Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Big Bounceback!


Hoyanation and friends, it's the GRAY OUT and The Big Bounceback! The Hoyas look to bounce back big on senior day. Senior's Jason Clark and Henry Sims are looking to go out in big fashion. The one thing about it it'll be a sort of sad day for me because these two Hoyas are special to me. Jason was born on my son's birthday January 16 and wear number 21.

My son Chavis wore number 12. Jason's mom and I are good friends. She's one of the sweetest women I've ever met and you sure can see her heart in Jason. Henry is like another son from another to me. I've always been in his corner through thick and thin and will always continue to be. It's just hurtful to see these Hoyas on senior day, but I'm very happy for them and their accomplishments here on the Hilltop. That's Devin (my other son from another) and myself behind the Hoyas bench. The early years of Jason and Henry on the Hilltop. (lol) They kept the faith.

We saw their development from the start. Folks had to realize these young men are college students first basketball players second here at Georgetown and they know this. They waited their turn and know Hoyanation and friends are seeing the results. Oh, what a great feeling of feeling like a proud father. I'm so proud of them and they way they've brought their teammates along. Words cannot explain! Thank you Jason Clark and Henry Sims!

As far as Villanova all I can say is two words WATCH OUT! I still haven't forgotten about 1985! 

A Georgetown Salute from Glidehoyas!



  1. Great post!! I know exactly what you mean. It's tough to see two seniors graduate. We've got them for the rest of this season but they have put in so much hard work building up the team and work with their teammates to be the very best. Their discipline and courage will pay off for them! All the best Jason and Henry!

  2. Wassup Glide, this is CYoung662 from the other site, great blog brah,