Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Marquette rolls into the "phone booth" Wednesday night


(12-2  1-0 BE)


(12-1  2-0 BE)

Mighty Mighty Hoyas!
The Legendary Earth, Wind & Fire

Third game of the Big East conference. Loving every second of it. Hoyanation. So many of the little things that add up to the big picture being done by the Hoyas. From rebounding, diving for loose balls, communicating, point communication, overcoming adversity you name it they've been doing a "steady" job of it.. 

With the Hoyas hitting single digits in the polls and everyone talking, they remain focused and determined as ever and not worried about rankings. As Coach Thompson III said earlier in the season, "the rankings are "a popularity contest," something the Hoyas are simply not concerned with. Winning is all that matters at this point. "It's important to just keep getting wins, no matter what," senior guard Jason Clark said after the game, echoing his coach.

The Hoyas are coming off of a "gritty" 49-40 win over the Providence Friars on New Year's Eve.  Senior G Jason Clark (16 pts.8 rebs.) lead the Hoyas in scoring. Freshman sensation F Otto Porter (6 pts. 12 rebs.) had a "glaring outting on the boards in this game."  “Rebounding is always very important,” said Porter, who is averaging a team-best 6.6 rebounds per game. “When we rebound good, I think we’re going to be a pretty decent team.” 

Coach Thompson had this say about the Providence game, "This was just an ugly game," Thompson said. "We went for a long period when we weren't scoring, so you just have to figure out how to get stops, you have to figure out how to get rebounds." 

“At some points in the game they were playing hard than us,” Clark said. They were getting 50-50 balls and they just played harder than us.” But, the senior captain added, “we stayed together.”

Meanwhile, the Marquette Golden Eagles are coming off a 81-77 win at home over Villanova after a blowout loss to Vanderbilt. Senior Golden Eagle G Darius (24 pts.) lead his team in scoring for this game. "Everybody was down on themselves after the loss, just trying to figure out ways for us to get better," Johnson-Odom said. "And that's what we did the next day. We did a lot of drills, a lot of five-on-five drills and a lot of competing.
"We just have to get back to playing hard, and I think we did that today."

"They're a good team, a real good team," Wright said, calling Johnson-Odom "a hell of a player."
"They do a great job of finding him in transition and he does a great job being patient and waiting for the ball to get to him in the offense," Wright said. "I thought we did a better job (on him) in the second half. But that first half run he had -- that was a killer." Marquette has only one win against a ranked opponent, the Wisconsin Badgers, who were ranked seven when the two teams met on December 3. 


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