Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Two very important things to do while playing DEFENSE! "Communicate & point communicate!"

Defense Wins Championships

I was just sitting around thinking of something to write about in my blog with the season only two days away. Wow, am I excited. Anyways, I'm think along the lines of  how "defense and free throws" win championships. In my opinion this Hoyas team is primed for a big run this season.  Defense and making free throws especially in crucial moments is the name of the game.

People ask me how do I know the Hoyas will go for it? Some don't agree. That's fine. I try to have a lot of confidence in my team -- even in the off season all due to being a big fan of the blue and gray. Hoyasaxa baby the time is here! Oh excuse my hypeness, it's something I cannot help at this time of the year. It feels like Christmas for me for a few months, not just one day. I love it. 

Over the year's of attending and working basketball camp and clinics I've been taught that your point guard is your first line of defense. So it takes lots of effort, communication and point communication to get the get job done. If your point guard is playing harassing "hands up, swinging up and from the sides, never down" due to "hand in the cookie jar fouls (reaching fouls) defense" it become contagious amongst the whole team. The point guards teammates are behind the point guard, so they're able to see and react from the point guard's leadership of playing stellar defense. I find that most of your high IQ basketball players use lots of point communication.

Don't intend on writing too much. So I'll just post some photo's of what the Hoyas will be doing along the Road To The Final Four practice by practice, day by day, game by game. "Communication and point communication" are key's to great defense and a chip! "DIVE, DIVE, DIVE, GET THE BALL, IT'S YOUR'S!"

The leader that set the example of hard work for our now and future Hoyas, determination & grit. Former Hoya Jason Clark pasted it along his Hoya brothers for seasons to come

#22 Otto Porter in the back "point communicating"

Big hustle play by #34 Nate Lubick


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