Sunday, March 30, 2014

Will "yoga" be a part of the Hoyas regimen?

While watching the March Madness game Wisconsin vs. Arizona and I was on Twitter, I saw this cool photo of future Hoya Isaac Copeland and some of his teammates doing some yoga at his school (Brewster Academy, Wolfeboro, NH). The Bobcats high school winter prep basketball season is over so now spring sportsand yoga are going on. I thought is was an amazing to sight to see one of our own doing something different and creative such as yoga. I think this would be a great idea for Isaac to bring his yoga to the Hilltop for his teammates and staff. How about it Hoyanation?

#11 Future Hoya Isaac Copeland championship highlights

It's been known for some time that Georgetown Hoya great  and NBA Hall of Famer Alozonz Mourning practices yoga, "I truly think that yoga is the fountain of youth. I really do." Click here for Alonzon's story>>>Young Warrior.

Even basketball teams get in the mix doing yoga! Click here>>>Baseball teams such as the Athletics take the yoga approach

Monday, March 17, 2014

A shining moment for me in the historic & classic ESPN 30for30 film "Requiem For The Big East"

The Message... Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five 

photo credit: Raymond Hatcher

Check out my Vine on>>>Requiem For The Big East  

What a story this would be! I thought I'd write in my blog about this dramatic & magical experience. Ever since the announcement of the airing of the new ESPN 30for30 film "Requiem For The Big East" I've watched a couple of trailers on Youtube before the show aired. While watching this unique, historic and classic film on ESPN, I was "shocked" to see myself on my television screen during this Big East classic and historic film. I was already filled with mixed emotions about this film because I lived through this great era of college basketball during the 80's. Definitely a big shout out the producer, a true Hoya fan, Ezar Edelman. Thanks Dan Steinberg for this great article! Click here for Dan Steinberg's article on 30for30 Requiem For The Big East's Ezra Edelman

I've never would've thought I get a clip in thiis historic film on ESPN. Well, least to say I a ton of emotions hit me unexpectedly because I was a big fan of Georgetown in the 1980's. I remember a lot of those great games played on Channel 5 in Washington, D.C. 

On nights when the Hoyas played you knew you were in for a treat, you also knew you were in for a battle. I've never seen a college basketball team as dominant and fierce as the Hoyas were back in the 80's. Team's had a major fear of playing the Hoyas, and I could see this in their eyes and body language in those games. 

Seeing the beginning of the Big East form and the games played all the way up until the end was SICK! The last game played of the old Big East Tournament at "The Mecca" in The World's Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden on ESPN's 30for30 "Requiem For The Big East" was all of it. 

I just want to say thanks ESPN and ESPN 30for30 for showing that clip of me in this classic film.. It meant the world to me. I don't know how it ended up like that that but man what a story. That's a special moment I would've wanted my son to see so we could laugh so hard until our stomach hurts. What an amazing and stunning moment, sort of like seeing a dream on a screen. The new Big East is here. Thank you Dave Gavitt. Thank you coaches of the old Big East you made it what it was. REAL RIVALARIES! Hoya Saxa! 

My story>>>Georgetown Die Hard Integral Part Of Fan Base Thank you Kevin Wessel  ...While working at "The John Thompson Basketball School" I dedicate this basketball to my son every summer. Hoya Saxa! 

Check out this story, sometimes these stories never die>>> A big shout out to Gene Wang, Post Sports for this story.

Clap it up Hoyanation! 

It will be fun playing in here tomorrorw.night.Hoyas vs. West Virginia, a classic 

I'll be clapping it up for my Hoyas tomorrow night in the lengendary and classic McDonough Gymnasium
photo credit: Christine Burns 

Clapping it for you son! 

The little guy with the big heart with the ball his freshman year of high school (Mount Vernon, VA) 

This past summer I caught the legendary Reggie Williams peeping his 1984 National Championship memories out, this was classic! 

 1984 National Champions! Hoya Saxa! 


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The New Big East Tournament is here

My theme song... "Leave all your troubles behind & GLIDEEEE"

It's a new season! It's officially here. The Big East Tournament is here! Yes, it's different. It's a new conference. A pretty good conference and a competitive one as well. Although Louisville, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Notre Dame, South Florida, Connecticut and of course one of our biggest Big East rivalries in the history of college hoops, the Syracuse Orangemen have went onto difference conferences, (American Athletic Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference) and the new Big East has move forward and know we're here.

With Selection Sunday a few days away the Hoyas know they need a good showing in the BET. The Hoyas have had an up and down season, but has always figured out a way to bounce back and win. Hopefully this will be the case tonight when the Hoyas meet the DePaul Blue Demons for the third time this season winning both home and away games

This is a tournament and we all know how unpredictable things can get. One team is playing with nothing to lose, and one team is playing for a chance to go to March Madness. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to winning these tourney games and moving forward one game at a time. We mustn't look beyond DePaul. The Hoyas know with a win tonight they'll be moving on to play Creighton. This is a fact, but the focus is on what the Hoyas have to as a team to stop DePaul, that's the plan, and nothing else.

No so called "trap game" here folks. I think our team just needs to go out and have fun most of all. Of course they need to play hard and smart, but most of all have fun. I think in some of our road games this season, the Hoyas have been tensed up pretty much, I don't know for sure, just my observation on a couple of road games I've been too, but I do know sometimes the pressure can get the best of you on the road if you let it. You have to always step your game up especially on the road. You have to be just as aggressive because some of those calls that you may have gotten with at your home venue you may not get in road games, but one thing for sure the Hoyas consider the world's greatest arena their other home as well. Let's get back to our winning ways Hoyas one game at a time. 

Things to do:

Before the game "visualize" what you're going to do.

Come out attacking the paint or immediately give your big/bigs the ball in the paint.

Cut down on early turnovers and fouls, count down on turnovers, period! Don't give the game away! 

Communicate and point communicate especially on defense (very important) 

After a shot, follow your shot

Keep moving without the ball
Stay low on defense, slide your feet, hands out

Shooters stay in triple threat before you received the ball so you can look like a threat and/or be a threat 

Be aggressive, go and get the ball, it's your's 

Play smart, play hard, and have fun

Good to see my high school, friend and JV football teammate and Georgetown Alumni David Wingate in NYC for the 30th anniversary of Gtown's 1984 National Championship. Reggie Williams, a Georgetown great is on the right of this photo. 

Earlier this season inside of the McDonough Gymnasium I took a photo of Reggie Williams looking at his 1984 National Championship trophy case, this was a sight to see, I'm just glad that I caught this shot. It was simply amazing

Don't forget to watch this ... 


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My thoughts on Hoyas 75-63 win vs. Creighton

First off Hoyanation, I'd like to give a shout out to our Georgetown Hoyas seniors, thank you Markel Starks, Joe Caprio, Moses Ayegba, Aaron Bowen and Nate Lubick for your hard work on and off of the basketball court. You guys are some amazing Hoyas!

poster made by the Georgetown Stonewalls

Seniors, you deserve a STANDING OVATION! 

There was a great sense of urgency for the Hoyas versus Creighton. The Hoyas were up and ready for the challenge. They weren't letting the Blue Jays get their first away win in our house, the Verizon Center aka "Phone Booth!" The Hoyas DEFENSE, my my my especially the way Hopkins and Bowen play McDermott. "As much as Aaron did a terrific job, I thought Mikael did a terrific job guarding McDermott. I thought between Aaron Bowen and Mikael Hopkins we did an outstanding job on McDermott... It has to be a group effort."Doug McDermott: "[Hopkins and Bowen] are two great defenders. Hopkins one of the more physical defenders I've ever faced."

Georgetown held No. 13 Creighton to 39.7 percent from the field and 34.5 percent from three. McDermott scored 22 points, Gibbs had 17.

The Hoyas defense shut everything down for the Blue Jays. The Hoyas defense made it hard for Creighton to get a shot off, and if the Blue Jays did get a shot off, they had to work awfully hard to get one off. Junior Jabril Trawick's defense has been stellar since his return from a broken jaw. "Having Jabril on the floor adds a lot of depth. "His intensity, his attitude is infectious. Everyone feeds off it." - JTIII

Doug McDermott: "I knew Georgetown would come in with a lot of energy. They are a much better team with Trawick."

Father and son agreed a more subtle difference in the two games was the presence of 6-foot-5 guard Jabril Trawick. He missed the game in Omaha while he was recovering from a broken jaw but scored 15 points and grabbed seven rebounds in the rematch.
“They're a much different team with Trawick,” Doug McDermott said. “He just brings so much energy to that team. He got that easy dunk in transition, and that gave them a lot of confidence the rest of the game.”
Trawick took an alley-oop, fast-break pass from Starks and threw down the dunk to give Georgetown its first double-digit lead in the first half.
“Jabril makes a huge difference,” Greg McDermott said. “When he's knocking down a couple of perimeter shots like he did tonight to go with his ability to be physical in the lane, that's a pretty good combination.”
There were just a few times Creighton were left open, but the Hoyas quickly shut this down as well. It's good too see the Hoyas with a major shot blocker in junior Mikael Hopkins. I noticed those crucial blocks in the paint especially a big one on the All-American Doug McDermott. The crowd went loco off of that block. The only thing Hopkins didn't do after that play was Mutombo's finger wag. No worries, I did it for him at my seat.Hopkins had 10 points, five rebound, five blocks and just two fouls. Trawick had 15 points and seven boards.

DSR finishes with 18 points and 12 boards for the . Starks had 17 points and 11 assists. Great numbers for both.

Starks senior night stats: 5-10 shooting, 2-4 3PT, 5-5 FT, 17 points, 11 assists, 1 turnover and three steals. OUTSTANDING!

The Hoyas shot 54% on the game and 38.6 from beyond the arc. Free throws the shot 14-for-21.

Sometimes things are done differernt ways, sometimes in ways we'd least expect them to be...the one thing about it tomorrow will be a new day, what do we do, where do we go, how do we do it, we have to come up with some solutions, oh, God I pray help me this one here ...aha, got it!  "I think we're at a point now where we can stay with this group [JTIII] and we know how to skin the cat. We've just got to go do it. There has been a lot of change going through the season... The constant has been our guys' work ethic."

From CBSSports college basketball analyst Jon Rothstein via Twitter last night: Stop Ethan Wragge, stop Creighton. Georgetown held the sharpshooter to 3 points on 1-6 FGs. Won the game.

Bits and pieces

» Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman and NCAA President Mark Emmert were in attendance Tuesday night.
» Smith-Rivera posted his first career double-double with 18 points and 12 rebounds. His rebound total was a career high.
» Georgetown's Mikael Hopkins tied his career high with five blocked shots. The Hoyas finished the game with eight blocks.

Starks wicked and sick crossover move was well noticed by everyone who watched the game including David Owens, a sportscaster for  WUSA9 here in Washington D.C., who made his comment known on Twitter and I also retweeted his tweet. Here it is: Markel Starks just walked the yo-yo on that defender..gutty kid from Accokeek gotta luv him. Me, replying via my Twitter handle (@Glidehoyas): "That MOVE was A.Iversonish! Wow!"

David: ha ha Yes!

Don't Look Back Something Might Be Gaining On You - Satche Paige