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An "amazing" and "historic" week at the 2011 John Thompson III Georgetown Basketball School

Glidehoyas getting ready for the big week at The John Thompson III Georgetown Basketball School
#1 Georgetown fan

My Gtown tees we received I put my son's name over my heart there definitely was a connection the whole week

Glide Team Thunder!

2011 John Thompson III Georgetown Basektball School Champs!
Bottom Row (left to right)  Coach Kent, Kevin Broadus, Lorenzo Foresti, Aaron Nedd
Back Row (left to right):  MVP Cole Randolph, Skyler Speakthunder, Yari Tavani, Most Improved Player Jeremy Collier, Carlos Spatoco

Just one our 4th game team happy and humbled

Hello Hoyanation and friend it's been a minute.  Happy to write to you about my great life experience in an "amazing, magically and historic" week at the 2011 John Thompson III Georgetown Basketball School.  I'm sure when you do something special whether it's for someone else or something special happens to you you can't wait to tell that "magnificient" story to someone. 

Nearly ever year since my son has passed away from osteosarcoma (bone cancer) I have dedicated the Georgetown basketball school to my son in his honor.  So, this gives me a week to teach basketball through life at a place I call my other home and favorite basketball team on any level the Georgetown Hoyas.

Everyday before or during camp, I asked my son to help me do my best no matter what the circumstances contained.  I was going to give 120% not 100%. As always I'm zoned out!  I always believe in going the extra mile to be successful, and it showed duirng this "magical" week.  The camp started June 20, 2011 and ended on June 24, 2011.  I got sick the night of the first day of camp which was on a Monday.  It was cool outside and cold inside the gymnasium and I had been sweating.  

The combination did not go well, but that didn't stop me because I knew I was on a mission.  At the end of camp Coach Thompson said, "I didn't think you would make it."   Thank God I did, and thank you Chavis for giving me that extra "umph."   It seems when you do something for someone you love and miss you go the extra two miles to reach your goal's of success.  Speaking of going the extra mile check out this photo of my point guard Aaron Nedd after we had won our 5 straight game.  Talking about being humble and reading. Great thing!

Was great to work alongside former Hoya great's Dikembe Mutombo and Al Harrington.  Former Hoya great Dikembe Mutombo as camp counselor at the 2011 John Thompson III Georgetown Basketball School this to say about the camp, "It's a lot of work!," Mutombo said.  "It's not as easy as I thought it was going to be.  You have to be here at eight in the morning and you move as the kids are moving, so it's not easy."

Campers from Italy gather around to take a photo with former Wizard Coach Eddie Jordan and Dikembe Mutombo before camp starts.  The Italian kids are really good and tough.

To the left in white Hoya tee Coach Kenya Hunter, Coach David Howze, (blue), Othella Harrington (blue) and Coach Brennan in white Hoya shirt talking to campers

Camp counselors and Dikembe Mutombo chatting before camp starts

Glidehoyas and former Hoya great big man Dikembe Mutombo at the 2011 John Thompson III Georgetown Basketball School

Oklahoma City Thunder Superstar Kevin Durant stops through McDonough to say hello

One of my players doing the layup the right way love the development of players

Outside teaching the game of basketball at the John Thompson III Basketball School

Trying to get everyone together so we can even the teams out

One of my kids pushing the rock with me in the background saying, "Push It"

I was assigned Team 6 and that team ended up being called the Thunder in the NBA Division the camps highest division.  After the camps stations, 3 on 3's, one on one's and free throw shooting contests we had our games particularly after lunch.  Either I'm refereeing or we're playing the first game after lunch whichever way the game schedule's are.  Anyways, that part of the day is the "most" challenging and of course rewarding.  Having to referee and then coach was a "tough" task, but as always I would mentally prepare myself through any circumstance. 

Of course, refereeing requires lots of energy and running.  Was I up for the tasks?  Yes, I was I had no choice, I was still on a mission.  Coaching was just what it was coaching.  Being  vocal, giving directions, motivating, staying confident, stay focused, teaching and most of all keeping everthing in perspective because I knew this was a camp for kids to "develop" in, not me trying to win at all costs.  If a kid could not keep control of the ball in a dribbling drill but in the fourth day of camp he could "now" control the dribble.  That's just "one" of the things that gets me excited about coaching the game of basketball the "fundamentals and development."  

To make a long story short all of games were very competitive, but I looked at the clock and then told my team to look at the clock and to keep our heads up we still have a ways to go.  They did!  The Thunder hung in there and pulled out the win in our first game of the day.  We also won our second game of the day and were 2-0.  

I was happy for our team in what they had accomplished for the day, but I told my team, "hey, guys we have to stay focused and take it one game at a time.  Other teams are going to be talking trash to you and me, and they were, but by me keeping everything in perspective knowing this camp is a "developmental" camp it really didn't bother me too much."  But, I did say to one kid, "okay now if my team beats your team, don't start crying and complaining, and he said, "okay coach, bet."  Our team beat their's and the young man was very complimentary after the game, and I told him good job.

For the rest of the week my team the Thunder continued to win and remain undefeated, but believe me that was the hardest thing to do staying undefeated.  "As a coach there are some players you worry about and you worry, how can I stop their best player from attacking and scoring at will?"  This wasn't very hard to figure out as it seemed my son was around in spirit. There was a quick thought in my head, "most importantly after my team shoots the ball whether they miss the shot or make it, get back quickly on defense because these team's best players love to attack, so once everyone quickly gets back on defense, close off all the lanes, but I had to quickly coach them to accomplish these tasks, it worked I was like ah man, thanks Chavis."   

This is one of many times I knew my son was guiding me right through the hard work and storms my team had to overcome especially going into the semifinals and the final game.  The semifinal game was a hard game because we had to play back to back games.  My team was completely tired and drained.  It was Thursday and they had gave it everything they had even myself.  I calmly said a prayer and asked Chavis to give me some energy so I/we could finish this camp off with a bang.  We did!  This time it was for the 2011 John Thompson III Georgetown Basketball School NBA Divison Championship at 7-0!  My team won in what Coach Thompson said, "this is the best championship I've ever seen in the history of the Georgetown Basketball School."  

When he said this I was "stunned and thankful!"  I jokingly said and to my son, "Chavis what did you do?"  The championship game was very very competitive filled with lots of drama.  The game went into "double overtime."  Who would of imagined or visioned this is the way the championship would turn out.  Yes,  you probably here some folks saying, "it's just a camp championship and what have you." 

Keep in mind these games in this and camp are for the kids, and those players wanted to win, so I showed them how to win.  I could see that they were new to all of this, and had no clue on what it took to wina championship on any level, but after they won they overcame "adversity and doubt," they learned how to win, and become champions. Our team had the MVP Cole Randoph and Most Improved Player Jeremy Collier in two other accomplishments of the our team the Thunder!  I could definitely feels my son's presence.  I was filled with so much unbelievable emotion I did cry but it was more like tears of joy, it sure felt good and I really enjoyed those moments and will treasure them forever!  Thank you Coach Thompson, Georgetown, and the Georgetown Basketball School, it was truly like a story with a great story book ending.  Unbelievable, thank you Chavis for guiding me man always a pleasure son.

John Thompson Jr. and Georgetown University President DeGioia

 Reach One Teach One

Coach John Thompson III congratulating me and Team Thunder for our double overtime win in the Georgetown Basketball School Championship he dubbed as the most exciting and competive game ever played at this school...

Team Thunder receiving their 2011 Georgetown Basketball School championship trophies from Coach Thompson III and Coach Kirby...I'm congratulating my players...I think I'm the shortest out there lol

One of my players receiving his trophy from Coach Thompson...I'm reading off the names of the champs...Champ standing beside was my point guard...

One more trophy to hand out to the kid all the way to the left that hit the 3 pointer to send the game into overtime...

MVP first gray tee and over to the left in the gray tee is the Most Improved Player

One last huddle for Team Thunder

Farewell Team Thunder man I love this team...

I was taking a photo of a couple of the kids from Italy, but all of them jump into the photo love these kids they were awesome and very competitive

After camp was over I went home and thought about my son Chavis and how I would like to have a trophy for him...Thanks Coach Thompson III

Chavis and I

Peace and Love Hoyanation and friends!

I still do it all for you son, didn't know I could you gave me the okay, so I just wanted to thank you Chavis and thank the Georgetown Basketball School for giving me the opportunity to spread my wings for you and our team Thunder!  


Some stuff from Facebook I wrote and the comments from others lol:

my kids are doing well at the Georgetown Basketball School they are working very hard and are 4-0 this school is also dedicated to my son Chavis how awesome

June 23 at 8:20am via Mobile Web ·  · 

Kent Adrian

Man, I cried after we won the John Thompson III Georgetown Basketball Championship, why, it's the only time I really get to dedicate and do something for my son Chavis, and he sure was watching over my team and I. That one was for you Chavis and thank you and I love you, oh believe me for those who do not believe in spirits, well...
June 24 at 4:28pm ·  · 

    • Kent Adrian I was so happy and proud of those young men they dug down deep inside and took every blow every team had we went 7-0 for the week! Great job Team Thunder! We made it rain!
      June 24 at 4:29pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Louis Hinnant Congrats man...I kno that was pretty emotional, summer aint over tho, how many ships u gon get not 4,5,6,7,8 ships (LAYBRON VOICE) LOL
      June 24 at 4:39pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Mary Beth Corrigan Congratulations!!!! You dedicate everything to Chavis. But I get why this is so special.
      June 24 at 4:43pm · 

    • Kent Adrian 
      Byrd LOLOLOLOLOLOL yup mane, I knew Chav would be around because he knew I was dedicating this for me and with that said I/we did our best I pushed those young men as far as they could go and my God they prevailed big time, they got knock d...See More

      June 24 at 4:46pm · 

      June 24 at 4:47pm · 

    • Kent Adrian 
      I'm just glad I got all the tears of joy out before I had to walk out and call my team up to get their trophies they earned, this should send them off to be leaders for the high school teams. The Italians were the greatest man, man I love ...See More

      June 24 at 4:49pm · 

    • Kent Adrian Oh, BTW I was sick all week but when it came to these players Chavis had my back on that also. Coach Thompson said, "I didn't think you were gonna make it through the week on Monday", I said to myself me neither, but someone was like, "I gotchu dad"...WOW!
      June 24 at 4:51pm · 

    • Kent Adrian Okay that's enough for me before I start welling again LOL! :)
      June 24 at 4:51pm · 

    • Damian Pitts Good win today, dawg.
      June 24 at 6:56pm · 

    • Kent Adrian My.thanks man so happy for those youngins and my son I guess this is how the story
      June 24 at 7:07pm · 

    • Kent Adrian Goes wow Glide wit me
      June 24 at 7:09pm · 

    • William Licamele congrats man and im sure son was watching over you and those italian kids way to go wayto go go hoyas young and old new and future...im sure they had a GREAT coach with much passion and im sure they played TEAM BBALL AND HAD SOME POINT GUARD POINTERS way to go so nice to see you on the outside of mcdonough
      June 24 at 9:50pm ·  ·  1 person

Coach John Thompson III said, "this was the greatest championship game ever played in the history of the Georgetown Basketball School! Oh my! Chavis, it was all for you :0)
June 24 at 4:34pm ·  · 

Coach Kent big man chavis was with u all week he is always with you helping you bring home the championship! Congrats my man! you deserve it
June 24 at 10:54pm ·  ·  · See Friendship

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    • Kent Adrian Man Joe that place erupted like never before...Couldn't believe what coach said...in the history of his basketball school never has there been a championship game like ours, soooooooo proud of them youngins 7-0 Joe and thanks my dude!!! :0)
      June 24 at 11:10pm · 

Feelling a lil better still recovering after a great emotional week at the Georgetown Basketball School. I gave it my all for my team's school, son, and my players. Happy to see my players do something they probably thought they couldn't achieve at the time. The did! Now they really know how tough they are. Team Thunder you struck and it poured you are the 2011 GBS Champs! :0)
Saturday at 3:43pm ·  · 

    • Mary Beth Corrigan You're the best. Proud to be your friend.
      Saturday at 4:32pm · 

    • Kent Adrian One eye red big blister on big underneath big toe, sick all week also, but again we all know the story now :0)
      Saturday at 5:00pm · 

    • Mary Beth Corrigan Rest and get better. Kenner's next week.
      Saturday at 5:03pm · 

    • Kent Adrian Mary, you're so there I was going to see some great summer league ball today, not, exactly, just poured some vision lol, more orange juice drinking and sleep thank youuuuu...
      Saturday at 5:07pm · 

    • Mary Beth Corrigan Something's going around. You're just one of several fB buddies really sick. Just take care. My turn is probably next.
      Saturday at 5:09pm · 

    • Kent Adrian someone else said the same lol
      Saturday at 5:09pm ·