Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The New Big East Tournament is here

My theme song... "Leave all your troubles behind & GLIDEEEE"

It's a new season! It's officially here. The Big East Tournament is here! Yes, it's different. It's a new conference. A pretty good conference and a competitive one as well. Although Louisville, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Notre Dame, South Florida, Connecticut and of course one of our biggest Big East rivalries in the history of college hoops, the Syracuse Orangemen have went onto difference conferences, (American Athletic Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference) and the new Big East has move forward and know we're here.

With Selection Sunday a few days away the Hoyas know they need a good showing in the BET. The Hoyas have had an up and down season, but has always figured out a way to bounce back and win. Hopefully this will be the case tonight when the Hoyas meet the DePaul Blue Demons for the third time this season winning both home and away games

This is a tournament and we all know how unpredictable things can get. One team is playing with nothing to lose, and one team is playing for a chance to go to March Madness. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to winning these tourney games and moving forward one game at a time. We mustn't look beyond DePaul. The Hoyas know with a win tonight they'll be moving on to play Creighton. This is a fact, but the focus is on what the Hoyas have to as a team to stop DePaul, that's the plan, and nothing else.

No so called "trap game" here folks. I think our team just needs to go out and have fun most of all. Of course they need to play hard and smart, but most of all have fun. I think in some of our road games this season, the Hoyas have been tensed up pretty much, I don't know for sure, just my observation on a couple of road games I've been too, but I do know sometimes the pressure can get the best of you on the road if you let it. You have to always step your game up especially on the road. You have to be just as aggressive because some of those calls that you may have gotten with at your home venue you may not get in road games, but one thing for sure the Hoyas consider the world's greatest arena their other home as well. Let's get back to our winning ways Hoyas one game at a time. 

Things to do:

Before the game "visualize" what you're going to do.

Come out attacking the paint or immediately give your big/bigs the ball in the paint.

Cut down on early turnovers and fouls, count down on turnovers, period! Don't give the game away! 

Communicate and point communicate especially on defense (very important) 

After a shot, follow your shot

Keep moving without the ball
Stay low on defense, slide your feet, hands out

Shooters stay in triple threat before you received the ball so you can look like a threat and/or be a threat 

Be aggressive, go and get the ball, it's your's 

Play smart, play hard, and have fun

Good to see my high school, friend and JV football teammate and Georgetown Alumni David Wingate in NYC for the 30th anniversary of Gtown's 1984 National Championship. Reggie Williams, a Georgetown great is on the right of this photo. 

Earlier this season inside of the McDonough Gymnasium I took a photo of Reggie Williams looking at his 1984 National Championship trophy case, this was a sight to see, I'm just glad that I caught this shot. It was simply amazing

Don't forget to watch this ... 


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