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Hoyabound Jabril Trawick glides through the spring doing his thing on the basketball court

Fly  Like  an  Eagle

Hello Hoyanation and friends, it's been a while.  As of late, I've been thinking about doing a blog special on Hoyabound Jabril Trawick simply because of the success and hard work he has displayed so far this spring/offseason.  Jabril has been playing nonstop basketball since his high school basketball ended in March.  

Jabril definitely loves the game of basketball and is a very fierce competitor with lots of confidence.  His mindset and intensity almost puts you in the mindset of a great Hoya and national champion Michael  Graham.  From Philly, New York and New Jersey Jabril has made big strides in every game and tournament he has played in winning dunk contests and MVP awards. 

I think this its a great thing for Georgetown basketball and Hoyanation and friends.  The work ethic, determination and the will to win is what it's all about with Jabril.  Hoyanation should appreciate the type of student and player they now have.  

Staying focused, humble and determined in the classroom and on the court Jabril will be very successful in life.  Some recruiters that were there keeping track of the games were treating the game and sent me additional information, and I thank them for their expertise at hand.

I wanted to put all of his hard work and spring accomplishments into one format. The recruiters had many great things to say about the Hoyabound Jabril Trawick.  He plans on spreading some of that Philly love to the DMV.  He knows DC Is Our Playground!  

The Philly news on twitter kept me updated during the game on Hoyabound recruit Jabril Trawick

@SportsInq @GlideHoyas Trawick has 10 in the 1st half, sporting Hoya shorts as well. Thrown down a few dunks too

@SportsInq Jabril Trawick leaves the game after stealing the show in the All-Star Labor Classic. 4 skying dunks, a few doinks as well. @GlideHoyas

@SportsInq @Glidehoyas Suburbans come back in 2nd half and win 114-111 athe All Star labor Classic

@SportsInq @GlideHoyas Jabril Trawick finished with 14 points, 4 rebs, 4 assists. Points was tied for team high, 2-short of game high

The Hoyas really have a SPECIAL player in Trawick!  Check out the article from the online

Jabril Trawick also played in the IS8 Tournament held in New York City check out this links.

according to NYPost_Brazille on  Twitter

@ECoastBias @GlideHoyas he was solid with 14 points. Got into it with Harrison after the game.


@GlideHoyas yeah just talk nothing physical


@GlideHoyas nah lost by 4 good game tho

Jabril and his team lost in the Final Four game today 5/21

The Battle of Brotherly Love Trailer (North Philly)

The Battle of Brotherly Love Trailer (South Philly)

Battle  of  Brotherly  Love  
Check  out  Jabril 's' killer  crossover  27  seconds  into  the  video

Hoyabound Jabril Trawick gets the Battle of Brotherly Love MVP


Jabril Trawick a future Georgetown Hoya showing out right now early in the game

@JonRothstein (CBS Sports Net)

Jabril Trawick is a great get for Georgetown. Burly wing will do major things for the Hoyas.


@TheHoopsReport Jabril Trawick and Angel Nunez will have a dunk-off for the Dunk Contest Championship here at the Mary Kline Classic.  

@TheHoopsReport Jabril Trawick just threw down a between-the-legs dunk in the 2nd round. That will be a perfect 50.

@TheHoopsReport How do you top that? Angel Nunez just threw down a between-the-legs dunk off the bounce from the opposite side of the rim.

@TheHoopsReport Jabril Trawick and Angel Nunez are both athletic freaks, especially Trawick. Watch out for both in the Big East next year.

@TheHoopsReport Georgetown-bound Jabril Trawick won the Dunk Contest. He threw down a 360 dunk to win it.

@TheHoopsReport 2nd half here at the Mary Kline Classic. Jabril Trawick and Tyler Harris are studs. Both of them will be in the NBA in my opinion.

@TheHoopsReport Jabril Trawick really fills it up, does a little of everything. Very efficient player, very athletic, good get for Georgetown.

@TheHoopsReport Jabril Trawick and Jerrell Wright won co-MVPs of the Mary Kline Classic. Trawick 17 pts, 8 reb, 3 ast. Wright 14 pts, 9 reb

Hoyabound Jabril Trawick warming up for the 1st Annual Mary Kline Classic Dunk Contest 
photos courtesy of Stephen Goldsmith (@Goldsmith_Man on Twitter)

Georgetown bound Jabril Trawick wins 1st Annual Mary Kline Classic Dunk Contest on a "360" dunk

Jabril Trawick in MVP attack mode in 2011 Mary Kline Classic

Alex Kline ( gives Hoyabound Jabril Trawick his winning slam dunk contest trophy

Co-MVP's Hoya Jabril Trawick and Jerrell Wright
Founder of the Mary Kline Classic Alex Kline (middle)

You can look at both 360 winning dunks right on this website just scroll down

Georgetown bound Jabril Trawick won the slam dunk contest at the Mary Kline Classic as all of his dunks received 50s from the judges


Georgetown bound Jabril Trawick & La Salle bound Jerrell Wright were named co-MVP's of the Mary Kline Classic Black & Red game.


Mary Kline Classic co-MVPs Jabril Trawick finished with 17 points & 8 rebounds, while Jerrell Wright had 14 points & 9 rebounds

Check out recruiter Adam Zagoria's blog on The Mary Kline Classic in Pennington, New Jersey


"Failing is a part climbing, but do climb" - John Thompson Jr.


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