Saturday, January 28, 2012

Life on the road

Let's Dig In Now Hoyas! Let's Goooooo!

Hoyanation this is one of those tough conference road losses where we have to move on. The Hoyas got behind very early and never took a lead in the first half. At one time with 2:49 to go in the first half the score was 31-14 in favor of the Panthers. By the end of the first half the Hoyas had dug themselves out of a hole they dug themselves into earlier in the half to pull within striking distance of ten points with the score 33-23 Panthers.

The second half was better for the Hoyas. They had more swag in their play and attitude. The Hoyas are as fighters on the basketball court they never give up. After  Pitt's Nasar Robinson made a basket to start the second half put the score 35-22 Panthers 19:45. Henry Sims made a two point jump shot and Markel Starks hit a three pointer to make the score 35-27 with 18:55 in the game. 

At 17:25 in the second half Henry Sims made a jumper from an assist by teammate Markel Starks to pull within six points of the Panthers 37-31. After a timeout called by the Panthers, Pitt guard Ashton Gibbs knocks a jumper from a Tray Woodall assist. Everytime the Hoyas pull within the Panthers pulled away. The closet the Hoyas got to the Panthers was within six points tonight. As we know life on the road ain't easy in the Big Easty! The Hoyas had a three game winning streak so they are fine. They will fix whatever it is they need to. Pack up and move on still have lots of games to play. Head up, chin up! Let's Roll! We got UConn next!

Hoyas have to go back and work on some things. "Both of those areas (rebounding and defense), we were awful," Georgetown coach John Thompson III said. "They got everything they wanted and when they didn't they got the rebound, and that's the difference."

Just a thought on point guard play I love to mention on point guard play. Point guards use speed on a "consistent" basis. Stay ready in triple threat position ready to attack at all times, Knowing when to push the rock and when to pull back run the play and attack if Control the tempo of the game. Good decisions by the score and time of the game. Opponent's in foul trouble. This is a great time to keep attacking and going to the line knocking down freebies.You basically have half of the game won on the line alone and some of their players are in foul trouble for the half and maybe later during the second half of the game. Just a coaching thought.

Let's Go fellas!


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