Monday, August 9, 2010

Kenner League Playoff Update 8/7/10 - 8//8/10

Former Hoya Mark Tillmon, Junior Burroughs (Virginia), and the Legendary Sherman Douglas in Kenner League action 


It was indeed a great weekend of semi-final summer basketball at the Kenner League at Georgetown U with Team Takeover losing to A. Washington & Associates/Madness.73-66.  A Wash, is team with more experience with international pros took advantage of the young Team Takeover.  Team Takeover had a very successful summer league making it to the second round of the semi-finals  A Wash, was led by Brian Chase (Italy), who played in the Las Vegas NBA Summer League for Golden State.  Former George Mason Patriots/France pro Tony Skinn led A Wash with 14 points respectively.   Hoya junior guard Jason Clark (12 points)  led the charge for Team Takeover.  Althought A Wash won the battle with experience the young Team Takeover show their hearts and courage and did not give up.  The was great experience for the college players which they can take to the next level once their college seasons start. 

The other semi-final matchup between Clyde's vs. Beyond Belief was another Kenner playoff classic with Isaiah Swann/Magruder, Oak Hill, Hargrave, Florida State, Israel putting down 38 points, with 12 three point bombs.  Beyond Belief 70-57 over Clyde's.  The young man was on fire and could not be stopped.  The difference maker was former Maryland Terp star James Gist, who stopped through with defensive dominance blocking shots and scoring 7 big key points.  Hoya senior big man Julian Vaughn came through with 14 points and many rebound on both ends of the court.  Hoya sophomore Vee Sanford came away with 8 points in the contest.  It was another great learning experience for the two Hoya players playing against the more experienced players.  This will carry over with to the great upcoming season for the Hoyas.

It was Kenner Summer League championship Sunday with the high school divsion playing the first game DeMatha vs. Paul VI.  DeMatha won 63-53 before a medium crowd at Georgetown's McDonough Gymnasium.   The Panthers were hot early behind Stan Robinson (nine 1st half points ) and Jamal Robinson (6pts in the 1st half), who were able to help PVI jump out to an 21-15 lead late in the 1st half.  In a game of freshman standouts, it was 6'7" BJ Anya (DeMatha), who would go on to steal the show.  Anya followed a missed layup from James Robinson that ended in a huge putback slam over a Paul VI reserve.  After that the Stags ended the 1st half on a 14-2 run and a boatload of confidence. Freshman guard Kelvin Howard (13pts) was almost as impressive, connecting on a four point play and shooting 5-7 from the field.

Anya who has a 7 foot 6 inch wingspan continued to impact the game on both sides of the court. When BeeJay (17pts) wasn't scoring , the 15 year old was altering shots , (5blks) and controlling the glass (9rebs). Anya is in great shape for his size, and looks as if he will be contending for the #1 spot in the 2013 Rankings , but we aren't sold just yet , on an undersized Paul VI opposition.

DeMatha vs. Paul VI
Kenner League High School Championship game

The Kenner League College/Pro Division game between A. Washington & Associates versus Beyond Belief was indeed a Kenner classic.  With more than a medium sized crowd, it was hype atmosphere and the game went down to the wire with A. Wash/Madness winning on a last second shot by none other than who?  Lazar Hayward from Marquette?  Yes, that guy with the headband hit the winning shot in McDonough Arena.  The score A Wash 70 Beyond Belief 67.  Before the game I asked Lazar Hayward, "where's your headband man" he said he left it home, but he'll bring it next time. 

After the game he dapped me up as he had done the night before when I saw him down at The Goodman League at Barry Farms, he was just chillin watching the game between the Goodman League All-Stars and the NYC All-Stars.  He seems to be a nice young man, and I wish him all the success in the NBA.  Oh, by the way he gave the Kenner League mad love.  Okay Lazar, don't forget your headband next time, lol.

It was a battle of the the two most experienced teams in the Kenner League this summer.  A Wash having pros such Donte Green (NBA), Tony Skinn, Brian Chase, Lazar Hayward, A Wash proved they were worthy of the championship victory.  With Beyond Belief only having two notable pros Isaiah Swann and James Gist they proved just how scrappy they were all the way to the end.  I had fun all Kenner summer year long and it was sad for me to see it end, but I can tell you one thing the James "Jabbo" Kenner Summer Memorial League started and ended with a bang! 



Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kenner League Playoffs 8/6/10


I just came from a nice swim (20 laps and hot tub) and oh what a feeling.  I'll probably have to this blog quick because I want to see the Kenner League High School Championship game between the legendary DeMatha Stags vs. Paul VI.  This game will indeed be a barnburner with two of the WCACs elite teams going at it in summer action at a high level.  The game will be played at 12:00 pm.  The next game will feature the Final Four Kenner League College/Pro division with Team Takeover vs. A. Wash. & Associates.  The 3 pm semifinal playoff game will feature Clyde's vs. 2009 Finals Runner Up Beyond Belief.

Hoyanation and friends last night's Kenner playoff games were very exciting.  The first game was Clyde's vs. Hoopmagic. With Hoopmagic comprised of mostly Maryland U and George Washington they looked to be dominanted before the game started with so many players as opposed to Clyde's only having six players by the time the game had started.  Clyde's eventually had eight players to Hoopmagics fifteen players coached by Curtis Symonds and Laron Profit.  Hoopmagic looked to be very dominant throughout the game with folks in the stands saying this game is over.  I knew the game wasn't over no matter how many points Clyde's was down.  I had see this team come back many times this summer and win.  I think Clyde's has the most comebacks of any team in Kenner League action this summer.  Hoopmagic's terrible decision making and Clyde's great rebounding (Julian "JuJu" Vaughn) good decision making and two key three pointers from Rashad Whack led them to another terrific comeback win.  Great job for the Comeback Kids (Clyde's).

The second game featured a rematch with the Tombs vs. Beyond Belief.  This game turned out to be another barn burner with Beyond Belief in a big lead against the Tombs.  Beyond Belief's Isaiah led the charge big time with a devestating three point shooting barrage.  I believe he should be in the NBA without a doubt.  Beyond Beliefs experience played a key role in this game.  The Tombs were led once again by Hoya Austin Freeman with his dazzling and heroic play Austin could not be denied.  He put his team on his back in a furious comeback against Beyond Belief.  After that furious comback I think the Tombs really had a chance to comeback and win this game. 

With the Tombs down by three with 2:00 a three pointer was shot and missed and Beyond Belief's Isaiah Swan made them pay with a knock down three on the other end.  Beyond Belief now up by six.  Another ill advised three point shot by the Tombs and Beyond Belief's Isaiah Swan made them pay for that three shot again with another three pointer of his own which put Beyond Belief up by 9.  But Austin Freeman once again put his team on back and got to the free throw line and a couple of calls helped out the Tombs but they could not pull it out with Austin Freeman shooting a long three pointer as time ran out.  Score. 70-67 Beyond Belief. 

Aaron Bowen did not play in the playoff game. Everyone knows he would of been the difference maker in this game, but his Tombs teammates had his back.  I applaud the Tombs heart and courage all summer for the tough play.  They played as team and played fundamental basketball and won lots of game.  I am very proud and pleased of the their hard work because they know "IT'S ALWAYS BASKETBALL SEASON" on the Hilltop.


Hoya Julian "GoGoJuJu" Vaughn

Go Ju Ju Go


Friday, August 6, 2010

Kenner League 8/6/10


Hoyanation and friends it was indeed a Kenner League playoff classic between Hoya Jason Clark and Team Takeover versus Coach Roderick Turner's Team Turner with Team Takeover taking over with a 59-42 blowout.  North Carolina Tar Heel freshman Kendall Marshall teamed up with old high school (Bishop J. O'Connell) teammate Jason Clark.  Kendall "Radar" Marshall's point guard play was on display with him seeing the whole court and making lengthy and great passes.  He did a great job finding the open man.  Team Takeover's harassing was the tale of all tales.  Although midway through the second half Jason Clark and Virginia Tech's Jeff Allen both had four fouls, but the two points guard Kendall Marshall and Elizabeth City's  Blake Price (All-CIAA Tournament Team) did a magnificent job at controlling the offense.  I think that's pretty scary when you have to true point guards on the floor at one time.  Whew, it was hectic.  Team Takeover wouldn't be denied tonight as the "Big Payback" was official.

Virginia Tech's Jeff Allen

Elizabeth City's super point guard sophomore Blake Price


While Team Turner continued to play a lot of "One on One" basketball Team Takeover took fully advantage of the situation.


In other Kenner League playoff action Hoya's Chris Wright and Henry Sims DC Legends fall to A. Washington & Associates in a close knit contest 80-75.  Both Hoyas played an outstanding game against a much older A. Wash squad that featured NBA Sacramento King's player Donte Green.  Brian Chase also led the charge.  A. Wash had a team of 14 or more players and the DC Legends only had 6 players including Chris Wright's older brother Orland Wright Jr. (formerly Bowie State).  I thought the whole team played great with lots of heart.  Henry Sims played well on both ends of the floor.

Tonight's playoff game features Clydes's vs. Hoopmagic (Hoya's Julian "JuJu" Vaughn and Vee Sanford) at 7:00.  The second game of the evening will feature the one and only Tombs Hoya's (Austin Freeman, Nate Lubick, Moses Abraham, Aaron Bowen and Hollis Thompson) vs Isaiah Swann and Beyond Belief. It will be a Great Night to Rememberin Kenner League playoff action.



Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kenner League Preview 8/5/10

Hoya shooting the smooth 3 pointer in Big East action against Seton Hall earlier this season


Hoyanation and friends the James "Jabbo" Kenner Memorial Summer League Playoffs will feature an earlier regular season summer league rematch between Hoya Jason Clark's Team Takeover and Coach Roderick "Screamy McScreamerson" Turner's Team Turner.  With Team Turner winning the first duel I'm sure Team Takeover will be looking forward to getting even.  The game will be played tonight at 7:30 on the Hilltop (Georgetown U's McDonough Gymnasium).


The second game of the night will feature Chris Wright and Henry Sims DC Legend's versus A.-Wash. Associates featuring Brian Chase and Andrew "Spongebob" Washington and company.  This should be a great game also beginning at 8:30.  Chris Wright and Henry Sims have been playing as a one two knock combo and hope to continue tonight in Kenner League playoff action.

Hoya point guard Chris Wright on the move in Big East action against Seton Hall earlier this season

Hoya Henry Sims with the big block against Seton Hall earlier this season in Big East action



Monday, August 2, 2010

Kenner League 8/1


It was another great Sunday for basketball at the James "Jabbo" Kenner Memorial Summer League on the Hilltop.  The first game started off with a bang for Hoya Jason Clark and his Team Takeover teammates versus Hoop Magic.  With a big crowd leftover from the previous high school playoff game between WCAC rivals DeMatha vs. Gonzaga, DeMatha pulled out a one point win to advance in the Kenner High School playoffs. 

I was sitting in the stands before the game, I was very concerned with how many players Hoop Magic had (14) and Team Takeover having only (7) players.  The folks sitting next to me were saying Team Takeover might have a hard time today.  Hoop Magic, a team with George Washington and Maryland players, and a couple of former Maryland players look to be the better team.  This was not the case as Team Takeover came out like warplane breaking the sound barrier. 

Breaking the sound barrier
Hoya Jason Clark and Team Takover, LOL!
I mean I was like wow look at this team's quickness.  Team Takeover also had Virginia Tech's Jeff Allen.  TTO's pressure had bust Hoop Magic's pipes right from the start of the game.  With ten minutes left in the first half the score was 38-13.  The game ended in a blowout with TTO taking the win and a good seed for the playoffs.  With his mom and grandmom in the stand Jason Clark one again showed his explosiveness and quickness to a tee.  There was no denying Team Takeover in the matchup no matter how many players or who Hoop Magic had.  TTO 79 HM 51.  Great job TTO way to go!

The third game of the day featured Clydes' (Julian "JuJu" Vaughn and Vee Sanford) and the Tombs (Nate Lubick, Austin Freeman, Markel Starks, Hollis Thompson, Aaron Bowen two other college players. Hoya Moses Abraham did not play due to minor injury.

The Tombs starting five were all Hoyas' with only one senior.  This game was exciting and fun for me, but I knew these two teams were going to go at each other with both teams having Hoya players.  I ended up clapping for both teams.  Both teams were trading baskets..  The game remained close all the way to the end.  Julian Vaughn had a stellar performance. . 

I think this was great learning experience for Nate to be guarding Julian finding out how much stronger he needs to get going into the season and Big East play.  One thing I can say about Nate he as tough and gritty as any college player I've and just think he's only going into his first year.  He had a couple of throw downs himself and didn't back down from the challenge.  This is why I like the Kenner Summer League, it gives the Hoya players a change to figure out what they need to work on whether it's skill or strength or both.

Teammate Vee Sanford was feeding Julian the ball in the post at will.  JuJu had it his way with ferocious dunks, nice jump hooks, great rebounding, good defense.   Hoya players from both teams played well and played hard.

Although Hoya Jerrelle Benimon's team lost I gotta give that young man mad props for working so hard in every game this summer. He will truly add great strength and rebounding for the Hoyas, and I'm sure he also be scoring in the paint with the strong put backs.  I like that spin move to the hoop JB!

Once again, I gotta give it up for my man Julian "JuJu" Vaughn.  Keep the jump hook up big fella!

Go Ju-Ju Go