Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pirates sunk by the good guys

Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage

Hey hey hey the old blue and gray what can you say. A big 74-52 win for the Hoyas. I knew once I entered the arena that my team would win, and I silently predicted a blowout. It happened on a night where all the Hoyas were able to get in the game. At this time of the season to be able to get all your players into the game is very special, and this says a lot about this team. Although they had a couple bad losses they Hoyas managed to pick up the pieces and move on. They're great team when clicking on all cylinders, and I think this will continue. As a matter of fact I know the Hoyas will continue to "click."

The Hoyas came out swinging and again never looked back. The defense was spectacular, and the communication was key.  "We did everything right in the beginning of the game," Nate Lubick said. There was a lull towards the end of the first half (7:56) as Seton Hall's Brian Oliver knocked down a three pointer to make the score 20-13. I was hoping the Hoyas would not blow a thirteen point lead going into the half. Once again, under eight minutes to go until the half, junior point guard Markel Starks (16 pts. 2 assts., 1 stl, 1 reb.) came through in the clutch to put the Hoyas back up by ten 23-13. It was to see the Hoyas reserves total 24 points last night. Super sophomore Otto Porter lead the way in scoring (20 pts. 3 rebs., 3 asst., 4 stls.)

Something I've been waiting for all season long was to see junior guard walk on 
Joe Caprio get into the mix. He did and he expected to play. "No I definitely wasn’t expecting it," Caprio said. "Coach is always telling me to be ready to contribute, so that’s what I tried to do today. I hope I did pretty well.”

As far as playing time, Coach Thompson III acknowledged something he should've been doing  with Caprio. "I probably should have been playing Cap more," said Thompson who has expanded his playing rotation in recent games. Caprio attend Seton Hall Prep in New Jersey. I guess you could say it was a sweet payback from last season's loss to the Pirates. “A bunch of my family members were ragging on me last year, so yeah it was good to beat them."

The Hoyas press continues to be a "pressure cooker" forcing the Pirates to turn the ball over 25 times. "That just happened," Georgetown head coach John Thompson III said of being able to turn the Pirates over 25 times. "I wanted to stay in our press probably a little longer than we had in our last couple of games. But I can't sit here and say that I looked at the tape and said, 'Oh, we're going to turn them over like that.' But our guys did a good job of making that happen."

Seton Hall coach Kevin Willard wasn't too fond of the 25 turnovers his team committed against the Hoyas. "Just to get back to doing what we were doing when we were playing decently," Willard said. "Again, it's tough to defend 25 turnovers — it's deflating. But just erase this game. Kind of keep trying to build a little bit."

Caprio ended up with (4 pts., 6 rebs., 2 asst., 1 stl.) in 12 minutes. Nice Joe Cool! The crowd went into a frenzy when Cap scored. Wow! My highlight of the game is when junior center reserve Moses Ayegba caught one off a rebound and "smashed it." I'd been telling Moses for most of the time he was in the game, "Big Mo, I need a dunk." He did, I went ballistic, I received a text from a friend saying they saw me on TV going crazy when Big Mo slammed it home. Definitely have to give freshman guard David Allen a shout out in knocking down a deep three pointer. I could say that was rather gutsy after Allen had just came down and had his shot blocked, but after that block his confidence never drifted.

Free throws still continue to be impressive for the Hoyas (56.3%) 18-32. This stat has been very steady. Very key! Free throws win championships!  Great job Hoyas! On to the next one! Beat St. John's on Saturday.



Monday, January 28, 2013

Encore of the "secret weapon"

Aaron Bowen "Encore"

I always called this Hoya our "secret weapon" ever since he's been here at Georgetown.  Why? I don't know, it's just my observance of some things. I can one thing he's becoming more of a "weapon." He's probably on opponent's scouting reports. haha He is becoming a problem. I've always said how athletic and such a high riser he is. 

In his his freshman year he arrived on Georgetown University (Hilltop) campus in the summer of 2010 and had his first chance to make an impression in the in the Nike Kenner Summer League. The Kenner League is a college basketball league played on the campus of Georgetown University inside legendary McDonough Gymnasium. The Hoya faithful were waiting for this young man as well debut as well. He did not disappoint. 

During his first season with the Hoyas he only played seven games his freshman season due to a shoulder injury. This season when called on he's made the most out of the minutes he's played. Bowen has showed how fierce, smart, determined, and hungry he is. I love seeing how the Georgetown players  grow from boys to men. (No Boyz to Men song haha).

Aaron is a veteran, he knows the offense. He cuts to the basket well, so his teammates have to know to get him the ball in a hurry. His passes are perfect and on time. This young man is fundamental sound and ready for more, more, moreeeee! High school reel down below...

Before the red-shirted sophomore Aaron "Air Time" Bowen arrived I had done some research on him and was very impressed and amazed of how the Hoyas coaching staff always find such good players that are "not" always all-americans. I mean don't get me wrong there's nothing like having a marquee player, but when you have a brighter focus on the school's mission especially in the best interest of the student-athlete I feel that's "major" and very "beneficial" for them and the school. I love seeing the development of these players over the years.

Once I had the opportunity to speak with this young man, I found out he was just as genuine a person as one could be, but on the court he was a beast. Other than basketball the thing we had in common is he was from Jacksonville, Florida, and I was stationed there on Naval Air Station Cecil Field. 

He's so acrobatic!!! Aaron "Air, Hang Time" Bowen.  I had to put the word "hang time" in there. 

I Believe I Can Fly

Together, We Are Georgetown


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Coaches vs. Cancer Salute!

We Got The Funk Hoyas Old School Style baby!!! 

A salute to the Coaches vs. Cancer game on ESPN in the nation's capital. An amazging day! What Rocks! The Georgetown Hoyas rocked the house today or shall I the "phone booth" in beating the Louisville Cardinals in a thriller in D.C. 53-51. The game was indeed hyped and very hype. The Hoyas come in the their home white uni's, I thought that was boss! During warmups I could see in it in their eyes, the  confidence, looseness, and jovialness, amongst teammates.

There definitely was something special in the air today inside the Verizon Center  The Hoyas crowd was amazing, cheerleaders, band, student section and the main attraction, and finally the long awaited debut of JJ!!! Salute! JJ busted all of his red and black colored (Louisville) balloons. Give JJ some love Hoyanation!!! Raise up!!! Like to give "The Stonewalls" a big shout out waving the ole blue and gray all game long. Oh, what a sight to see in the "phone booth." 

Super sophomore and junior point guard Otto Porter and  Markel Starks combined for 34 pts. Starks killer crossover stepback jump shot was key and crazy!!! The crowd went into a frenzy. Oh my. It's so great to see our players grow as the season does. Otto also had 12 rebs., 1 assist, 1 steal and 1 block. The Hoyas only shot 19-49 @ 38.8% for the game. 5-17 3's @ 29.4%.

Free throws have been key for the Hoyas this season at high percentages even through the low scoring especially this game 10-12 @83.3%. I love the way this team stepped up today. They wouldn't give into the Cardinals pressure or runs. Turnovers 18 Hoyas, Louisville 10. Redshirt sophomore Aaron Bowen, once again was in hangtime glide mode. That move at 3:36 was crucial! No Cardinal flying but there was a Hoyas doing it haha. The Hoyas outrebounded the Cardinals 32-28. Nice! Keep up the good work fellas! 

Both teams wanted it. The Hoyas came roaring with a sense of urgency. I knew it would be a special day for Hoyanation. Part of my amazing day was having my son's two friend's at the game with me today. To have them experience what I experience watching the Hoyas in action is unmeasured. So glad they could make it. Thanks Brittany and Shandy that was funnnnn haha. 

Me, Brittany and Shandy

We're cheering our Hoyas onto to victory and there's Ricky and I haha

David Gregory from MTP in the house and I'm clapping it up ole me and Dave were over there high fiving it up! 


Hoyas student section ROCKED IT!

JJ's long awaited debut

Hoyas point guard Markel Starks vs. Louisville's Russell Smith breaking their press

Glidehoyas in action, I didn't mean cheer my Hoyas on so loudly, lady in front of me was Rick Pitino's wife and their son in front of her bad ...

One of my highlights being at the game was the U.S. Air Force Color Guard's performance in the Verizon aka "phone booth" AMAZING! Go USA! 

The Hoyas would not be denied!!!  Hoyasaxa! Together, We Are Georgetown! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Historic day and good Hoya win on Martin Luther King Day!

Hoyas Back in Stride Again

A very historic Martin Luther King Day and the second swearing in of our 44th President Barack Obam here in the nation's capital. It's wasn't a bad thing to also have my favorite college hoops team the Hoyas play and have a big 63-47 win on the road. A "thorough beating" the South Bend Tribune, described in the their newspaper sports headlines. After a loss on the road to South Florida the Hoyas seem to regain their swag against the Irish. They managed to take the lead the early and really never look back. Although the the Irish wouldn't give up easily in the first half the Hoyas stay poised. 

Even with the Irish making two runs in the second half they stay  poised. Super sophomore Otto Porter was in All-American mode tonight scoring 19 pts. 9 rebs., 2 stls., & 2 blks. His first half was spectacular. The other player that stepped up tonight the for the ole blue and gray was freshman D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera 14 pts., 2 rebs., 1 assist. A valiant effort on behalf of the freshman. Good job D'Vauntes!!!! Good to hear the announcer say, "he's growing up right before our eyes" of the freshman. Good job from junior forward Nate Lubick 4-4 8 points, and sophomore guard Jabril Trawick 3-6, 7 pts. Great defense tonight Hoyas! 

The Hoyas seem to mature overnight from their last loss keeping the lead for the whole game. “This group needs to understand that they have to be good every night,” Thompson said in a telephone interview. “It can’t be good one night and not the next, particularly when you’re a man down.” 

They did! 

“We have to bounce back from it,” Thompson said of the South Florida loss. “Life in the Big East going to be even more up and down. Hopefully, we learn. We won’t make the same mistakes again.”

They did and they didn't! Good job Hoyas! The closest the Irish had ever gotten was at  12:02 of the second half. The freshman Rivera made a big three at 11:45 of the second half to put the Hoyas up 43-37. Afterwards, it was all she wrote the Hoyas went on a sprint. They stay poised throughout the remainder of the game. The Hoyas shot 24-45 @53.4%, 7-15 3's @46.7%,  8-12 ft's 66.7%. The Hoyas outrebounded the Irish 34-22, assist were Hoyas 19, Irish 11. 

Junior Markel Starks was everywhere on defense tonight Hoyanation. 100 proof! See below!

And there you have it Mr. Starks, the leader! 


Big Monday

Seeing how the season went for my favorite NFL team the Baltimore Ravens is what I'm sort of seeing of my team the Hoyas. This season I knew my two team's would be not good, but great. This article on Five Things We Learned from the AFC Chip hit home for me. Check out number one. "Despite seemingly long odds, they never took their eyes off where they wanted to go, they never stopped battling for each other, they never stopped churning their legs.

I said in this space then that something special was happening with this team. That looked foolish for a few weeks, when the Ravens lost four games in December, but it now seems more prescient than ever.
These Ravens are a special group of special players with a special bond, and it didn't take another miracle for them to get where they are today (though that bomb to Jacoby Jones last weekend may beg to differ). They flat-out earned it. 

The above statement I read written by Baltimore Sun reporter/blogger Matt Vensel. Going into tonight's game I'm hoping the Hoyas will come out attacking, playing with lots of energy. It's okay go play a zone but we must remember we have a very quick, strong & young athletic team. I was just thinking about some reasons I love the press. Shakes teams up for turnovers, on the other hand, it gets my team loose and ready. Zone is definitely cool, but sometimes can lure a great team to too much comfort at times when they should be attacking especially a team like the Hoyas. This song just popped up in my head, it's by Prince, Let's Go Crazy Hoyanation! Let's go crazy on ESPN! It's Big Monday! Beat Notre Dame! 

Would love to see most of the Hoya troops in action tonight. We'll need them on the road. 

Let's Go Crazy Hoyas 


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life is better

Life Is Better

I couldn't wait for this game. It was my son Chavis' birthday, and also it was GU Alumni Jason Clark's birthday, and guess what? He attended the game last night seeing his little brothers' the Georgetown Hoyas beat the Providence Friars 74-65. The day was bittersweet for me. I so wanted the Hoyas to win this game for my son, and they did. This was the highlight of my day, my Hoyas.

The played relentless with a sense of urgency for most of the game. I was impressed at the energy the Hoyas put out offensively and defensively. The smiles were there. This told me the confidence level for the Hoyas was high. The communication and point communication were a sight to see and hear. The Hoyas reserves were key with two (Smith/Bowen) scoring a total of 15 points. I think most fans were excited and surprised to see the great play put on display by redshirt sophomore Aaron "Air Time" Bowen. This dude has bounce!

When Bowen arrived on the Hilltop (Georgetown) and played his first game in the Kenner League I said to myself, "man this kid is the most athletic player the Hoyas have, and has had in some time." What a sight to see him come off of the bench with lots of energy shooting and making "hail mary" three balls. The ball just hangs high in the air and then drops in and SWISH! This young man has all the potential in the world in his craft. As I stated before, AB is not wearing the #23 just for show he's trying to represent his team and the greatest basketball player ever Michael Jordan. Three 3's were made between he and D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera.

Sophomore Jabril Trawick started the game in place of sophomore Greg Whittington (school issues) had a nice outing against the Friars. He looked very confident and played 31 minutes. Trawick had 3 stls., 4 rebs., & 5 points and was 3-4 from the free throw line. His defense energy and stoppage of his opponents paid many dividends for the Hoyas on the defensive end. Kudos!

I was so excited to see my team go after the ball on defense in so many ways. If you dive for loose balls you've won my heart. I mean totally. From the start of the game this is what I saw in the Hoyas, the hunger and will to want to take it. Nate Lubick! Good hustle man! We love your toughness man and thanks for diving for those loose balls. We know defense win's championships and we see you know too. Haha! Super sophomore Otto Porter the same. Porter led the way with 20 pts. 8-13 and 3-3 on the free throw line. Junior point guard Markel Starks had 16 pts. and shot well from the free throw line 5-6 and lead the Hoyas with 7 assists and 3 steals. The Hoyas shot 53.2%, 41.7% from 3 point range and 76.0% from the free throw line. Good job Hoyas!

Junior forward Nate Lubick dives for loose ball me...I'm up clapping it up, this is one big thing that'll get me out of my seat his hustle plays like this! Dive dive diveeeee! Take it it's yours! 

Super sophomore Otto Porter diving for the ball vs. Providence

photo's courtesy
of  Christine Burns

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The changes were beneficial

Yeah baby yeahhhhh! Breath! 

"A man gets depressed, he gets sad, he thinks about quitting and folding, but he never does. He pushes through adversity." 

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at time of challgenge and controversy. - Marting Luther King, Jr.

The Hoyas did, they made the changes and pushed through it. Score 67-51. It was amazing, especially badly losing the previous game at home to Pittsburgh. The coaching staff did a great job keeping the team confident and making great changes for the betterment of the team. This was awesome, and needs to stick. It was like I brought all my troops, so we need to all fight. They did! They fought and had faith through adversity. For whatever reason sophomore Greg Whittington's suspension I hope it gets resolved. This will be more fuel to fire. Hoyas ready to burn baby! 

We have a long ways to go. The changes were quickly made and were executed with a sense or urgency. The Hoyas quickly came out of gates and never looking back. "Hoyas had total control of the game says, analyst and former Maryland Terp Len Elmore." I like that guy and respect his kind words analyzing the Hoyas. He tells like it is good or bad. As a fan you'd have to respect this. Sophomore forward sensation Otto Porter having a Wooden Top 25 All American watch list day 19 pts. 14 ribbies 2 assists, & 3 steals! 

As a team the Hoyas rebounded well grabbing 42 to the Johnnies 24. Hoyas fan's have to love the unselfishness of the our team. 15 assists to the Johnnies 8. Attack and don't look back was the beat of the game. The Hoyas shot well from the free throw line @69.6%. This told me there were lots of attacking, playing inside out basketball. 3-8 in 3's. Good stat. The Hoyas did not rely on the 3 or take ill advised shots. Great to see junior forward Nate Lubick leading the team with 6 assists against St. Johns. Moses it was good to see you and Aaron Bowen and the rest of that mob. 

Great comeback win for the Hoyas! Hoya Saxa! Together, We Are Georgetown!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Making changes can be beneficial


If this is not daring I don't know what is, but it worked. Sometimes in life when things don't work out you have to go back to the drawing board. Sometimes it doesn't take much thinking but just simply making the change/changes. Sometimes changes have to be made for the better, but also, it will always take group of players' to complete the task at hand. I was surfing (the net) found and read this article on Coach Mike Lonergan and his George Washington men's basketball team. He found his team struggling to put the ball in the basket so he decided to make some changes to start five freshmen for the betterment of his team. It worked. The Colonials won.

They beat the Bonnies of St. Boneventure, the defending A-10 champs 78-59 starting five freshmen. I know this took some time to think about and also maybe think outside of the box? Whatever it is it worked and sometimes this can and has to be done. I guess that's why they call it "change." Now, I don't expect the Hoyas to make these changes as a whole, but it wouldn't hurt to start somewhere.

I think these Colonial players were ready because they knew someone took a chance and believed in them and they felt honored and confident, so they showed their appreciation to their coaching staff to complete the task at hand. Here's an article Ben Standig wrote about GW's five freshman starters:  GW Boldy Starts Five Freshman in rout of the Bonnies. A learning process for George Washington.

So what do you think? I think it was a well thought out, smart, and bold move by the GW staff. Sometimes you have to do what you to do to make it work!

"Faith Develops In Adversity" - John Thompson Jr.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bad loss on the homefront

It's Not Over Hoyanaton! 

There's no need to go into detail with this article. I'm sure we already know what happened last night. Yes, history was made. History made in a bad way, a big loss to the Pittsburgh Panthers 73-45. It was the worst home loss for the Hoyas in more than a decade. The previous was a 23-point loss to Notre Dame in 2000.

 In the Hoyas first conference game played at home the outcome was totally unexpected. It is what it is. I'm not mad at all. I'm just looking for answers for a solution. I do know that the Hoyas need to attack more, but it starts with our point guard.

Yes, coach Thompson was right, this was embarrassing. Can this be the start of something bad or something good? I don't think it can get any worse than this. Knocking off UCLA and taking Indiana to overtime, hammering Texas and Tennessee proved the Hoyas could hang with the best of them. What this loss proves is how fast the Hoyas can hit the bottom, but can find a way to get back up. Will there be some changes.

I think they're should be, but not many. Thinking positive through this storm and having the faith through adversity seeing us through. The way I'm looking at it and hoping this game could be used as the start of something new. New starting line up. Yes, but just one change, and that change would be at the center position. Junior Moses Ayegba taking the starting nod over sophomore F/C Mikael Hopkins would do the Hoyas a great service. Big Mo I call him is more mature mentally and especially physically. His hands are definitely better. Big Mo's strength is like no other in the college game today. Play him.

I think the best thing to do now especially since the Hoyas have some time before Saturday's game at the
St. John's is to go back to the drawing board and start all over. It won't take much thinking and doing. You already have your new starting five. Now, to figure out how to play everyone shouldn't be hard at all. Why?  Just play them. (lol) To me it's easy. Most of our players' play good defense for one. You play defense for me you're all playing at some point in the game.

Challenge them. The one's I feel that need a push, I'll coach them up on the court during the game. My dream is to see the all the youngings play. I believe in them, and I know they believe in themselves. Are they gonna makes mistakes? Heck yeah? They'll learn to play through them even the critical ones. We have all the length in the world and we have all the space in the world right there on the basketball court at the Verizon Center aka "the phone booth," so let's use it with everyone. I need to see my Hoyas looking and acting more focus during warm ups. I need to see all with that sir Jason Clark before game mug look. Yes indeed! True leader he was. We need this! Let's get it!

We need them all. When good to great players know you need them they normally respond to the task at hand because you're showing you have confidence in them. You give a kid confidence, sit back and watch them go to work. They'll play amazing everytime out. I'm the first sergeant all my troops go to war and we all fight together as one unit. Now the Hoyas know we need each other more than EVER! Let's Go Hoyas!


Start It Back Up Hoyas! Let's Go!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Game talk

Get On Up Hoyas!

Our last game this was said about the Hoyas in the Journal Sentinel, a Milwaukee-Wisconsin newspaper; Georgetown took more shots than Marquette, but the Golden Eagles were the tougher team with nine more rebounds and six more free throws. Is this saying the Hoyas need to play tougher? I would say more aggressive and lots more energy especially on defense. We didn't press much against Marquette. Personally, I would love to see more pressing in Big East action. It's more exciting and the team get so much energy from it.

The press gets the team alert and wakes them up during games especially when there may be a lull during the game. We have more than enough players to accomplish both defensively and offensively what we need to do. More movement without the ball, and hard cuts, screens would be sufficient. Need more of this!  

I think the Hoyas will come out with lots of energy and intensity tonight. I would love to see most of the Hoya troops in action tonight. Just through them in there, and let them play. We'll definitely see more results.

One thing about basketball you may have some kids who are not practice players but are game players. The saying is; if you go hard in practice you'll do the same in games, and see the results. In most cases that's true, but as a coach I know and realize is that sometimes it's a different situation. Some kids who may not practice well play well in games. I don't why that is, but it's true.

Already this sesaon I've watched a numerous amount of college hoops. I've been able to see how some coaches; Butler, Marquette to name a couple substitute their players. Butler goes as far as playing a walk-on. This kid hit the winning shot to beat then number uno Indiana Hoosiers. His coach had to believe in him for this kid to have the confidence to put him in the game to hit the winning shot. Watching Marquette Coach Buzz Williams' coaching, he shuffled players in and out of the game which kept the other players fresh. Ten to be exact.

His reserves scored a total sixteen points against our Hoyas. Certain players that had been having bad games had good games against us. I'm pretty sure it's worth giving players chances to by playing them and letting them play through their mistakes as long as their not critical. I don't care what class their in. I use to tell my players; "not only are you seniors, juniors, sophomore's or freshmen, you're basketball players." This let's the team know they can play with anyone. I'll coach them up on the court as the game goes along. I have the energy to do this.

Put it this way, if I was a first sergeant and I had a platoon and we had to go to war, I'd have to take all of my troops and all would have to fight. I already know they have each other's back if one goes down. The Hoyas have a great team full of players that can play. There is enough time for them to play, as a matter of fact there's more than enough time for them to play, but of course when it comes down to the nitty gritty, I'm going to have my best five players in the game because they've earned that right to be in the game during crunch time. Whomever has the hot hand will remain in the game, and I don't care what class they're in.

I would love to see the Hoyas get the win tonight against Pittsburgh, but there's some things the Hoyas know they must do to win. Play great, tough, smart, aggressive team basketball.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nailbiter loss it was

Watching and observing the game today taught me some things. The long lay off had some affect the team. By the middle of the first half I thought it would be a low scoring game. It was we lost by one point 49-48. The Hoyas won the tip but the score remained 2-2 at the 15:32 mark. At the end of the first half the score was 20-19 in favor of Marquette.

I thought the Hoyas might come out of the locker room fired up, and I'm sure they were, but the second half was much like the first half. Close. Both teams shot poorly. Hoyas shot 18-46 @39.1% in field goals, three pointers 5-15 @33.3%. The only good stat was free throws 7-12 @58.3%. When I see a high percentage stat such as our free throws this tells me we should have gotten to the line a lot more. 

It's good to be more aggressive going to the hoop to get to the foul line. We were in the bonus long before the Warriors were. It's good to start recognizing this a lot more to win the strategy of the game. If I know I'm in the bonus, I'm attacking and getting to the line and knocking down my free throws to win the game. It's an easier and smart way to win most games. Who can get to the bonus early on and take advantage of it. 

There were a couple of critical no calls especially when sophomore Otto Porter  threw an inbounds bounce pass to teammate Markel Starks as he ran towards the basket, he got pushed from behind, no call instead the referee called the ball out of bounds on Starks. There's the ref to the right of the sentence. I don't know what it is about him but it's not good look. This referee must have some vendetta against the Hoyas because he sticks it us everytime home or away games. I wish I would of took a photo of him smiling and slyly talking to Coach Buzz Williams before the ball was taken out. I say let's mic the referee because after some can be suspect. (lol)

By the way Markel played a great game and showed good leadership 18 pts., 7 assists and 2 rebounds. He was 2-2 from the free throw line He should be able to attack when he wants to. Being a good free throw shooter I would.

From the replay it showed Starks had gotten fouled but it was a no call. This shot made would have put the Hoyas up and perhaps go on to win the game. Oh, they fought the whole way as they always do. Although the Hoyas had 8 steals, I thought there could have been more energy and intensity on defense especially in the half court setting. I would to see to see more arm movement up and down. 

More harrassment on defense consistently. Only four players scored for the Hoyas. Seven players played. The two reserve players that played did not score freshman D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera and sophomore Jabril Trawick. The Warriors played ten players, eight scored, and three reserves scored for a total of sixteen points. Would like more of our reserves playing. As a fan I defintely believe in my team as whole. I think they are ready if their name is called. Just guide them through it as their playing. They will be fine. I'm sure the Hoyas will regroup and get back down to business because they'll be playing a lot more. There will be no more long lay offs. It's Big East conference time. It's not only an adventure, it's a journey.

Pick Em Up Hoyas


Friday, January 4, 2013

Big East time!


The Furious Five Meets
The Sugarhill Gang

Happy New Year Hoyanation, I know you've got to be excited with just one more day to go before the
Georgetown Hoyas are in action against Big East foe Marquette Warriors. Last year, December 22, 2012, is the last time the ole blue and gray hit hard wood in game mode. I enjoyed watching other teams play, but now I'm ready for my team to play.

I think the Hoyas will be anxious and ready to get out there and play competitively. I know folks are saying things, "will the the Hoyas be rusty, it's been a long lay off blah blah blah," but staying focused and hungry can make all the difference in the world. The Hoyas know there is a mission to be accomplished. They're going after and determined not to let anything get in the way. This team have been through so much, and they want to finish the job this time.

Some say the Hoyas have a chip on their shoulders, Iwhich is a great thing, but what's even greater is having two chips on both shoulders say, "I dare you to knock it off. I dare you!" This is the type of attitude, will, heart, determination and guts they have. One game at a time. Each game played to the fullest. When you want you want it, you go and get it. 

Super sophomore forward Otto Porter dubbed last season's loss at Marquette as "heartbreaking." I can dig it, so I know where he's coming from. He's ready, I can assure you of this, and I think you already know what the deal with this young man. 

It's the first Big East Conference game for the the Hoyas which happens to be a road game. Junior forward Nate Lubick had this to say about play Marquette on the road, "I think we embrace it. Being able to start Big East play with a huge win on the road can really set the tone for the season." The last three visits there have not been good for my our Hoyas, but I know they are vowing to change  this, and to break the Warriors 17 game winning streak at home on Saturday.

I can tell you this game will be a another great Big East game. I won't be doing this here at home, but I'll be doing this while watching the Hoyas on TV tomorrow.