Monday, January 28, 2013

Encore of the "secret weapon"

Aaron Bowen "Encore"

I always called this Hoya our "secret weapon" ever since he's been here at Georgetown.  Why? I don't know, it's just my observance of some things. I can one thing he's becoming more of a "weapon." He's probably on opponent's scouting reports. haha He is becoming a problem. I've always said how athletic and such a high riser he is. 

In his his freshman year he arrived on Georgetown University (Hilltop) campus in the summer of 2010 and had his first chance to make an impression in the in the Nike Kenner Summer League. The Kenner League is a college basketball league played on the campus of Georgetown University inside legendary McDonough Gymnasium. The Hoya faithful were waiting for this young man as well debut as well. He did not disappoint. 

During his first season with the Hoyas he only played seven games his freshman season due to a shoulder injury. This season when called on he's made the most out of the minutes he's played. Bowen has showed how fierce, smart, determined, and hungry he is. I love seeing how the Georgetown players  grow from boys to men. (No Boyz to Men song haha).

Aaron is a veteran, he knows the offense. He cuts to the basket well, so his teammates have to know to get him the ball in a hurry. His passes are perfect and on time. This young man is fundamental sound and ready for more, more, moreeeee! High school reel down below...

Before the red-shirted sophomore Aaron "Air Time" Bowen arrived I had done some research on him and was very impressed and amazed of how the Hoyas coaching staff always find such good players that are "not" always all-americans. I mean don't get me wrong there's nothing like having a marquee player, but when you have a brighter focus on the school's mission especially in the best interest of the student-athlete I feel that's "major" and very "beneficial" for them and the school. I love seeing the development of these players over the years.

Once I had the opportunity to speak with this young man, I found out he was just as genuine a person as one could be, but on the court he was a beast. Other than basketball the thing we had in common is he was from Jacksonville, Florida, and I was stationed there on Naval Air Station Cecil Field. 

He's so acrobatic!!! Aaron "Air, Hang Time" Bowen.  I had to put the word "hang time" in there. 

I Believe I Can Fly

Together, We Are Georgetown


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