Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Cardinals fly up the east coast to take on confident Hoyas




I think there's more words to describe the Hoyas (16-4  5-4) than just "confident."   Focused, tough, determined, and up and ready for the challenge are more of the words I would use to describe the Hoyas going into their next game with the Louisville Cardinals (17-4  6-2).  This is a quick turnaround for both team's having to play on ESPN's Big Monday after winning thrilling road games this past weekend.  With Hoyas escaping an immediate comeback by Villanova 69-66 the Cardinals won their road game against UConn in two overtimes 79-78.

Louisville's sophomore point guard Peyton Siva (19 pts.) was the player that saved the day by making two key layups in the second overtime to put UConn away for good.  “We don’t have no superstars on this team and that helps us out a lot, because we know anybody can take that last shot,” Siva said. “I got to the lane, I made a couple layups and that was important.”  Looking at the highlights, I think the Hoyas are gonna have to put their best defender on Siva to try to contain and shut him down.  He is a true point and knows how and when to go to the basket.  I think taking some charges would help too because I know he's going to the hole hard.

“You’re going to give up something,” said Louisville coach Rick Pitino.  “But the point guard has got to make the right decision, and he made the right decision every time.”  “We as a team never give up,” said Louisville guard Chris Smith.  “We’ve been in a couple of barn-burners already, so this is nothing new to us now.”

On the other hand, senior Hoya guard sensation Austin Freeman lead the Hoyas (30 pts.) in scoring.  Austin took matters into his own hands leading and directing his team to victory.  With senior point guard Chris Wright at the helm he knew when it was the right time to get his teammate the ball.  “We wanted to concentrate on getting the ball to Austin.”  “It’s stupid not to give him the ball.”

Coach Thompson had this to say about the senior guard, “Austin Freeman is unflappable in most situations,” . “What he did in the last 4 minutes is indicative of what he’s done for the last four years.”  “Put the ball in his hands and good things happen even is he’s double-teamed or triple-teamed.  Freeman made the big shot  in this game too, “I looked at the shot clock and I knew there was around 4 seconds left,” he said in his usual stoic manner.

In the Villanova game, the Hoyas' focus was on the three guard's Fisher, Wayns and Stokes now the focus will be on stopping and takikng some charges on Louisville's playmaker point guard Peyton Siva.  We know he's a smart point guard and will go to the hole when he needs to, so why not communicate to each other and take the charges.  There are no interest rates in taking the charges.  I guess that make sense Hoyanation and friends, lol.  The "Hoya Dream Season" is in full bloom.  Let's Beat them Cardinals!

All the pieces to the puzzle having been fitting lately, so let's continue to cheer our Hoyas onto VICTORY!




Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hoyas Bulldog bites the Wildcats in thrilling 69-66 win on the road


Hoya Freshman sensation Nate Lubick in his ice breaking monsta dunk on the Villanova Wildcats

My arrival in Philly

As I was pulling into the gate the Hoyas' team bus was right behind me, and I don't know where it came from

Georgetown Hoyas team bus

I thought I'd take a pic of the Lincoln Financial Field for the Philadelphia Eagles fans

Lincoln Financial Field

For the Philadelphia Phillies fan here Citizens Band Park

Wells Fargo Center in Philly Georgetown vs. Villanova 2011
Hoyas win!

Getting ready to get my ticket at Will Call Hoyas vs. Villanova game

My Hoyas vs. Villanova game ticket

I'm trying to think of where to start Hoyanation and friends wowwwwwww what a game, again wowwwwwww what a game.  Hmm, where should start?  I think I'll start from the beginning.  I'll try to make this blog a quick one, lol.  I doubt it though.  Immediately, when I walked into the arena the Wells Fargo Center I could feel the hypeness.  The Villanova band was playing in the lobby and the cheerleaders were dancing, so I want over to join them and took this photo.  

Villanova Wildcat Band and Dance Team getting it on in the lobby

I was surprised no Villanova fan said anything wrong to me because I was the only Georgetown fan grooving to their school bands vibes.  Once the band stop playing I started walking over to get something to eat, but I started hearing this chant, "Let's Go Hoyas, (fast clap clap clap) repeatedly, and it was Georgetown students. The students had just gotten off of the bus and loudly and cheeringly entered the Wells Fargo with the loud chants, "Let's Go Hoyas."  As they went up went up the escalator I just stopped and stared and became emotional, so I took this photo.

Georgetown Hoyas students in the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia chanting "Let's Go Hoyas" 

Once I left from where the Cats' band played, I walked over to the get the Campo's legendary Philadelphia Hoagie and yes, it was great.  Whenever I go to Philly, I have to get famous hoagie or cheesesteak.  I prefer the Italian Hoagie.  Once I got my italian hoagie I went down to my seat behind the scorer's table not from from the bench.  I ate the first half of the hoagie, and saved the other half for later.  Once I came home, I finished the other half of the hoagie off with some Mickey D fries and sweet tea.

Campo's concession worker at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia were I got my famous hoagie from

Here it is folks the Campo's Famous Hoagie Since 1947

Here's the other half of my hoagie I tackled when I got home

Fans in the Wells Fargo lobby playing video games

Wells Fargo Center scoreboard before the game

Once I walked into the the seating area I was hyped to I took this photo at the top of the steps

Hoyas were warming up so I took these pics

Dr. J's banner and the rest inside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia

Hoyas huddling up before the game against Villanova 1/29/11

Coaches vs. Cancers kicks and socks

Coaches vs. Cancer kicks 2

Once again it was Austin Freeman who lead his to Hoya team to bigtime thrilling road game win with 30 points.  Austin has put his game into full gear now, and there's no looking back.  He has surely put this team on his back.  “We wanted to concentrate on getting the ball to Austin,” Georgetown point guard Chris Wright said. “It’s stupid not to give him the ball.”  “Austin Freeman is unflappable in most situations,” Georgetown coach John Thompson III said.  “What he did in the last 4 minutes is indicative of what he’s done for the last four years.”  “Put the ball in his hands and good things happen even is he’s double-teamed or triple-teamed,” Thompson said.  “If I have the opportunity to shoot I’m going to take it,” Freeman said. “Otherwise, I’ll look for a teammate. I have confidence in myself and I have confidence in my teammates.”

I hear people talking about Hoyas point guard Chris Wright not scoring in any points.  Well, I just have this to say, "point guards don't have to score for their team to win, their job is to think pass first and get their teammates involved and knock down the OPEN jumper when it's, and lead and that's it...Remember Jason Kidd did and does the same thing  to win, said  Glidehoyas
Oh, one other important thing, did you see the Kenner League Tombs except for one on the floor today in the first half, lol, Austin Freeman, Markel Starks, Nate Lubick, Hollis Thompson, and it worked beautifully.  To have some of the Hoyas that played together in the Kenner Summer League on the floor at the same pay great dividends in the first half.  I just had to get this off of my mind.  I've been thinking about this during and after the  Villanova game.  

First half score 32-26 Hoyas

1st half stat sheet was given to me by a friendly person at the scorers that enjoyed my cheering the Hoyas on lol

Sophomore Hollis Thompson with googley face Hoyas vs. Villanova 1/29/11

Nate Lubick in rebounding mode

Freshman Nate Lubick with duce dunk


End of game score Hoyas 69 Villanova 66

2nd half stat sheet given to me




Friday, January 28, 2011

Bulldogs look to put bite in the Cats in Philly road game



Hoyanation and friends the "Hoya Dream Season" is in mid-season form now.  I seem to still be hyped from Wednesday's game against St. John's.  The game seemed like a new start to a new season because of the previous 8 day layoff.  The Hoyas were rejuventated, confident and very hungry to get back on the hardwood to get the win against the Redmen, and I know they remain the same as we speak.  I think the nonconference games took a toll on some of our Hoyas going into conference play. 

The fatigue would've played a factor sometime during the season anyways, so why not early, lol.  For some reason, I knew this or figured it.  But at least we had already won the majority of our tough and tested nonconference games especially on the road for our record for tournament purposes.  The early losses in conference play is not something I think we expected, but it was something I thought I could live with knowing we had an 8 day layoff and rejuvenated ourselves going into a game that would put the Hoyas at (4-4) (.500)  This would also propel the Hoyas' off for the rest of the season.  "There was no good thing in losing those games early, but it's a long year," Coach John Thompson III said. "As everyone is seeing, teams in this league are going to beat each other up.  We just had to climb out and keep fighting."

The one thing I like about this whole situation is some of the other Big East conference teams are fatigue and not playing well at the present and this is the time you don't want to be down and out in the Big East.  This does not by all means need to be taken out of context because the Hoyas will continue to play, hard, smart, tough, sense of urgency, team oriented basketball.  Last game against St. John's our Hoyas' communicated, helped one another and aggressively pursued guards along the perimeter. 

Jason Clark shooting has been off as of late, but still managed to do some of the little things that mattered;  rebound and defend.  He found his shooting touch in the St. John's game.  ‎"It's a confidence builder," Clark said of his perfect shooting night.  "I've been off lately, but I've stayed in the gym putting up shots.  It's important to stay with it, because we're all shooters and we all know we can make shots."

I love the adjustment that was made to start another big, Nate Lubick alongside foward Julian Vaughn instead of sophomore Hollis Thompson.  I think this was great for Hollis, Nate and the Hoyas in general of this move because the Hoyas' benefitted from this smart move on behalf of our great coaching staff.  Hollis Thompson had this to say about the move from starter to nonstarter.  “Coach obviously knows what he’s doing, so when he tells you you’re not starting, it’s for the best of the team,”  “Whatever’s best for the team, I’m going to support.”
"When you come off the bench, you have an opportunity to see what we're doing right and what we need to do better, and I try to bring that to the team," Thompson said.  "I think it worked."

After the game St. John's Red Storm Coach Steve Lavin had this to say about Georgetown; "They played with a hard edge, an aggressiveness, maybe a payback mentality," Lavin said.  "They were shooting it so well, they were in rhythm, clicking, hitting on all cylinders.  They run a precision-oriented offense in terms passing, spacing, cutting and timing.  This was one of those nights Coach Pete Carril would be lighting a cigar somewhere, proud, calling JTIII, proud of one of his disciple's efforts."

The #21 Hoyas are (15-5  4-4) and #8 Villanova is (17-3  5-2) both teams are ranked.  Georgetown is coming off of a 77-52 win over the St. John's Redmen.  The Villanova Wildcats are coming off a big road loss 83-65 against the Providence Friars (13-8 2-6), 14th Big East.  While the Hoyas have the confidence and the momentum, the Wildcats are looking to be on the prowl to get back into the hunt on Saturday.  Hopefully, our Hoyas will prevail because WE ARE GEORGETOWN!

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