Monday, January 21, 2013

Big Monday

Seeing how the season went for my favorite NFL team the Baltimore Ravens is what I'm sort of seeing of my team the Hoyas. This season I knew my two team's would be not good, but great. This article on Five Things We Learned from the AFC Chip hit home for me. Check out number one. "Despite seemingly long odds, they never took their eyes off where they wanted to go, they never stopped battling for each other, they never stopped churning their legs.

I said in this space then that something special was happening with this team. That looked foolish for a few weeks, when the Ravens lost four games in December, but it now seems more prescient than ever.
These Ravens are a special group of special players with a special bond, and it didn't take another miracle for them to get where they are today (though that bomb to Jacoby Jones last weekend may beg to differ). They flat-out earned it. 

The above statement I read written by Baltimore Sun reporter/blogger Matt Vensel. Going into tonight's game I'm hoping the Hoyas will come out attacking, playing with lots of energy. It's okay go play a zone but we must remember we have a very quick, strong & young athletic team. I was just thinking about some reasons I love the press. Shakes teams up for turnovers, on the other hand, it gets my team loose and ready. Zone is definitely cool, but sometimes can lure a great team to too much comfort at times when they should be attacking especially a team like the Hoyas. This song just popped up in my head, it's by Prince, Let's Go Crazy Hoyanation! Let's go crazy on ESPN! It's Big Monday! Beat Notre Dame! 

Would love to see most of the Hoya troops in action tonight. We'll need them on the road. 

Let's Go Crazy Hoyas 


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