Monday, January 25, 2010

Hoyas start out of the gates fast 14-0 then fall fast to the Orangemen 76-53

The Hoyas came out confident.  It seemed like it was too easy, the Hoyas seemed to get relazed, and then kapoof, the game was gone within an eye blink.  I'm sitting here now holding back these tears.  Man, this was a tough pill to swallow, whew.  If I didn't understand the Big East I probably be sick to my stomach, instead I understand the Big East, it is a brutal college basketball conference.  I just feel more badly for the Hoyas than myself.  The excitement was there, the energy was there, but where was the inside outside play.  The ball went inside early on but the Hoyas big men could prevail in the paint.  The penetration from the guards should have been there.

The guards have to stay low with the ball and find the holes in the defense while they are shifting and attack on an angle.  They will make the basket or get fouled, either one.  Great guards find a way to get inside no matter!  It's all about "toughness" especially in a hostile environment such as the Carrier Dome.  In the first half the Hoyas did not go to the foul line for the simple fact they did not penetrate, and they also had 9 turnovers which the Cuse took full advantage of by scoring in transition off of the Hoya turnovers.  Austin Freeman's (9-18  6 rebounds 23 pts.) was the leading scorer for the Hoyas and for the Orangemen, Wesley Johnson (5-9 9 rebounds 14 pts.) led the way.  Greg Monroe fouled out of the game.  I couldn't believe when their was a loose ball no one wanted to dive on the floor for the loose balls.  The energy faded.  I think some hard lessons were learned today on the road for the Hoyas.  The Hoyas are still growing in certain areas of the game, but need to play smarter and harder.  I tip my hat off to the Syracuse Orangemen tonight, you can't take anything away from them they played great basketball tonight and we didn't.


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