Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hoyas attack for the big payback in big win at home against the Red Storm 77-52



Wooooooooooooooo, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, haha, at least I don't sound like the pig on the Geico commercial weeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeee, can't stand it, lol.  I guess I can start with with my trip through the snow.  Four words, it wasn't too bad!  When I arrived at the Verizon Center there was hardly a soul to be seen, but I knew it was only a matter of time before the Verizon would fill up.

Once I arrived, I immediately went down to my seat.  I'd been hyped up all day long, and it's been 8 days since I've seen my Hoyas, so you know I was ready.  Once I was seated the first player to come on the court was Malik Booth and moments later a couple of St. John's coaches walked out.  As more St. John's players arrived on the court I was like, "where are my Hoyas?"  

The Hoyas arrived to the Verizon Center at 6:00.  Once they arrived, the Hoyas came onto the court with some serious faces.  I guess you could say it was all business.  I mentioned to a friend that was sitting in front of me, "man, look at their faces, those Hoyas are serious man, their not jumping up and down chest bumping or anything.  The looks on their faces were "focus." and they also had the look of a "sense of urgency" big time.  The Hoyas know what time it is!  

My friend mentioned "IF" the Hoyas win.  I had to tell him, "no "IF" man, we got this, we're gonna win this game.  He mentioned to me, "you know what man, everytime I'm around you I feel totally confident and inspired around you."  He said some other positive things but I cannot remember everything he said.  I got the opportunity to sit by the table.  Before the game Mr. Rich Chvotkin (Voice of the Hoyas) mentioned to me "we have to get this Glide, we must get this win."   I respectfully said back to Mr. Chvotkin, "we're gonna get this win tonight sir."  We did and thank God.  Hoyanation and friends, I could believe all the fun I had watching my Hoyas do work out there tonight.  

The Hoyas (15-5  4-4) were energetic from the opening tip especially on defense and in attack mode on offense.  I really can't do any individual stats because the Hoyas love was spread throughout the whole team.  The Hoyas played unselfish, smart, hard and tough basketball.  This is what I call Hoyaball!  The energy level was on display.  “We know we didn’t play well at St. John’s, offensively and defensively,” said Georgetown’s Chris Wright, reflecting on the 61-58 outcome in New York on Jan. 3. “We just were off. We wanted to really come out here and beat them, and beat them on the boards, and beat them defensively and get a lot of stops and get out and run. Yeah, it was definitely a payback game.”

“They played with a hard edge, an aggressiveness, a payback kind of mentality,” Lavin said. “Kids have a lot of pride at this level, and I’m sure Freeman, Clark and Wright had a mindset that they wanted to get back at the Johnnies.”

Hollis Thompson was replaced in the starting lineup by freshman big man Nate Lubick.  Asked why he made the switch, coach John Thompson III said: “Just ‘cause I wanted to.” The coach said it “turned out OK” and said it was possible he might continue to use Hollis Thompson off the bench.

Hollis Thompson said he’ll go along with whatever his coach wants.
“Coach obviously knows what he’s doing, so when he tells you you’re not starting, it’s for the best of the team,” Hollis Thompson said. “Whatever’s best for the team, I’m going to support.”
The Hoyas ran the Georgetown Offense (Princeton Offense) so good St. John's Coach Lavin went as far as to say, "This was one of those nights,” Lavin said, “where Pete Carril would be lighting a cigar somewhere proud.”
The moments were spectacular and exciting.  The athleticism was at a high level.  The Hoyas push the ball in transition with dazzling finishes.  It was totally unbelievable.  I've seen some great Hoya games, but I would have to put this one somewhere at the top of my list.  Another Hoyas and St. John's classic to add to my favorites.  It was amazing game, I don't what to say, I had so much fun, and I cheered my Hoyas onto victory.  I love my blue and gray through the good times and bad times, but stay tuned for the "Good Times."



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