Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hoyas dominate in convincing win over the defending champs 58-44

Mikael Hopkins with his scoopty loopty hoopty shot for two points

We Must Stand Together

I look at both teams in warm ups before the game. The Hoyas were loose, energized and focused, but on the other hand UConn wasn't. This was another stellar performance at home for the Georgetown Hoyas. My goodness, what a game. The Hoyas came out in attack mode, and this opened up things up for the shooters. The Hoyas dominated the University of Connecticut Huskies last night to give them their fourth Big East conference loss in a row.

I would like to thank Coach Calhoun for the changes in his line up. Before the game, I told a few friends that the Hoyas would win simply because of this especially at the point guard position. I also a friend, Mr. Bozzo before the game in the lobby I got this funny feeling the Hoyas would win and they did. Boatright for Napier. Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm/chemistry whichever way you say it was gone down the drain.

To me this messed UConn's rhythm up and created some attitude problems among their players from what I was seeing. During warmups the Huskies did not look energized, the Hoyas did. The Hoyas were able to take full advantage of this in their defeat of the defending Big East conference and national champions. "We did respond really well," said Jason Clark, who scored 11 points for the Hoyas. "We know what we did wrong in the game to lose at Pitt. We didn't want the same thing to happen."
With the scored tied at 15 a piece junior forward Hollis Thompson nailed a three pointer at the 8:37 mark. Score 18-15 Hoyas. The two teams were going back and forth but neither scoring for almost four minutes until Tyler Orlander made a layup assisted by temmate Andre Drummond. Score 18-17 Hoyas.

Another lull set in for both teams after Huskie Tyler Orlander's made layup. For 4:10 seconds the Hoyas didn't make a basket. Hollis Thompson finally made a layup to put his team up 20-17 with 4:20 second to go until halftime. Thompson went on a tear from the 8:37 mark to the 3:50 minute where he made another three pointer from an assist from teammate Mikael Hopkins. Score 23-17 Hoyas.

Henry Sims was next to go on a tear before the half scoring six points in 1:29 seconds. With 2:11 seconds to go in the half Sims made a jumper. Score 27-19 Hoyas. I thought this was amazing for Henry. Through the bad calls, I thought Henry did a great job of keeping his head while he was out of the game. When I saw him going to the bench I was like, "he looks mad." I thought this was a positive sign for the big fella.  

1:28 to go until the half Huskie Jeremy Lamb made two free throws. Score 27-21 Hoyas. At 1:17 Henry Sims make another layup. Score 29-21 Hoyas. Hollis Thompson stepped up to the plate again and scored a two point layup with 0:26 to go until the half. Score 31-21. This was score going into halftime.

The second half started with a lull until 17:22 to go once again, Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson came through with the delivery, another three pointer from an assist from senior leader Jason Clark. Score 34-21. Thompson made the next 3 points by 15:38. Score 37-25 Hoyas. Eight points is the closet the Huskies got to the Hoyas in the second half and the Hoyas went onto to defeat the Connecticut Huskies in "dominate fashion."  The Hoyas defense was spectacular!

At times Coach Thompson III had four freshmen on the court along with one sophomore. This was great and I like the fact they all had their hands and arms up swaying back and forth, up and down. This rubbed off on the whole team as each teammate began to do this especially Henry Sims. Having his arms up and swaying the Hoyas got lots of tips just by simply doing this. Hoyanation, this was a sight to see. It surely reminded me of the past Hoya teams. Hands up!

The hustle, communication and smarts to dive for loose balls proved to be a factor and key posssession by Nate Lubick. Shout out to Jabril Trawick, Mikael Hopkins, Otto Porter, Greg Whittington and the rest doing their best. I like the way Markel Starks keeps trying, and he's still his position as the point guard.

This is a tough task to learn and he's fighting through it. His job description is lengthy. It's really more of a mental thing. Markel will be fine. Jason Clark's leadership is "phenomenal." Once again, a big shout out to the Hoyas coaching for believing in those young fellas and getting them to understand life through basketball. I'm so glad we have great people up there on the Hilltop because the Hoyas will rock and sock you until you drop. They are scrappy, tough, smart and determined and have something to prove. Just remember, the Hoyas have not forgotten.

Can't forget about Jason Clark's blazing speed past the whole UConn for the slam dunk. I was in awe of that dunk, and Henry Sim's dunk, wow, "one" of the best dunks in Hoyas history.


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