Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hoyas turn up the volume and dismantle the Duke Blue Devils 89-77 for John Thompson's 200th win on a snowy day in D.C.


With President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden munching popcorn in some of the best seats in the house, the Hoyas put on one of their top performances of the year against the highly seeded Duke Blue Devils in 89-77 win on a snowy day in Washington, D.C. 

“The crowd was pumped up, Obama was there, so it was exciting,” Georgetown guard Chris Wright said. “I think we all came out with a little bit more energy than usual.  We were all over the place, defensively and offensively.”  And so was Hoyanation! 

Hoyanation, it was an early Hoya redemption dream season gameday than usual because of the president's arrival.  Ask the some of the Georgetown students.  This wonderful lady named Ms. Cynthia that seated me told me the students were outside of the Verizon since 8:00 pm the previous night of the big game on CBS.  The atmospher was amazing.  When I walked into the Verizon Center, I knew something special was gonna happen today.  The excitement was definitely in the air.  The Georgetown students gave much love to President Barack Obama and some of this staff.  20,000 plus, all I can say is whoa Hoya!  LOL! 

  The lovely lady Ms. Cynthia and of course in the back, The Legend, John Thompson, Jr.

It couldn’t have been a much bigger day for Georgetown: the president attending his first Hoyas game, the first sellout of the season in the 20,000-seat Verizon Center, a crowd mostly sporting “We Are Georgetown” T-shirts in a school-sponsored “gray out,” the 200th win for coach John Thompson III, the launch of an initiative for Darfur schools, and, of course, the much-detested empire from the Atlantic Coast Conference in the building

“It was good, everything about it from who was there, to how we played against a terrific team, against a well-coached team, against a team that’s one of the best teams in the country,” said John Thompson, III.

“We could never match their emotion,” Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said. “The place was electric. Their team was electric, and they played that way for 40 minutes.”

Some photos from the game Duke vs. Georgetown "Gray Out" game 1.30.10

Hoya Brotherhood!
Jason Clark and Chris Wright

CBS's Clark Kellogg and The Legend John Thompson, Jr. before the Duke vs. Georgetown game 1.30.10

Duke vs. Georgetown Post game presser

Georgetown Players Post Game Presser


As they ole saying goes "it must've be something in the water", LOL!  A Duke player getting a drink a water from the Hoya bench.  And Coach K was wondering what went wrong, it was something in the our water.  This is just too funny, I had to get a photo of  this. 


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hoyas Aiming to Bounce Back and glide at home against the Duke Blue Devils on Saturday



The mighty Hoyas (15-4  6-3 BE) look to get back on the grind against one of the ACC's best the Duke Blue Devils (17-3  5-2 ACC) Saturday in a nationally televised (CBS) game in the nation's capital.   Hoya Austin Freeman (16 pts.) lead the Hoyas in scoring while Duke's Jon Scheyer (18 pts.) lead the Blue Devils in scoring. 

Although the Hoyas lost a tough game, on ESPN's Big Monday against Big East foe Syracuse this Hoya team has the talent and the ability to go a long way this year.  Consistency will be the key.  If everything falls into place, that key (consistency) could open more and more doors for the Georgetown Hoyas.  I expect to see a better team for the rest of the season.  I anticipate that Coach John Thompson III has a lot in store for his team in order to get them to play consistently well, which will open more possibilities for this team.  Hoyanation and friends don't forget to wear your gray!  Gray Out!  Hoyanation, let's Rock n Roll! 

Georgetotown Coach John Thompson III hoping his Hoyas team can kick in a "W" against Duke

Duke vs. Georgetown Preview



Monday, January 25, 2010

Hoyas start out of the gates fast 14-0 then fall fast to the Orangemen 76-53

The Hoyas came out confident.  It seemed like it was too easy, the Hoyas seemed to get relazed, and then kapoof, the game was gone within an eye blink.  I'm sitting here now holding back these tears.  Man, this was a tough pill to swallow, whew.  If I didn't understand the Big East I probably be sick to my stomach, instead I understand the Big East, it is a brutal college basketball conference.  I just feel more badly for the Hoyas than myself.  The excitement was there, the energy was there, but where was the inside outside play.  The ball went inside early on but the Hoyas big men could prevail in the paint.  The penetration from the guards should have been there.

The guards have to stay low with the ball and find the holes in the defense while they are shifting and attack on an angle.  They will make the basket or get fouled, either one.  Great guards find a way to get inside no matter!  It's all about "toughness" especially in a hostile environment such as the Carrier Dome.  In the first half the Hoyas did not go to the foul line for the simple fact they did not penetrate, and they also had 9 turnovers which the Cuse took full advantage of by scoring in transition off of the Hoya turnovers.  Austin Freeman's (9-18  6 rebounds 23 pts.) was the leading scorer for the Hoyas and for the Orangemen, Wesley Johnson (5-9 9 rebounds 14 pts.) led the way.  Greg Monroe fouled out of the game.  I couldn't believe when their was a loose ball no one wanted to dive on the floor for the loose balls.  The energy faded.  I think some hard lessons were learned today on the road for the Hoyas.  The Hoyas are still growing in certain areas of the game, but need to play smarter and harder.  I tip my hat off to the Syracuse Orangemen tonight, you can't take anything away from them they played great basketball tonight and we didn't.


What they're saying about Syracuse vs. Georgetown | Orange Basketball Blog -

What they're saying about Syracuse vs. Georgetown Orange Basketball Blog -

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hoyas focus in on the Syracuse Orangemen in Big East action Monday Night




The Hoyas (15-3 6-2 BE) are ready, focused and determined for another Big East showdown against the top five Syracuse Orangemen (19-1 6-1 BE).  The Hoya troops are coming off great, unselfish, team play and will continue to do so with a sesnse of urgency.  Hoyanation and friends, we all know how it is in the "electrifying" Big East conference, it never stops, every conference game is a big game. Listening to Dick Vitale last night giving big kudos to the Big East as the #1 league in the National Collegiate Athletic Association was gracious.  Listening to Digger Phelps give the Hoyas a big time shout out was was also gracious.  Listening to Hubert Davis sayin, "If Chris Wright's 3 ball is off the Hoyas lose games."  How ridiculous a statement that was.  Was Hubert Davis a shooting guard or "pure" point guard.  Shooting guard!  Davis, also said, "The Hoyas have no depth".  Was Hubert Davis a coach, NO!  I was like ohhh boyyyy here we go again.  I thought the Hoyas shut everybody up about the "depth issue", except for Mr. Hubert Davis!  Has Hubert Davis been "reading" or "closely watching" the Hoyas?  Answer is, NO!  Please, Hubert Davis, be more factual in your statements, lol.  The Hoyas do a great job of pushing the ball and creating in transition andletting the play make itself.  This is just fundamental basketball. In my opinion, I don't think there is another team in the country that plays better "team basketball" than the Georgetown Hoyas! 




Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hoyas' transition gets the best of the Rutgers 88-63

“We have capable players that can shoot, it’s just a matter of getting time and space,” Wright said. “As long as we stay unselfish and continue to penetrate gaps and get open shots, I think we’ll be fine.”

The Hoya redemption dream season has continued to move forward at a very exciting pace against the Rutgers University Scarlet Knights this afternoon.  The score, 88-63 Hoyas!  The Hoyas remained focused, determined and played hard, smart, tough basketball at a very fast pace.  Although the Scarlet Knights were 0-6 in conference play, the mighty Hoyas didn't let up on them one bit because they knew regardless of the Scarlet Knights record they were not going to just lay down and give the Hoyas the game.  The Hoyas knew and did not take it for granted, they took it at home in front of a very engertic crowd in the Verizon Center.  The Hoyas knew when to push the rock and when to slow it down to set up the offense and execute.  It was beautiful sight watching the art of how basketball should be played.  The passing, screening, cutting were all done to a perfection.  I like the Hoya dunks too!  Chris Wright's pushing the ball in transition and quick pass to Austin Freeman for a dunk was magnificient.  The Henry Sims dunk brought Hoyanation to it's feet.  You talking about thunder?  Thunder?  It was one of those, "you betta watch ya head" dunks.  The game allowed for the all the Hoya reserves to play and produce in many ways, Jerrelle Benimon, this young Hoya is one tough player, that's all I can say, lol.  Jason Clark's scrappy defense was awesome as usual.  I like Vee Sanford's patience and the beautiful floater The intensity level is at a all time high.  I love it, I know you love it because...

Georgetown's Greg Monroe, right, works the ball against Rutgers' Hamady Ndiaye 1.23.10

Georgetown' Austin Freeman (15) shoots a reverse lay-up past Rutgers' Hamady Ndiaye (5) 1.23.10

#11 Hoya Trooper Freshman Vee Sanford reaching for loose ball against the Rutgers defense 1.23.10

Georgetown's Vee Sanford (11) shoots the smooth floater against Rutgers' Hamady Ndiaye (5) 1.23.10

Coach John Thompson III leans back as he watches a shot going in against the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers U 1.23.10

Hoyas post game press conference 1.23.10

Sights and sounds of the Hoyas vs. Rutgers game 1.23.10



Friday, January 22, 2010

Hoyas move on the next one against Rutgers in Big East action on Saturday




Welcome home Hoyas!  We missed ya'll!  Both away games were great!  Hoynation and friends it's on to the next one.  The Hoyas (14-3 5-2 BE) glide into actionn against the visiting the team Rutgers Scarlet Knights (9-9 0-6 BE),  The Hoyas lead the "team" in scoring while for the Scarlet Knights, Mike Rosario is their scoring at (15.2 pts).  After a big Big East win in the "zoo" at the University of Pittsburgh the Hoyas look stay focused and determined on their dreams no matter if their opponent is in the bottom of the Big East Conference.  It's still the Big East!  Anything can happen on any given day or night in the beastly Big East!  The Scarlet Knights are 0-6 in conference play, but are 9-9 overall so it's not they haven't won a game this season and the Hoyas know this.  The Hoyas know they are hungry and looking a for a big "W" against the Hoyas.  As long as the Hoyas are proudly wearing Georgetown across their chest they know no matter what these teams are aiming for them.  But the Hoyas remain steady and continue to play with a sense of urgency everytime they step on the court.  Hopefully, the Hoyas can come out and put Rutgers away early so they can get some of their teammates on the floor for some nice minutes.  I think that would be a nice refresher for our reserves.  In the mean time Hoyanation let's get ready to rumbleeeeee!  Beat Rutgers!!!




Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chris Wright and the Hoyas glide to a very important Big East road win against the Pittsburgh Panthers 74-66


Hoyanation and friends, this game is everything I expected it to be.  Exciting and fun!  The "Hoya Redemption Dream Season" continues.  I knew the outcome would favor the Hoyas because I'm alway rooting for my team no matter what anyone says especially Gary Parrish from CBS Sports.  The Hoyas wanted it, they got it.  The earned the right to say, "we are that beast in the Big East"!   You hear so many folks talking about depth, depth, depth.  All I say is play, play, play.  The Hoyas were extremely focused, energetic and definitely played with a sense of urgency.  I don't even think they heard the crowd they were so focused.  I'm very much a team oriented guy, but I have to say when a special player like Chris Wright (27 pts.) literally takes over a game of this caliber in the hottest conference (Big East) in college basketball today, it's "totally phenomenal". 

#22 Hoya Trooper Julian "JuJu" Vaughn "Getting It" in win against PITT 1.20.10

The Hoyas played scrappy, they were all over the place, diving for loose balls, point communicating was especially great.  Freshman Jerrelle Benimon play a tough game off of the bench and had some key rebounds.  I could say the Hoyas sure have each other's back no matter what the cause.  Hoyanation, it's such a beautiful thing watching the Hoyas play, not just because they win, but they play hard and play basketball the way it's supposed to be played as a "unit".  The Hoyas defense was steady with lots of energy and seem to wear the Pantthers down.  There's so much I want to write about, I'm so hyped right now, I have to go out for a walk and burger.  It's cold outside but I'm so hyped I won't feel the cold plus I'll get a cup of  hot coco.

#10 Hoya Trooper Greg Monroe "sky hooking it" as the Hoya trooper freshman Jerrelle Benimon looks on and takes notes 1.20.10

Coach Thompson confidently and movtivationally claps it up for his team in win over Pittsburgh 1.20.10

#22 Julian "JuJu" Vaughn scraps for the loose ball against Pitt Panther 1.20.10

A perfect picture of Big East play Hoyas vs. Pitt 1.20.10

#21 Hoya Trooper Jason Clark steal a pass and streaks down court, but is fouled in the process 1.20.10





Despite short bench, Georgetown's talent once again finds Hoyas near top of Big East race | College basketball blog - -

Despite short bench, Georgetown's talent once again finds Hoyas near top of Big East race College basketball blog - -

Thank you for writing this article. Hoyanation and friends, we have to think, "it's about making do with what you have". The Hoyas know and Hoyanation know what we have, we see, we know. I'm like this, "whenever your playing whole court basketball with five players, do you need depth to win the game? I don't think so, not where I grew up. " This is the only article that didn't complain about the Hoyas "depth" because a negative. It's just common to know that the Hoyas have a smart staff and team, I'm pretty sure in each of their lives at one point they've had to make do with what they had, so when the Hoyas put the coaching staff and players together it comes out to one = TEAM!

Let's Go Hoyanation, Let's Get Ready to Rock and Roll!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Georgetown seeking redemption on the road against the PITT Panthers


No Quitter, Go Getter
Let's Get It Back Hoyas!

The Hoyas  (13-3 4-2 BE) travel to University of Pittsburgh (15-2 5-0 BE) to play the Panthers.  The Panthers are undefeated in Big East play this season.  The Panthers have shocked lots of folks in the college basketball world.  Despite losing three of its top scorers the Panthers remain undefeated and in first place in the Big East Conference.  I think this is due to Head Coach Jamie Dixon's coaching philosophy and great leadership.  Ashton Gibbs (17.5 pts.) is leading the Panthers in scoring while Ausitin Freeman's 15.9 points a game lead the Hoyas.

The Panthers are one of two remaining Big East teams without a loss after Georgetown (13-3, 4-2) missed a chance to knock off the other unbeaten Sunday in Philadelphia.  The Hoyas fell behind Villanova 46-31 at halftime, the second time in three games they trailed by 15 at the break. But unlike when it rallied to beat then-No. 13 Connecticut 72-69 on Jan. 9, Georgetown lost 82-77 to the No. 4 Wildcats.

Austin Freeman had 10 of his 22 points in the opening 3:38 of the second half, yet the Hoyas could never take the lead despite tying the score twice. "In the first half we got shots but we missed four or five layups and we had too many turnovers. They used junk defenses with guys running and jumping and it was very effective," coach John Thompson III said.

Freeman has certainly stepped up in Big East play, averaging 20.5 points on 59.2 percent shooting. The junior guard, though, has never beaten Pitt, averaging 8.0 points and shooting 39.1 percent during Georgetown's three-game series losing streak. The common thread to the Hoyas' three losses this season has been a struggling Chris Wright, who has been held to single digits four times, including each defeat.

Another key to Georgetown beating Pitt could be Greg Monroe. The sophomore center had a breakout game against Villanova -- 29 points, 16 rebounds and four blocks -- after averaging 11.4 points in his first five conference games.  Monroe had 15 points in a 70-54 loss to the Panthers on Jan. 3, 2009, that snapped Georgetown's 29-game home winning streak.

Let's Go Hoyas, Let's Get This One!  Beat PITT!

Hoya Saxa!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hoyas lose hard fought heavyweight game to Villanova Wildcats 82-77

I was on twitter for most of the game until they said I was typing too much, so I stopped and watched the rest of the Hoya game up close on my tv.  The Hoyas had many opportunities to win the game but did not take advantage of them.  The Hoyas shot 34% (9-26 3 pointers).  Too many 3 pointers shot at the wrong time when the Hoyas should have found a way to get inside and get the foul kick or dish out.  With Chris Wright in foul trouble, his leadership most of these times were missed, but the Hoyas moved on and continued to grind it out. Greg Monroe scored a team high of 29 points 14 rebounds in the Hoya loss.

The freshman Jerelle Benimon had another good outing off of the bench tonight.  His strength, toughness and grit pays rebounding dividends for the Hoyas.  I had to laugh at the tussle between he and Villanova freshman Isiah Armwood (Montrose Christian, Montgomery County, Maryland) underneath the basket.  I was saying to myself, "now you know doggone well you're not taking the ball away from the "vice-grip of Benimon."  Once Jerelle Benimon gets the rock in his hands it's over.  I think Villanova's Armwood felt the wrath as he bucked up at Benimon.  Benimon gave him the last "no you don't shove."  I was like let the boys play and whoever gets the ball, it's theirs.  All the other stats were just about even between the two Big East powerhouse team.  Both teams had 10 steals, and 34 rebounds a piece.

The Hoyas go down in defeat, they can lift their heads up of the game they played.  We saw the toughness, grit, focus and determination, but Hoyas came up on the short hand today against the Villanova Wildcats 82-77.  Scottie Reynolds (27 pts.) led the charge for the Wildcats.

#10 Greg Monroe chasing Scottie Reynolds in Big East heavyweight slugfest 1.17.10

You know how it is with Scottie Reynolds when we play them, lol. Scottie Reynolds,. attended Herndon High School in Fairfax, County. He seems to love to play against Gerogetown, after all he is Chris Wright and Greg Monroe's summer league teammate at Kenner Summer League played in Georgetown's McDonough Gymnasium.

Post game conference with Coach Thompson and Greg Monroe