Saturday, January 28, 2012

Life on the road

Let's Dig In Now Hoyas! Let's Goooooo!

Hoyanation this is one of those tough conference road losses where we have to move on. The Hoyas got behind very early and never took a lead in the first half. At one time with 2:49 to go in the first half the score was 31-14 in favor of the Panthers. By the end of the first half the Hoyas had dug themselves out of a hole they dug themselves into earlier in the half to pull within striking distance of ten points with the score 33-23 Panthers.

The second half was better for the Hoyas. They had more swag in their play and attitude. The Hoyas are as fighters on the basketball court they never give up. After  Pitt's Nasar Robinson made a basket to start the second half put the score 35-22 Panthers 19:45. Henry Sims made a two point jump shot and Markel Starks hit a three pointer to make the score 35-27 with 18:55 in the game. 

At 17:25 in the second half Henry Sims made a jumper from an assist by teammate Markel Starks to pull within six points of the Panthers 37-31. After a timeout called by the Panthers, Pitt guard Ashton Gibbs knocks a jumper from a Tray Woodall assist. Everytime the Hoyas pull within the Panthers pulled away. The closet the Hoyas got to the Panthers was within six points tonight. As we know life on the road ain't easy in the Big Easty! The Hoyas had a three game winning streak so they are fine. They will fix whatever it is they need to. Pack up and move on still have lots of games to play. Head up, chin up! Let's Roll! We got UConn next!

Hoyas have to go back and work on some things. "Both of those areas (rebounding and defense), we were awful," Georgetown coach John Thompson III said. "They got everything they wanted and when they didn't they got the rebound, and that's the difference."

Just a thought on point guard play I love to mention on point guard play. Point guards use speed on a "consistent" basis. Stay ready in triple threat position ready to attack at all times, Knowing when to push the rock and when to pull back run the play and attack if Control the tempo of the game. Good decisions by the score and time of the game. Opponent's in foul trouble. This is a great time to keep attacking and going to the line knocking down freebies.You basically have half of the game won on the line alone and some of their players are in foul trouble for the half and maybe later during the second half of the game. Just a coaching thought.

Let's Go fellas!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the road to Pittsburgh the Hoyas go

No Sleep Hoyas!

Pittsburgh is 12-9 overall and 1-7 in the Big East. Pitt was 11-2 going into Big East conference play. I don't know what happened going into conference play for the Panthers. They've only won one game out of seven. It's definitely unusual for these losses to be piled up on Pitt, but hey who cares. I surely don't, but I do know their record right now means nothing to the Hoyas (16-3  6-2 BE) win or lose. They know there's one task at hand and that is to beat Pitt and to look at it this no other way. Stay focused! Yes!

The Panthers shot 49 percent from the floor (32 of 65) and made 55 percent (11 of 20) of their 3-pointers. One Panther the Hoyas have to look out for is Ashton Gibbs. Gibbs, the preseason Big East Player of the Year, has struggled mightily during Woodall's absence. Coach Jamie Dixon moved Gibbs to point guard when Woodall went down, and the burden has certainly affected his shot. Gibbs is on pace to set career lows in total shooting percentage, including 3-point shooting percentage, an extended slump his coach blamed on a heavy workload.

Now that Woodall has returned, the workload has lightened, and Gibbs showed flashes of his former brilliance during a spectacular stretch at the end of the first half. Part of the problem of Pitt's unsuccess in the conference was due to an injury from guard Trayvon Woodall. Trayvon Woodall added 17 points and nine assists in his second game back from groin and abdominal injuries as the Panthers won for the first time in five weeks.

Pitt just won their first conference game of the season and have some momentum going into their next home game against the mighty Georgetown Hoyas. The Hoyas look to put a quick stop on Pitt's chances at home in the Petersoen Events Center game being play in the Petersen's Event Center. Things haven't been looking at that good for the Panthers on the campus in the Peterson Events Center as of late.

Pittsburg Post-Gazette Ron Cook on the Panthers attendance at the Peterson Events Center this Big East season:

"Cook draws a larger conclusion from this information: Namely, that Pittsburgh is a tough pro sports town, that it's hard to gain traction as a college entity here, and once you have it -- as Pitt hoops obviously has -- all it takes is one losing season before the attendance starts to dry up. That's a shame, but it appears to be the reality. There also seems to be a trend of great student sections simply not showing up these days. Between the Zoo and the Cameron Crazies (who are struggling to get 700 kids in a 1,200-seat section some nights), so let's hope this doesn't become a thing. Of course, it's easy to turn up for a big game, or when your team is riding high in the Big East. It's a lot more difficult to show up and support your peers when they're struggling.

But if Pitt ever needed a rocking, rowdy, filled-to-the-rafters Peterson Events Center, that time is now."

So, this brings back to what I previously said about the Hoyas not feeding into the fact Pitt is 1-7 in conference play. On the other hand what the Hoyas will remember is the fact the Panthers have won 12 games. With their last and only win, so far in Big East play against the Friars, the Panthers are looking to up their fan base significantly because they know the mighty Hoyas are coming into town.

I definitely wanted to go over some things about our next foe. Good to know that the Hoyas will not take this team or any team with a losing record lightly. The Hoyas are ready and focused. They are fighters! Hoyasaxa!

Georgetown Salute!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hoyas battle to the end again and come up with a "thrilling" 52-50 win over Rutgers

Hoyanation Don't Stop Unitl You Get Enough!

All I can say is what a game. Very thrilling I must say. The Hoyas found a way to pull the game out and ended up with 52-50 win. Offensively for the entire game the Hoyas shot 12-41 29%, 21% 3-14 3ptrs. The stat that stood out to me was free throws 25-36 69%. At the half free throws were also the "highlight" on the stat sheet. Hoyas played some good inside/out basketball. I like how Jabril Trawick was feeding the ball into the post to Sims. He such a smart player as his teammaters are also. Greg Whittington's three pointer in the corner was classic. When I looked up at the scoreboard and saw the Hoyas still had 3 timeouts left with .21 seconds to go I knew they would find a way win. Definitely have to give the Hoyas coaching staff a shout out for those great decisions to get the win. Salute!

I had to chance to dap it up with Rutgers and former Hoyas assistant David Cox before the game. Definitely great seeing coaches Cox and Thompson shake hands before the game. I could see the emotion in his eyes as he left the genuine handshake from Coach Thompson before the game introductions,  it was homecoming for him.

The Hoyas keep playing in these tough games and winning them only makes them tougher and experienced for what's to come. The Scarlet Knights and the Hoyas battled to the end. The game was fun for me. I saw (Jerseyhoya from Twitter) in the lobby of the phone at halftime and they asked me who was going to win, and I told him the Hoyas would win, but I also said the Hoyas had to play smarter and tougher. They did!

I don't really like to say freshman especially this time of the season, so I'll just say Otto Porter play a big role in the Hoyas win against Rutgers. Porter scored the final six points, including two free throws with 8.5 seconds left. "He is composed," Thompson III said. "Otto doesn't get rattled. He just plays the game." The Hoyas made the stops they need to make in the closing minutes of the game the intensity and defense picked up."Our defense won the game for us," Thompson said.

Henry Sims 12 pts. 10 rebs. 2 assist 1 stl. 3 blocks to lead the way for the Hoyas.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On the road, Hoyas jump out of the gates on DePaul in "attack mode" win 83-75

Hoyas Give It All You Got

Congratulations on the Hoyas second road win (15-4  5-2 Big East) and senior leader Jason Clark on scoring a career high (31 Pts, 5 Reb, 2 Ast, 4 Stl, 1 Blks). Wow, I was having a John Wall (Wizards38 pts.) flashback from the previous night. Both Wall and Clark did just about the same thing, attack the basket when needed.  "I think it was just coming through our offense,” Clark said of his big scoring night. “I’ve been on a stretch where I haven’t been making a lot of 3-pointers but today they were falling.”

The Hoyas outrebounded DePaul 43-18 very impressive. The stat line showed the Hoyas shot over 50% for the whole game. 7-13 @ 53.8% from 3 point land. Shot free throws pretty good 16-28 @ 57.1% This is mark improvement from previous. I think it was due to the fact of the Hoyas playing inside/out and attack basketball. The Hoyas still turned the ball over 18 times. Turnovers for the Hoyas are still a concern. In basketball you're going to always have turnovers but you don't want those turnovers at crucial moments in the game. Last night's Blue Demon game turnovers did not have a major impact on the game, but could have, thank God they didn't (smile). To keep Jason's career high game in perspective Coach Thompson had this to say this, I think we have versatile pieces. Obviously a lot of the duty did fall on Jason today. I thought he did, for the most part, a pretty good job but he also had some help.” One would have to love the Hoyas the coach's philosphy of team play and not singling out one player. It obvious of course Jason did his thing and score a career high, and that's a great accomplishment, but yet and still it's a team effort and the Hoyas still have many games left to play. This puts everything in perspective and keep the team focused one game at a time.

Team effort on behalf of the Hoyas continues to be at a high level. These Hoyas are on the same page for one goal!

Georgetown Salute!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hoyas find a way to put the train back on the tracks with a 69-49 win over St. John's

Back to Life Hoyas!

Hoyas did that indeed. They found a way to get back on track. After struggling in the first half the Hoyas seemed determined not to make the same mistakes (crucial turnovers) they made in the previous game. The Hoyas were down by eight at the 12:17 mark. 

They managed to tie the score 13-13 on a free throw made by Henry Sims at the 9:35 mark of the first half. After this mark in the first half the Hoyas stepped the rebounding and defense for the remainder of the first half. Freshmen Otto Porter had seven rebounds and one key steal. He's Otto-matic! His toughness is very high. Also, Greg Whittington had four big rebounds early on and eight for the entire game.. I thought they really stepped up in the first half. Score at the half 25-19 Hoyas. Hoyas outrebounded St. John's 41-29.

The second half for the Hoyas was much better offensesively and defensively. Good, quick ball and player movement on the offensive end and good put backs by Gregory Whittington. He was on high alert and clearly in attack mode on both sides of the court. 

The Hoyas could use this every night in Whittington he has so many weapon. My take is your the Player of the Year in the DMV, means man you got crazy game and you're the best now just put and keep it on display and live your dream everyday.

Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson scoring picked up in the second half. All great shooters are mentally tough keep their confidence level no matter what the score is. With better ball movement (zip passes) I think Hollis loves best he can can rapidly catch and shoot or rapidly catch, dribble pull up, knock down. 

"Coming out of halftime you have to say 'Well, none have dropped but I have confidence in my shooting and if the last ones haven't dropped that means I got one coming soon,' " said Thompson, who leads the Big East in 3-point shooting at 52.4 percent.

"Hollis didn't realize he was 0-for. That's what makes him a good shooter," the coach said. 

The two seniors Jason Clark and Henry Sims held it steady on the court for Hoyas. They were the stablizers. Their team fed off of their leadership. They are as one. It's truly amazing to see the the team bond. When you think about it this is phenomenal.

I still hear folks talking man we should've of beating St. John's by a larger margin etc. One thing I have to tell them and something that've I read that I would like to remind them of. "I'm going to give you a cookie-cutter answer but it's true, every game in this league is big," said John Thompson, whose team plays at DePaul on Tuesday. "Obviously, just emotionally, you don't want to lose three in a row and then have to go back on the road again. Wins in this league on the road are hard to come by and every night is a dogfight. Every night you have to scrape. So, this was a big game in that regard." Every game in the Big East is TOUGH, every game. I think we've read so much about this great conference over years. 

Hoyanation, the Hoyas are back "Back to Life" from here on out, "one game at a time!" 

Once again these are some instances of the Hoyas, again, showing they have each other's back something I think the Hoyas are perfecting more and more as the season goes forward. When one players is not playing well or struggling the others step up. This is the beauty of the game of basketball and the Hoyas. 


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Georgetown Salute!

I've been very fortunate in my life and I love "giving back" to things that are so special to me in my life in any way that I can, so Hoyanation here this is for you:

Sure Thing Hoyanation

Georgetown Basketball School 2011
Reach One, Teach One


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hoyas "turnovers" tell the tale of a 68-64 loss to the Bearcats


TURNOVERS! Not good at all. After coaching basketball for so many years "turnovers" especially "unforced turnovers" would drive me CRAZY! Well, it's really hard for me to get over giving away something that's so dear to you on the basketball court and you lose. I have no problem with TO's, that's a part of the game, but the problem I have is turning the ball over too many times where it cost your team the game. It's almost like you say, "here's the ball visitors have at it." I know the Hoyas didn't mean to turn the ball over so many times as it cost them the game, but I can tell you this is another lesson they can learn from. 

I'm not taking anything away from the Bearcats, but this game was ours and we gave the game away. "We cannot turn the ball over like that," Georgetown coach John Thompson III said. "That was the ball game. You've got to give them credit, but then after you do that, most of our turnovers were what I call unforced turnovers. ... It was just us not being good passers, not being good receivers."

When you have two big losses in conference play there's some things you have to go back and do as a team.  Hoyas coach John Thompson III said losing back-to-back games in conference play should make everyone assess their play. “You have to go back and do some introspection from top to bottom,” he said. “You just have to keep moving forward and keep getting better.”

Some little reminders, if a team shoots a jumper and misses push the rock all the way to the basket. Don't let the defense set. Attack the basket "consistently" because if you don't you will let your opponents back in the game. Guards have to dribble low. Why? They can move fast and the ball is harder to steal. My team has to say to them to themselves, "this is our ball, take care of it, no turnovers, go get it, IT'S OURS!"

Senior G Jason Clark said it was important for the team to not let the feeling of losing permeate the squad. “We can’t fall into the rhythm of losing,” he said. “We can’t start pointing fingers. We know what makes us good, and we’ve got to get back to those things.

"Life is a never-ending game of setbacks, expectations, strategy moves and raw guts." -James Farmer
"Faith Develops In Adversity -John Thompson Jr.



Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hoyas look to "regroup and refocus" at home against Cincinnati


We Can Do It Now Hoyas!

I remember well. The last time the Hoyas (13-2  3-1 Big East) played the Cincinnati Bearcats (12-4  2-1 Big East) the :Hoyas and Hoyanation took a hard lost 58-46 on February 23, 2011. The bigger loss, however, came by the way of Chris Wright's broken left hand, which he suffered early in the second half  of this game.

The Hoyas are coming off of road loss of their fourth conference game against West Virginia. Not having key players - senior's Jason Clark and Henry Sims on the floor for most of the first half due to foul trouble took some momentum away. Some of the Hoyas 15 turnovers were at "key points" during the game. The Hoyas kept fighting until the end with freshman F Greg Whittington hitting a three pointer with .46 which brought the Hoyas within six. Score 66-62, Mountaineers. 

The Bearcats are coming off of a two point loss to a short handed tough St. John's team. Bearcat G sophomore Sean Kilpatrick and senior G Dion Dixon lead their team in scoring.

"Our attention to detail, particularly on the defensive end, was not where it was supposed to be," Georgetown coach John Thompson III said. "Most of it was our turnovers. They got a lot of easy baskets off our turnovers." I think as long as the point guard/guards attack the basket and play inside out this should get things back on track. 

My game strategy as always is to "attack" right from the start of the game especially the bigs in the paint - to get them into early foul trouble right away. This will get my team in the bonus (7 team fouls) to go shoot free throws. We win the first half on the free throw line. Same thing with the second half. 

It's all about playing smart from start to finish, but we have to recognize who's in foul trouble and to go at them. This indeed will cut down on turnovers especially at crucial ppoints in the game. Guards have to look up at the scoreboard or ask their stat person who's in foul trouble on the visiting team. Normally, they should be able to look up at the scoreboard to see this.

The Hoyas are "regrouping and refocusing" on tomorrow's Big East matchup at home against the Cincinnati Bearcats.



Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hoyas drop first conference game on the road to West Virginia 72-64

Come on Hoyanation clap it up the game is not over we have a ways to go! Let's Go Hoyas!

Never easy in the Big Easy, no Big East. Hoynation our Hoyas (13-2  3-1 Big East) fell to the Mountaineers (12-4  3-1) 72-64. Early on in conference play, it looks like it'll be race to the finish line. Senior Jason Clark (10 pts. 3 rbs. 2 ast.5 stl. 2 blk.) got in early foul trouble in the first half only playing 29 minutes tonight. Junior Hollis Thompson (20 pts. 5 rb. 2 stl. 1 blk.) led the Hoyas in scoring. He played at total of 37 minutes.

In the first half the Hoyas had 11 turnovers and only 4 in the second half. Only shooting 16% in three pointers (2-14 for whole game) in the first half didn't help matters out either, but the Hoyas were within two points at the half 29-27. The Hoya bench stepped it up a bit in the second half scoring (14 points total). Freshman Jabril Trawick (6 pts.) lead the bench in scoring and good defense and smart play.  Freshman Otto Porter (4 pts. 6 rbs.) In 19 minutes freshman Greg Whittington had (4 pts.). 

West Virginia shot 50%, the Hoyas 40.4% in field goals. Although it was a tough game on the road for the Hoyas I like the fact that they never gave up. Eleven game winning streak ended, so what great unexpected run by them young Hoyas. They'll start another streak, and hopefully streak to the finish line how's that! 

Don't worry Hoyanation we'll get them Mountaineer's back when it really matters. The Hoyas will quickly "regroup." Don't we owe them one from the Big East Tourney. That game made me tear up, but I'm just patiently waiting for that rematch in the Big East Tourney. I know it's a ways from now, but that's just my vision. The Hoyas know they cannot hang their heads, they are looking forward to Monday night against Cincinnati. That's where the focus is because WE ARE GEORGETOWN!





Hoyas travel to the mountains to take on the Mountaineers


Focused Hoyas!

Let's Goooooo Hoyanation!
Clap it upppppp!

It's GAMEDAY Hoyanation! The #9 Hoyas (13-1  3-0 Big East) take on the Mountaineers (11-4  2-1 Big East). The Hoyas are coming off another "thrilling" 73-70 win over Marquette. Forward Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson (16 pts. 3 rbs. 2 ast.) put on another "lights out" shooting performance hitting the game winning three ball late in the second quarter against the Golden Eagles. Asked to describe that last, pivotal shot,Hollywood Thompson said: "Um, I mean, I was open, and my teammates found me." Then he paused before adding: "Honestly, I don't remember." 

"We've said this in jest, but it's true: Hollis' confidence is always flowing. And our confidence in him is always going," said Georgetown coach John Thompson III, who's not related to the junior forward. "We run a play to get him a shot, it goes in, and then his teammates were coming down the court, (saying), 'Let's do this, let's do that,' trying to get him shots."

West Virginia won their last game giving Rutgers their second Big East loss of the season. The Mountaineers one loss in the (BE) comes from Seton Hall. "I couldn't get a look the other night," Bryant said. "I just had 34 against Villanova the game before, so they knew not to give me a look. Every open look I got, I didn't make it.
"I think (the Seton Hall loss) was just a lack of focus by our whole team, and especially me coming out not ready to play. Tonight, we came out ready to play."  Darryl Bryant led his team with 29 pts. Kevin Jones 14 pts. 14 rebounds in last win. 15 points came from the bench but only from two players. Mountaineer bench could be a non-factor in game against the Hoyas.

Hoyas are a mission it's as simple as that. They are taking things step by step. Coach Thompson and staff are doing such an amazing job our Hoyas. What we're seeing is thrilling, amazing, magical and any other great word you can think of. Let's Go Hoyas Beat Dem Mountaineers!

Hoyanation, sorry so late. I wasn't feeling well last night. I'm pumped now for this game, so let's keep chanting, "Let's Go Hoyas, Let's Go Hoyas Let's Go Hoyasssss"

"One game at a time and the Hoyas will shine in time" 


Wow, what a shot.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

17 down the Hoyas end game in tough, smart and furious fashion

Shining Star Hoyas!
Earth, Wind & Fire

All I can say Hoynation and friends is WOW! After the Georgetown game I asked someone in the Verizon Center (phone booth), "did you see what just happened?" Their response was, "yes, we won!" My response back to them was, "this was more than a win, this was a major statement game buddy." In the first half I said to myself, "this seems like a toe to toe boxing match - the two teams were trading blows (baskets) like the Ali and Frazier fight back in the day."   

Marquette (12-3, 1-1 Big East) led 43-29 at halftime and stretched that edge to 56-39 on freshman guard Todd Mayo's 3-pointer with 13:10 left. Todd is also the younger brother of NBA player O. J. Mayo.

It was unbelievable what I was witnessing from start to finish especially watching the Hoyas stepped up their defense and chiped away at the score by attacking the basket in the second half with plenty of time remaining in the game. "I guess we just felt like we were being embarrassed. We were getting embarrassed," Clark said. "So the second half, we just wanted to turn it up defensively, and our defense turned into our offense."

I knew the Hoyas (13-1, 3-0 Big East) would stage a comeback because of the leadership of both senior's Jason Clark (26 pts. 5 Reb, 1 Ast, 1 Stl)  and Henry Sims was was an awesome 5-6 in field goals made (13 pts. 5 ast., 5 reb. 2 blks. 2 stls.), he also shot 3-4 from the free throw line. Freshman guard Jabril Trawick came off the bench to provide a defensive spark for the mighty blue and gray.

The "intensity" Jabril brings is "crazy" (one of Jabril's favorite words). He is one tough and gritty player. Love his passion and high IQ of the game of the basketball. I really like how he plays within himself and doesn't force many as the case with most freshmen. This young man is "awesome."

All four freshman Hopkins, Porter, Trawick and Whittington scored a combined (16 pts.), Whittington's defense was spectacular also. Freshman F Otto "OTP" (Other Teams Problem) Porter (8 pts. 5 reb. 3 ast. 2 stl. 1 blk.) he also shot 4-5 in field goals made.

Junior F Hollis Thompson (16 pts. 3 reb. 2 ast.) 6-7 in field goals made, shot 3-5 from three point range. Again, Thompson proved he was Mr. Dramatic knocking down "dagger shots" in key points of the game especially near games end. Thompson's first three ball was made at 3:19 on a assist from freshman Greg Whittington (2 pts. 1 ast. 1 reb. 1 stl.). Score 66-64 Marquette. At 2:27 Hollis made a two pointer to tie the score 66-66. Henry Sims scored on "sweet honey dip layup" to put the Hoyas up 68-66.

At the 1:37 mark Golden Eagles Davante Gardner made a layup on an assist from teammate Jae Crowder to tie the score up 68-68. At 1:11, Jason Clark scored two points on an assist from fellow teammate Henry Sims to take the lead again 70-68. With just .46 seconds left in the game, Marquette's Junior Cadougan knock down a jumpshot to tie the game 70-70.  With .22 seconds to Hoya Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson knocked down a three pointer to take the lead 73-70 for good. Hoyas win, Hoyas win, Hoyas win. My my my what a game! Next stop West Virginia! Ahhh let's get it Hoyas!



Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Marquette rolls into the "phone booth" Wednesday night


(12-2  1-0 BE)


(12-1  2-0 BE)

Mighty Mighty Hoyas!
The Legendary Earth, Wind & Fire

Third game of the Big East conference. Loving every second of it. Hoyanation. So many of the little things that add up to the big picture being done by the Hoyas. From rebounding, diving for loose balls, communicating, point communication, overcoming adversity you name it they've been doing a "steady" job of it.. 

With the Hoyas hitting single digits in the polls and everyone talking, they remain focused and determined as ever and not worried about rankings. As Coach Thompson III said earlier in the season, "the rankings are "a popularity contest," something the Hoyas are simply not concerned with. Winning is all that matters at this point. "It's important to just keep getting wins, no matter what," senior guard Jason Clark said after the game, echoing his coach.

The Hoyas are coming off of a "gritty" 49-40 win over the Providence Friars on New Year's Eve.  Senior G Jason Clark (16 pts.8 rebs.) lead the Hoyas in scoring. Freshman sensation F Otto Porter (6 pts. 12 rebs.) had a "glaring outting on the boards in this game."  “Rebounding is always very important,” said Porter, who is averaging a team-best 6.6 rebounds per game. “When we rebound good, I think we’re going to be a pretty decent team.” 

Coach Thompson had this say about the Providence game, "This was just an ugly game," Thompson said. "We went for a long period when we weren't scoring, so you just have to figure out how to get stops, you have to figure out how to get rebounds." 

“At some points in the game they were playing hard than us,” Clark said. They were getting 50-50 balls and they just played harder than us.” But, the senior captain added, “we stayed together.”

Meanwhile, the Marquette Golden Eagles are coming off a 81-77 win at home over Villanova after a blowout loss to Vanderbilt. Senior Golden Eagle G Darius (24 pts.) lead his team in scoring for this game. "Everybody was down on themselves after the loss, just trying to figure out ways for us to get better," Johnson-Odom said. "And that's what we did the next day. We did a lot of drills, a lot of five-on-five drills and a lot of competing.
"We just have to get back to playing hard, and I think we did that today."

"They're a good team, a real good team," Wright said, calling Johnson-Odom "a hell of a player."
"They do a great job of finding him in transition and he does a great job being patient and waiting for the ball to get to him in the offense," Wright said. "I thought we did a better job (on him) in the second half. But that first half run he had -- that was a killer." Marquette has only one win against a ranked opponent, the Wisconsin Badgers, who were ranked seven when the two teams met on December 3.