Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hoyas "bull" the Bulls

USF vs. Georgetown

We Are Family

I had an great time watching the mighty Hoyas play and win in dominant fashion yesterday at the Verizon Center. Upon arrival of an unusual time game, I was amazed to see so many Hoyanation fans outside of the arena. Once inside the arena you can feel lots of energy thoughout. The Hoyas didn't miss a beat from the UConn game. Again, I hear folks talking about a trap, but they should know by now the Hoyas are on a mission so they're focused. 

The Hoyas continued to play hard throughout the game and never let up. Amazing to the comraderie on the court and even the smile something Hoyanation has notice and are talking about. Something we haven't seen in some time.As a coach its great to how the Hoyas share the ball. They're a throw back from 30's & 40's believe or not. They're so fundamental. When the Georgetown offense is ran by those Hoyas it's a beatuiful sight to see.

 We all know how tough the Big East conference is. Any day or night you could fall to any team in the Big East no matter what their record is, and most of the time it's very hard to get everyone in the game better yet all of  your players in, but Hoyas' players were able to play. This is something we haven't since earlier during the season. 

The Hoyas continue to play with a "sense of urgency." There was a great contribution from the whole team. I definitely thank the Hoyas coach staff for the hard work and preparation of our Hoya dream team. The defensive effort has been stellar which led to later baskets. "We felt we were getting stops, and we knew that the shots would start going in," Thompson said. "As long as we get stops and rebounds, we'll be able to score enough points."


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