so many opportunities to score off of our mistakes. They didn't. The Hoyas were grabbing key rebounds on both ends of the court.

Here are some photo's from the "phone booth" vs. Duquesne, good 61-55 tough win Hoyas.
Warm ups! 

Game over hand shakes

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's the second game of the season

Well, actually the first game of the season. First game aboard the USS Bataan was cancelled before the second half ot the Navy Marine NCAA Hoops Classic. A unforgettable once in a lifetime experience for our collegate athletes and staff.

Two days later it's FINALLY off to the Verizon Center aka "The Phone Booth!" College basketball is finally here. From where I live the phone booth is only a 20 minute ride with little traffic if I'm driving. Most game days I drive to the Huntington Metro, park my car, and catch a train right to the arena. Takes about 40 minutes because of regular stops.

It'll be like reunion from last season. There are special moments to come this season just one game at a time. Hoyas  vs. Dukes will be the game to get things started this season for me. Although the season has already started this game is the official start to the "Road To The Final Four."

Hoyas Tip of the Game Jason Clark on the 2-3 zone: : yessir..the middle is weakest part of the zone..get it there and it opens everything else up!

Looking at the A10's positioning, the Dukes are the bottom of the conference this season. This may be a team that can raise up during the season. The Hoyas know this and know it won't happen with them. They never underestimate any teams no matter what the stats say. We know our Hoyas are focused and on their own task to stay focused and play the way they're suppose to play no matter the score of the 

I hear people saying certain games are "cupcake" games and everything. I can understand this from a fans' view, but the truth of the matter to the coaches and players this just isn't the case. Chemistry means everything. You can gain chemistry of course from winning but even during losses especially tough losses.  
Duquesne is in its first season under head coach Jim Ferry, who led LIU Brooklyn to back-to-back NCAA Tournament appearances.  The Dukes return two starters from last year’s 16-15 team, as they look to bounce back from a 69-66 loss to Albany on Friday.  The last time the program has opened with back-to-back road games was during the 1990-91 campaign.

The Dukes are led offensively by guard Sean Johnson, who led the team in scoring 10 times in 2012 and has 900 career points.  Johnson went 42-of-114 (.368) from the three-point area last year in making the transition from being the team’s sixth man to a starter.  Duquesne finished last year ranked third nationally in turnover margin, with only VCU and Syracuse finishing with a larger margin.
Georgetown was only able to complete a half in its season opener against Florida, as the game was halted after the first 20 minutes due to condensation on the floor aboard the USS Bataan at Naval Station Mayport.  The Hoyas enter the year with two starters and nine letterwinners returning to a team that was picked to finish in fifth place in the Big East Conference.  The roster features zero seniors and has a combined group of 10 freshmen and sophomores.  Georgetown is 9-1 ATS in November the last two-plus seasons.
The Hoyas will need to get big production out of Otto Porter Jr. to have a successful season, as the sophomore forward averaged 9.7 points and led the team with 6.8 rebounds per game.  Georgetown also has two experienced players in Nate Lubick and Markel Starks, who combined to score 10.6 points last year.  These two programs will be meeting for the 14th time, with Sunday’s host winning 10 of the previous 13 contests. - Maddux Sports

Veteran's Day Salute! 

Poem I wrote and narrated >Hoyas Banner Year

Friday, November 9, 2012

Breaking the 2-3 zone

As I remember all too well 3 years ago in the second half of a game played at Syracuse University. The Hoyas had figured out the 2-3 zone on how to get inside the paint and attack at will.  I like to shift the ball because it's shifts the zone, but the point guard/guards have to know when and how to attack the 2-3 zone. Stay low, find holes in the defense because they are many. Attack from angles. The biggest thing you need have is a "big & tough heart!"

Some footage of that Hoyas/Syracuse game played 3 years ago. Great players will find a way no matter the cause. The Hoyas lost this game, but were just that close. Some good observations of what I saw tonight that needs to happen.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

USS Bataan LHD 5 Hoyas vs. Gators

Firstly, the season is about to get underway. The countdown now down to hours.and my team is playing on a naval vessel in the City of Jacksonville in a classic. I'm hyped and revved up to go! The moment I've been waiting, and I know you have as well Hoyanation. Veterans day weekend. Big Time Salute! The game! Hoyas vs. Gators!

Two college basketball teams going toe to toe both teams first game of the season. I'm sure the Hoyas will be well prepared to complete the task at hand against the Gators. Fans focused & ready to support our Hoyas.  lift them back up, so at the end of the game interviews players can say, "our fans really lifted us up when we were down, yes that was key, "our fans!"

Great things like this makes you love the Georgetown hoops program: "For these kids to get the opportunity to come here and meet the sailors and the Marines that are on the Bataan," said Thompson, "most of them, if not all of them, would never get this opportunity. Georgetown is a learning institute; that's part of our job."

Get On Up - James Brown

After serving almost 5 years in the Navy (2 years at NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida) I feel proud for my favorite college basketball team the Georgetown Hoyas to be representing the U.S. Navy. The Hoyas are playing in the Navy Marine Corps Classic aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Battan LHD 5.The ship is docked at the Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville, Florida.  It will be a very historic night for the school and basketball program. A great learning experience for the players and staff.

Some photo's from Facebook members of the basketball team took on deck of the USS Bataan LHD 5.


My ship, and aircraft super carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aka "IKE"

Click to listen>>>HOYAS BANNER YEAR


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Two very important things to do while playing DEFENSE! "Communicate & point communicate!"

Defense Wins Championships

I was just sitting around thinking of something to write about in my blog with the season only two days away. Wow, am I excited. Anyways, I'm think along the lines of  how "defense and free throws" win championships. In my opinion this Hoyas team is primed for a big run this season.  Defense and making free throws especially in crucial moments is the name of the game.

People ask me how do I know the Hoyas will go for it? Some don't agree. That's fine. I try to have a lot of confidence in my team -- even in the off season all due to being a big fan of the blue and gray. Hoyasaxa baby the time is here! Oh excuse my hypeness, it's something I cannot help at this time of the year. It feels like Christmas for me for a few months, not just one day. I love it. 

Over the year's of attending and working basketball camp and clinics I've been taught that your point guard is your first line of defense. So it takes lots of effort, communication and point communication to get the get job done. If your point guard is playing harassing "hands up, swinging up and from the sides, never down" due to "hand in the cookie jar fouls (reaching fouls) defense" it become contagious amongst the whole team. The point guards teammates are behind the point guard, so they're able to see and react from the point guard's leadership of playing stellar defense. I find that most of your high IQ basketball players use lots of point communication.

Don't intend on writing too much. So I'll just post some photo's of what the Hoyas will be doing along the Road To The Final Four practice by practice, day by day, game by game. "Communication and point communication" are key's to great defense and a chip! "DIVE, DIVE, DIVE, GET THE BALL, IT'S YOUR'S!"

The leader that set the example of hard work for our now and future Hoyas, determination & grit. Former Hoya Jason Clark pasted it along his Hoya brothers for seasons to come

#22 Otto Porter in the back "point communicating"

Big hustle play by #34 Nate Lubick