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A shining moment for me in the historic & classic ESPN 30for30 film "Requiem For The Big East"

The Message... Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five 

photo credit: Raymond Hatcher

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What a story this would be! I thought I'd write in my blog about this dramatic & magical experience. Ever since the announcement of the airing of the new ESPN 30for30 film "Requiem For The Big East" I've watched a couple of trailers on Youtube before the show aired. While watching this unique, historic and classic film on ESPN, I was "shocked" to see myself on my television screen during this Big East classic and historic film. I was already filled with mixed emotions about this film because I lived through this great era of college basketball during the 80's. Definitely a big shout out the producer, a true Hoya fan, Ezar Edelman. Thanks Dan Steinberg for this great article! Click here for Dan Steinberg's article on 30for30 Requiem For The Big East's Ezra Edelman

I've never would've thought I get a clip in thiis historic film on ESPN. Well, least to say I a ton of emotions hit me unexpectedly because I was a big fan of Georgetown in the 1980's. I remember a lot of those great games played on Channel 5 in Washington, D.C. 

On nights when the Hoyas played you knew you were in for a treat, you also knew you were in for a battle. I've never seen a college basketball team as dominant and fierce as the Hoyas were back in the 80's. Team's had a major fear of playing the Hoyas, and I could see this in their eyes and body language in those games. 

Seeing the beginning of the Big East form and the games played all the way up until the end was SICK! The last game played of the old Big East Tournament at "The Mecca" in The World's Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden on ESPN's 30for30 "Requiem For The Big East" was all of it. 

I just want to say thanks ESPN and ESPN 30for30 for showing that clip of me in this classic film.. It meant the world to me. I don't know how it ended up like that that but man what a story. That's a special moment I would've wanted my son to see so we could laugh so hard until our stomach hurts. What an amazing and stunning moment, sort of like seeing a dream on a screen. The new Big East is here. Thank you Dave Gavitt. Thank you coaches of the old Big East you made it what it was. REAL RIVALARIES! Hoya Saxa! 

My story>>>Georgetown Die Hard Integral Part Of Fan Base Thank you Kevin Wessel  ...While working at "The John Thompson Basketball School" I dedicate this basketball to my son every summer. Hoya Saxa! 

Check out this story, sometimes these stories never die>>> A big shout out to Gene Wang, Post Sports for this story.

Clap it up Hoyanation! 

It will be fun playing in here tomorrorw.night.Hoyas vs. West Virginia, a classic 

I'll be clapping it up for my Hoyas tomorrow night in the lengendary and classic McDonough Gymnasium
photo credit: Christine Burns 

Clapping it for you son! 

The little guy with the big heart with the ball his freshman year of high school (Mount Vernon, VA) 

This past summer I caught the legendary Reggie Williams peeping his 1984 National Championship memories out, this was classic! 

 1984 National Champions! Hoya Saxa! 


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