Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hoyas battle to the end again and come up with a "thrilling" 52-50 win over Rutgers

Hoyanation Don't Stop Unitl You Get Enough!

All I can say is what a game. Very thrilling I must say. The Hoyas found a way to pull the game out and ended up with 52-50 win. Offensively for the entire game the Hoyas shot 12-41 29%, 21% 3-14 3ptrs. The stat that stood out to me was free throws 25-36 69%. At the half free throws were also the "highlight" on the stat sheet. Hoyas played some good inside/out basketball. I like how Jabril Trawick was feeding the ball into the post to Sims. He such a smart player as his teammaters are also. Greg Whittington's three pointer in the corner was classic. When I looked up at the scoreboard and saw the Hoyas still had 3 timeouts left with .21 seconds to go I knew they would find a way win. Definitely have to give the Hoyas coaching staff a shout out for those great decisions to get the win. Salute!

I had to chance to dap it up with Rutgers and former Hoyas assistant David Cox before the game. Definitely great seeing coaches Cox and Thompson shake hands before the game. I could see the emotion in his eyes as he left the genuine handshake from Coach Thompson before the game introductions,  it was homecoming for him.

The Hoyas keep playing in these tough games and winning them only makes them tougher and experienced for what's to come. The Scarlet Knights and the Hoyas battled to the end. The game was fun for me. I saw (Jerseyhoya from Twitter) in the lobby of the phone at halftime and they asked me who was going to win, and I told him the Hoyas would win, but I also said the Hoyas had to play smarter and tougher. They did!

I don't really like to say freshman especially this time of the season, so I'll just say Otto Porter play a big role in the Hoyas win against Rutgers. Porter scored the final six points, including two free throws with 8.5 seconds left. "He is composed," Thompson III said. "Otto doesn't get rattled. He just plays the game." The Hoyas made the stops they need to make in the closing minutes of the game the intensity and defense picked up."Our defense won the game for us," Thompson said.

Henry Sims 12 pts. 10 rebs. 2 assist 1 stl. 3 blocks to lead the way for the Hoyas.


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