Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Senior Night was a blast for the Hoyas and Hoyanation

Glad to be in the background of this photo before game/senior night with a great Hoya Henry Sims

 This Time of Year Hoyas, Hoyanation!

Hoyanation and friends, once I got home I settled in and found it was hard for me to write this blog because of the emotions for me of seeing Jason and Henry play their last home game here in D.C. I managed to get a breakthrough to write this blog. I'm glad I got through it.

Wow, Senior Night for senior's Jason Clark and Henry Sims was very special to me. I knew this moment for them would come, but I didn't want it to. It's almost like your own kids leaving for college and getting out into the world and you'll hardly see them again. Was it an emotional time for me? Yes, but I also knew that there was a task at hand to be dealt with. Notre Dame Irish!

If anyone thought just because it was senior night for seniors Jason Clark and Henry Sims that it would be so emotional that it would affect the Hoyas play, well I'm here to say, it didn't. If anything, I would have to say I think it movtivated the Jason and Henry and team to the highest level of execution. We saw this on senior night in the Hoyas drubbing of nation's hottest basketball teams. Previously, the Irish were cooled off by a St. John's "relentless" team. This team maybe has six players, but are know to play "ironman" basketball in my eyes. So it didn't really suprise me the Red Storm had beaten the Irish.

No disrepect, but going into this game my saying was like the Lucky Charms commercial that used to come on TV. "Always after me Lucky Charms, they're magically delicious." (lol) The Hoyas did just that they went after the Irish aka Lucky Charms and took it. The Hoyas took the game from start to finish. Their DEFENSE was spectacular and a sight to see. You see the brotherhood, communication, determination and "sense of urgency."  These things were at very high level. "If we play defense the way we did the last couple of games," Sims said, "you've got to be happy with that."

After this game on senior night all the press gave the Hoyas a lot of "props" about their spectacular DEFENSE. Even Notre Dame Coach Mike Brey gave the Hoyas a shout out about their DEFENSE. "That may be the best defensive team we played against this season," Notre Dame coach Mike Brey said. Their length and their size and their quickness bothered us," Brey said about the Hoyas."

ESPN's Jay Bilas had this say about the Hoyas: "That's what was so impressive. You're used to Georgetown with their back door cuts and the Princeton offense (ahem ahem Georgetown Offense Jay lol) that they run making good passes, and looking good. They're TREMENDOUS on DEFENSE end. They're long, they're athletic, they're on the catch, they block shots, they rebound well. That was near as perfect game defensively as I've seen all year. And it's a team that's versatile defensively and when they switch they have multiple guys that guard multiple spots and that's hard to deal with."

I have to give a special shout out to Hoya forward/point/two guard Greg "Magic" Whittington for his effort and support of his two seniors. He sent them out with a bang scoring his career high of 15 points. Although he only had one rebound his coach had this to say about him. "Yeah, well, he forgot that we still need him to rebound. Because you look at this little stat sheet here: Whittington, one rebound. So he fell in love with his shooting today and forgot to do everything else."

Bilas on Twitter:

Georgetown's defense against Notre Dame: WOW!!
"We wanted to leave with a bang," he said. "We wanted to do our best on the court to help our team win." -Senior Jason Clark

One thing about it Coach Thompson III has his team focused on life through basketball and the tasks at hand. "Forget all that," Thompson replied when asked about the conference standings and tournament. "We have to prepare for our next game. And then after that, you have to prepare for the next game. And if you start thinking about double-byes, single-byes, seedings, this, that and the other, you forget to prepare for the next game."



Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hoyas tame the WILDcats in The Big Bounceback game 67-46

We've Got The Funk Hoyas1

Hoyanation and friends, this game was everything I expected it to be and more. After all it was the Gray Out game against the Villanova Wildcats. The Hoyas came out roaring, but toward the end of the first half the Cats made a run with Villanova point guard Maalik Wayns hitting a three pointer at the 3:34 mark to start a mini rampage. 

Hoya Otto Porter (aka OTP Other Teams Problem) put it all to a halt before the half with three point prayer and an answer with .54 seconds remaining in the first half. Thank God for OTP. (lol) "That was a big play," Wright said. "Because that was the end of the shot clock. We had had a good defensive possession, they didn't have anywhere to go, and we just gave him a little bit too much space there. That was a big shot."

The second half was all Hoyas. The Hoyas never trailed. The "defense" was spectacular. The communication/point communication was there. The "sense or urgency" was on display. The Hoyas played hard, played smart and had fun today folks. Always a joy to watch. They know what time of the year this is. 

From the start of the game, Hoya forward Otto Porter had gotten hurt but came back with fire in eyes and overcame a tough obstacle very early in the game. "Yeah, I was fired up," Porter said. "And so were my teammates. I think they kind of read my mind."
Added Clark: "When the game starts off like that we're a family. We have each other's back, so we're not going to let that happen to our teammate."

 The Hoyas outrebounded Villanova 37-21. Four Hoyas scored in double figures with both Jason Clark and Otto Porter combining for 30 points with 15 points a piece. Also, the Hoyas field goals were 24-52 shot @ 46.2%. From three point the Hoyas were only 3-13 @ 23.1%. By attacking the basket the biggest stat were free throws made 16-23 @ 69.6%. 

From one of the my blog readers on Twitter: Glidehoyas, you just got a good camera shot raising up the crowd behind Nova's bench.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Big Bounceback!


Hoyanation and friends, it's the GRAY OUT and The Big Bounceback! The Hoyas look to bounce back big on senior day. Senior's Jason Clark and Henry Sims are looking to go out in big fashion. The one thing about it it'll be a sort of sad day for me because these two Hoyas are special to me. Jason was born on my son's birthday January 16 and wear number 21.

My son Chavis wore number 12. Jason's mom and I are good friends. She's one of the sweetest women I've ever met and you sure can see her heart in Jason. Henry is like another son from another to me. I've always been in his corner through thick and thin and will always continue to be. It's just hurtful to see these Hoyas on senior day, but I'm very happy for them and their accomplishments here on the Hilltop. That's Devin (my other son from another) and myself behind the Hoyas bench. The early years of Jason and Henry on the Hilltop. (lol) They kept the faith.

We saw their development from the start. Folks had to realize these young men are college students first basketball players second here at Georgetown and they know this. They waited their turn and know Hoyanation and friends are seeing the results. Oh, what a great feeling of feeling like a proud father. I'm so proud of them and they way they've brought their teammates along. Words cannot explain! Thank you Jason Clark and Henry Sims!

As far as Villanova all I can say is two words WATCH OUT! I still haven't forgotten about 1985! 

A Georgetown Salute from Glidehoyas!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Seton Hall next up for the Hoyas

Glide Hoyas glide...

HOYANATION, are you ready? It's sink the Priate ship time! The Hoyas travel to New Jersey to play the Seton Hall Pirates. Seton Hall's last game resulted in a 62-57 loss to Cincinnati. Right now the Pirates projected to be in the NCAA Tournament field as of this writing according to ESPN’s Joe Lunardi, but it’s the Pirates who are really skating on thin ice. The Hall is one of the “last four in” and has a huge opportunity this week against Georgetown. I'm pretty sure the Hoyas are not going to let this happen Tuesday night.

On the other hand,the Hoyas have been playing solid basketball are ready to battle with Seton Hall. The Hoyas are coming a another "tough and solid" road win against Providence 63-53. Senior Jason Clark,Henry Sims and junior Hollis Thompson combined for 36 points.

Before the half ended the big talk from Coach John Thompson III was for his team to make their free throws. "We've got to make more," Thompson III said. "If we make our foul shots throughout the course of the game, not just at the end, then you're not as antsy coming down the stretch."

The Hoyas "defense" was tremendous and uplifting for Jabril Trawick coming off of the pine to shine with 12 points that was well needed in this low scoring affair with the Friars. "That is the best defensive team I've seen in a long, long time," Providence coach Ed Cooley said.

The Hoyas will keep this ship sailing to search and destroy the Pirate ship. I'm sure they'll be keying in on senior point guard and playmaker Jordan Theodore (15 pts. 6 assts.) and senior forward Herb Pope (15 pts.10 rbs.) These two play really good together know where each other is at all times on offense. Communication will be "key" for the Hoyas to break up this chemistry between these two Pirate players. "It will be done!" Hoya Saxa!



Sunday, February 19, 2012

On the road 2nd time around is a "charm" for the Hoyas

The Adventures of Rain Dog Maggie
Red Hot Chili Peppers

DEFENSE WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS! Even Providence Coach Ed Cooley can attest to this. "That is the best defensive team I've seen in a long, long time," Providence coach Ed Cooley said." The Hoyas knew going into the Dunkin Donuts Center would be a tough task but they stuck to one of their biggest strengths, defense. 

Although the game remained close at some points in the game the Hoyas continue to hit the shots when needed in big ways to win. Hoyas coach John Thompson and upper classmen giving Members of "The Fresh Five," high praise, and they continue to play at high levels when called on.

I have always said this time of the year great teams with great freshmen are freshmen anymore. They've grown up. Well, with this Hoyas mob I think grew up in August in China.

"Our guys did step up and hit big shots when we needed it," Thompson III said.
Trawick is one of four Georgetown freshmen who came off the bench to combine for 12 points and five rebounds.
"They don't even seem like freshmen anymore," Clark said. "They accept their roles."
And that's "refreshing" to Thompson III. 

While watching game, at the half Coach Thompson III was interview and strongly encouraged the Hoyas to make their free throws. He knows this is that time of the year when those free throws really matter. Free throws win championships. Free throws and defense that is. After the half, the Hoyas seem to get the message from their coach to start making their free throws shooting 60.9% 14-23. 

Most of those free throws were made at crucial moments in the game. "We've got to make more," Thompson III said. "If we make our foul shots throughout the course of the game, not just at the end, then you're not as antsy coming down the stretch."

The Hoyas are "family." Clearly this team has one goal in mind and they know it's going to take a team effort to win.
"They aren't thinking about minutes, points, shots. They're just thinking about how they can help," he said. "That has been a big boost to this team."

We Are Georgetown!
DC Is Our Playground!
Hoya Saxa!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Hoyas are on the road to play Providence the second time around


Ruff Em Off Hoyas

Beat Providence!

Well, Hoyanation and friends the "focus" is now on Providence (13-14  2-12 BE).  These two teams last met on December 31, 2012 with the Hoyas winning 49-40. Hoyas won the last meeting at home 49-40 Don't let the conference record of 2-12 fool you. One thing we won't have to worry about is the Hoyas focus and determination. Providence's season is not over. This is a road game for the Hoyas, so as we all know to well how the story goes in the Big East.

Every game is a big game in our conference no matter what the teams records are. Going into the home stretch and getting ready for March is the exciting part of the college basketball season. Around this time, everyone is getting excited for March, and that’s part of the game,” forward Hollis Thompson said. “But at the same time, if you want to be in a good position when it comes to those tournaments, you need to win now. So everybody is still locked in and focused on the games we have at hand.”

What's most noticeable is the Hoyas (19-5  9-4 BE) "unselfishness" and the ability to be on the "same page" as their coach. "I definitely see that this year," senior center Henry Sims said, "especially since we have a lot of guys that buy into his philosophies of playing hard and preaching defense first. We all feel the same way. Since I've been here, this has been one of the times that he's been convinced that everybody is really ready to step in and really ready to play."

Sophomore Forward Nate Lubick spoke on the Hoyas unselfishness this season. "I think one thing that's different about this team," Lubick said, "and not to criticize last year's team, is that when people break off of the offense this year, it's to get somebody else a shot, rather than last year, if someone was breaking out of our offensive sets, it was kind of to get their own shot. As a coach, that's all you can ask for. I think you can just see that he's having more fun."

Providence's two conference win's have come from Louisville and Rutgers. Providence is 10-3 at home in the Dunkin Donuts Center this season, so the Hoyas will stay focused at the task at hand.

With so many people talking about Big East and March Madness tourney Coach Thompson III would like to keep his focus on the Friars. "It's hard in athletics during the course of a season to step back and say, 'Ah, this is great,' or, 'Ah, this is hell,' " Thompson said. "You have to stay focused on what's in front of you.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Through a loss Hoyas show the world they are "one" of the best teams in the country

We Are Georgetown!

And The Beat Goes On Hoyas!

The first half of this game was good for the Hoyas. The Hoyas continue to play unselfish, confident, determined basketball. It doesn't matter what team they play they're going for it. The Hoyas outrebounded the Orangemen 24-10 in the first half. Otto Porter with nine rebounds. This young man looks like a man possessed out there. Hoya teammates contributing to the cause. Coach Thompson has thrown multiple players at Syracuse and has been successful in doing so. From a tip or steal all the Hoyas played a part. 

It's such a beautiful sight to see the "determnation" and "sense of urgency" among the Hoyas. It's really amazing to see this. Coming out of the half Syracuse made an 8-0 run, but the Hoyas stayed poise and over come this dramatic series of baskets and crowd euphoria. The Hoyas maintained throughout the second half and came up short on a three point shot by Cuse vet Chris Joseph (Carroll High School).
"Kris bailed us out," said Boeheim. "Nobody else looked really comfortable shooting the ball. We really struggled offensively. We just didn't attack their zone. We couldn't really make much. We haven't seen a lot of zone, but that's not a good excuse. We play it every day in practice."

The Hoyas have so much to take away from this game. I think they know this, so it will continue to show in the very near future. There was great contribution from the team as a whole. Everyone that played - scored.

The Hoyas have nothing to hang their heads. They fought hard against the number two team in the land. I don't want to use the word young, but these Hoyas gave it all they had and played well as a team, and proved/showed to the world they are one of the best teams in the land. Check out what Syracuse Coach Boheim had to say about his team. I could tell you he was not a happy camper after the Cuse win.

With Syracuse’s 64-61 victory on Wednesday night, Jim Boeheim earned his 880th win. Being third on the career wins list didn’t put Boeheim in a good mood. “I’m upset over this game right now, and I’ll address all that stuff when I retire,” Boeheim said. “I don’t think about those goals. I just want to play this season.”

"Do not dwell on your losses, but concentrate upon the part of your performance that limited your excellence." -Muggsy Bogues

Mr. Tyrone Muggsy Bogues, thank you so much sir!



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Syracuse, the Hoyas are coming through


We Not Slowing, Gotta Just Keep On Rolling Hoyas

"Nothing scares me about their team," Jardine said. We just have to come in a play Syracuse basketball, if we do that it'll be a great game, and I think we should get a win? Oh, okay, Scoop said, "should" not "will" get a win. Well well, something else to motivate our might Hoyas in tonight's matchup on the road in Syracuse. This game will become a battle of will of which team style of play will fair. Syracuse likes to get up and down the court in transition. This is what their best at. The Georgetown offense is a patient and thought oriented system. It definitely requires the opposing team to slow down and think on defense something that "some" teams are not used to.

Notre Dame and Cincinnati slowed the pace down against Syracuse with the Irish winning taking the shot clock down to under 10 seconds for nearly each possession and Cincinnati keeping the game close but loss to the Orangemen by seven points. What Syracuse knows is the Hoyas runs a methodical Princeton system similiar to Notre Dame's offense. "We moved the basketball," Boheim said. We just got really good shots down the court, and that was the best part for me of watching the second half, how "EASY?" (hopefully the Hoyas will make it "tough" for Cuse) we got the ball down and found people and found good shots."

So what does Coach Thompson III tell his team about the game tonight?

"We tell them we're going to face probably the best team in the country right now, a team that's multilayered in terms of their depth at every position," said Thompson, who guided the Hoyas to a 64-56 victory over Syracuse here a year ago, his first win in the Carrier Dome in six tries.
Coach Thompson's take on taking care of the ball on offense: "Being good on offense and not turning the ball over is a key to your defense against Syracuse," said Thompson, who is less concerned about how his players handle the atmosphere. The Hoyas have key wins this season at Alabama, Louisville, and, as Thompson pointed out, "Bayi Rockets," in China.

Glide's game plan:
Slow the Orangemen down, make them think...
Keep shifting the ball from side to side as this will get the defense to shift...
Guards keep your dribble low so you can see the holes in the defense this should be easy because the defense will have their hands above their waste or up high...
ATTACK the basket for floater or two points/and one or kick the ball back out...
Communicate/Point communicate...
Play tough, take the contact and finish...
Fight, fight, fight until it's over and "WIN"...

30,000 Cuse fans. So what! As I'm concerned the Hoyas don't hear a thing only from my teammates and the coaching staff.



"It was a big deal," Hoyas senior center Henry Sims said. "We were all proud of that. We wanted to get that win for him because he loves to win away games. They mean a lot more to him, I feel, than the home games do."

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hoyas "bull" the Bulls

USF vs. Georgetown

We Are Family

I had an great time watching the mighty Hoyas play and win in dominant fashion yesterday at the Verizon Center. Upon arrival of an unusual time game, I was amazed to see so many Hoyanation fans outside of the arena. Once inside the arena you can feel lots of energy thoughout. The Hoyas didn't miss a beat from the UConn game. Again, I hear folks talking about a trap, but they should know by now the Hoyas are on a mission so they're focused. 

The Hoyas continued to play hard throughout the game and never let up. Amazing to the comraderie on the court and even the smile something Hoyanation has notice and are talking about. Something we haven't seen in some time.As a coach its great to how the Hoyas share the ball. They're a throw back from 30's & 40's believe or not. They're so fundamental. When the Georgetown offense is ran by those Hoyas it's a beatuiful sight to see.

 We all know how tough the Big East conference is. Any day or night you could fall to any team in the Big East no matter what their record is, and most of the time it's very hard to get everyone in the game better yet all of  your players in, but Hoyas' players were able to play. This is something we haven't since earlier during the season. 

The Hoyas continue to play with a "sense of urgency." There was a great contribution from the whole team. I definitely thank the Hoyas coach staff for the hard work and preparation of our Hoya dream team. The defensive effort has been stellar which led to later baskets. "We felt we were getting stops, and we knew that the shots would start going in," Thompson said. "As long as we get stops and rebounds, we'll be able to score enough points."


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hoyas dominate in convincing win over the defending champs 58-44

Mikael Hopkins with his scoopty loopty hoopty shot for two points

We Must Stand Together

I look at both teams in warm ups before the game. The Hoyas were loose, energized and focused, but on the other hand UConn wasn't. This was another stellar performance at home for the Georgetown Hoyas. My goodness, what a game. The Hoyas came out in attack mode, and this opened up things up for the shooters. The Hoyas dominated the University of Connecticut Huskies last night to give them their fourth Big East conference loss in a row.

I would like to thank Coach Calhoun for the changes in his line up. Before the game, I told a few friends that the Hoyas would win simply because of this especially at the point guard position. I also a friend, Mr. Bozzo before the game in the lobby I got this funny feeling the Hoyas would win and they did. Boatright for Napier. Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm/chemistry whichever way you say it was gone down the drain.

To me this messed UConn's rhythm up and created some attitude problems among their players from what I was seeing. During warmups the Huskies did not look energized, the Hoyas did. The Hoyas were able to take full advantage of this in their defeat of the defending Big East conference and national champions. "We did respond really well," said Jason Clark, who scored 11 points for the Hoyas. "We know what we did wrong in the game to lose at Pitt. We didn't want the same thing to happen."
With the scored tied at 15 a piece junior forward Hollis Thompson nailed a three pointer at the 8:37 mark. Score 18-15 Hoyas. The two teams were going back and forth but neither scoring for almost four minutes until Tyler Orlander made a layup assisted by temmate Andre Drummond. Score 18-17 Hoyas.

Another lull set in for both teams after Huskie Tyler Orlander's made layup. For 4:10 seconds the Hoyas didn't make a basket. Hollis Thompson finally made a layup to put his team up 20-17 with 4:20 second to go until halftime. Thompson went on a tear from the 8:37 mark to the 3:50 minute where he made another three pointer from an assist from teammate Mikael Hopkins. Score 23-17 Hoyas.

Henry Sims was next to go on a tear before the half scoring six points in 1:29 seconds. With 2:11 seconds to go in the half Sims made a jumper. Score 27-19 Hoyas. I thought this was amazing for Henry. Through the bad calls, I thought Henry did a great job of keeping his head while he was out of the game. When I saw him going to the bench I was like, "he looks mad." I thought this was a positive sign for the big fella.  

1:28 to go until the half Huskie Jeremy Lamb made two free throws. Score 27-21 Hoyas. At 1:17 Henry Sims make another layup. Score 29-21 Hoyas. Hollis Thompson stepped up to the plate again and scored a two point layup with 0:26 to go until the half. Score 31-21. This was score going into halftime.

The second half started with a lull until 17:22 to go once again, Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson came through with the delivery, another three pointer from an assist from senior leader Jason Clark. Score 34-21. Thompson made the next 3 points by 15:38. Score 37-25 Hoyas. Eight points is the closet the Huskies got to the Hoyas in the second half and the Hoyas went onto to defeat the Connecticut Huskies in "dominate fashion."  The Hoyas defense was spectacular!

At times Coach Thompson III had four freshmen on the court along with one sophomore. This was great and I like the fact they all had their hands and arms up swaying back and forth, up and down. This rubbed off on the whole team as each teammate began to do this especially Henry Sims. Having his arms up and swaying the Hoyas got lots of tips just by simply doing this. Hoyanation, this was a sight to see. It surely reminded me of the past Hoya teams. Hands up!

The hustle, communication and smarts to dive for loose balls proved to be a factor and key posssession by Nate Lubick. Shout out to Jabril Trawick, Mikael Hopkins, Otto Porter, Greg Whittington and the rest doing their best. I like the way Markel Starks keeps trying, and he's still his position as the point guard.

This is a tough task to learn and he's fighting through it. His job description is lengthy. It's really more of a mental thing. Markel will be fine. Jason Clark's leadership is "phenomenal." Once again, a big shout out to the Hoyas coaching for believing in those young fellas and getting them to understand life through basketball. I'm so glad we have great people up there on the Hilltop because the Hoyas will rock and sock you until you drop. They are scrappy, tough, smart and determined and have something to prove. Just remember, the Hoyas have not forgotten.

Can't forget about Jason Clark's blazing speed past the whole UConn for the slam dunk. I was in awe of that dunk, and Henry Sim's dunk, wow, "one" of the best dunks in Hoyas history.