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Monday, July 25, 2011

Great weekend at Kenner!

Nike Pro City

Hot Fun In the Summertime
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Hoyanation and friends, it was a great weekend at Nike Pro City Kenner League.  Believe it or not I missed last weekend's games, but thanks to twitter I all the information I need from those games played last weekend.  I also missed Friday's games.  Now, that was truly my fault because I had forgotten there were games that day, and I was right in Georgetown at Georgetown Players, a sports store on Wisconsin Avenue getting some Hoyas gear. 

It was good to see my Hoyas in action and for the most part all of them played well.  I'm really excited about the Hoyas big men especially senior Henry Sims and sophomore Moses Ayegba.  I see more mature and hungry Sims.  In Ayegba I see a very hard worker who is relentless on the boards on both ends of the court, and runs the floor like a deer.  I think Sims is ready to get the starting nod this season along with sophomore Nate Lubick in the paint.  Whatever the case, these two big men are proving and determined day by day to be worthy of starting for the Hoyas this upcoming season.  Also in the paint we have the youngins Mikael Hopkins and Tyler Adams

These are two young gifted and hard nosed big men that will also be a force to be reckoned with in due time.  The Tombs looked very poised on Saturday, but let this one get away from them.  The couldn't hold off  Jeff Green.  Jeff Green did not play with the Tombs this time, he was the opponent.  The Tombs were playing great the whole game with freshman Jabril Trawick running the point and controlling the tempo of the game. One thing that I did learn from this game is that the young Tombs are poised, confident and determined.  They did not get shaken as expected in the game from many people. 

They shut a lot of mouths up with their poise in Saturday's game.  I'd like to give a shout out to Coach Rodney Turner and his team Team Turner.  Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson is the lone Hoya who plays for Coach Turner.  Hollis played well and Team Turner came out with the victory.  Another Len Elmore sighting in McDonough gymnasium.  At least Mr. Elmore will know what to say about our Hoyas and especially the five freshmen on ESPN or CBS.  Sophomore Markel Starks has done a terrific job running the point guard position this summer and continues to do so.  He's working hard on his shooting.  I do know Markel can shoot the rock consistently, so this will come and when it does lookout.  Because of his quickness Markel's on the ball defense is spectacular. 

This will be the last weekend of the Kenner league regular season.  The playoffs will start next week.  The two top teams in the league are Team Turner and Beyond Belief.  The Tombs are right behind.  If you can come out this weekend that would be great.  See you there at Kenner.  Hoyasaxa

Shout out to Len Elmore for coming to check our Hoyas out at the Nike Pro City Kenner League


Friday, July 15, 2011

Kenner League Week 3

I hope everyone had a great week Hoyanation and friends.  Kenner League is going into it's third week already.  It's already the middle of July.  It seem as if July 4 was yesterday.  Anyways, let's get down to business.  I didn't blog for last Sunday, so I'll just do a small recap on last Sunday's games.  I'll start with Team Turner's and Hoya Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson's great performance.  I got a chance to see Hollis play, and he has gotten bigger and definitely stronger.  It even looks as if he has grown some.

Early in the first, half Hollis seemed was trying to get his wind, but before the half ended Hollis turned it up running the floor for a fast break layup.  Hollis looked like a different player than he did this past season. He was aggressively in attack mode especially in the second half.  His team Team Turner blew out the legnedary Awash mob, by a very convincing margin.

Hollis' intensity on defense and offense was big time.  In the second half, it was all Hollywood.  He indeed put on a show.  Hardly no mistakes.  He was doing everything on both ends of the court. Rebounding, getting steals, passing the ball and playing great team basketball.

Thompson looked like a man "possessed" out on the court on Sunday.  Coach Rodney dapping him up before and during the game.  Coach Rodney knew his best player was back.  Personally, I could tell Hollis had been putting up some shots a great deal because he was knocking down three's from all over the place. Off the dribble in transition three pointers.  Hollis' ball handling has gotten a lot better.  He's been working.  Hollywood is BACK!

Last Sunday I arrived a little late for the DCX vs. Clyde's game.  Hoyas' Markel Starks and Henry Sims both play for DCX and Nate Lubick, Aaron Bowen and Jeff Green played for Clyde's.  Jeff normally plays with the Tombs, but they didn't play on Sunday.  It was great to see big, tough guy Nate back in action.  Nate played well and aggressive as always.  Got into foul trouble but he was okay.  Everyone was awaiting his arrival this summer.  All Hoyas' play hard in this game.  I think what tickled me the most was watching Sims defend Jeff Green.  It was almost like little brother playing against big brother in the back yard. 

Sims was holding his own but Jeff would take him to school on occasions, but I like the way Henry hung in there and kept challenging Jeff.  I think if Henry continues to play hard this summer, and works hard in practice this season he should be able to start at center.  At least that's what I'm hoping, he or Moses to start alongside big Nate.  Either would be fine, but I do know both will be ready.  I can see Henry battling Big Moses "Vice Grip" Ayegba for the center spot in practice.  All the bigs will battle, but it will come down to experience, and toughness.  Markel was at the helm and played well.  Still needs to work on properly feeding the post.  This should be the "first" place he looks to feed the ball to the big man or attack and shoot the "floater."

I would love to see the Hoyas' practices man ol' man.  Jabril going against Markel in practice.  As a coach I'd love this because it
make the both of them better and cohesive on court come gametime.  Lots of time I put the best against the best in practice because they play so well together in games. 

Team Takeover's and Hoya Jason Clark was all of it.  His ballhandling and decision making has gotten better.  He had his "jet shoes" on again, and boy was he taking off and perhaps breaking the sound barrier with his quickness and explosiveness.  His ability to set the offense up and call for screens proved to pay dividends for the TTO.

I guess everybody is looking forward to tommorrow's Kenner League action.  Moses/Hoop Magic plays the first game at 12:00, Aaron Bowen, Nate Lubick/Clyde's at 1:20, Tombs/Jabril Trawick, Greg Whittington, Mikael Hopkins, Otto Porter and Jeff Green at 2:40.  Hollis Thompson/Team Turner will play at 4:00.  I expect Austin Freeman and Chris Wright to hopefully suit up tomorrow also along with some NBA players.  Right now I'm loving the NBA lockout because so many NBA players have came to the Kenner League and The Goodman League outdoors and at Spingarn High School in Washington, D.C. 

Believe Me - Meek Mill

Me and my Hoyas during a timeout


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kenner 7/9/11

The 411 on yesterday's Kenner games.  One word.  Great!  It's always a great time at the Kenner League or should I say "reunion."  For this summer if the talent keeps on coming through because of the NBA Lockout that's a big plus for the DMV.  How bout that, I love NBA Lockouts for now.  Once the season starts I want the lockout to cease for good.  There was so much that happened yesterday.  I'll start with my Tombs.  In my last blog I talked about Isaiah Swanns "Beyond Belief"  the team Tombs had to play and how it would be a great test for the four Hoya freshmen that played. 

It was, it was just that.  Beyond Belief is a Kenner championship caliber team, and have been for the past two seasons.  Beyond Belief has "consistent" basis the "best defender" in the Kenner League Petey Peterson (St. John's/UDC).  Petey plays great defense up on you and locks you down. I've seen Petey lock down the best of them  in Kenner pro and college players.  There are no names once you take center court on the Hilltop of GU in McDounough Gymnasium. 

The young Tombs had me smiling like a proud papa because I knew what they were going up against.  The Tombs lost by a point or two, but stayed with the veteran two time Kenner League championship runner up. I bet they didn't know, but they felt that they're heart was being tested.  I had the opportunity to talk with Beyond Belief's head coach, and he said, "those Hoyas are tough, they were right there with us, those young Hoyas are tough," he's a big Hoya fan himself. 

With the good and smart play from Hoya guard Jabril Trawick, the Tombs were able to withstand all blows by the veteran squad Beyond Belief until the end.  Otto Porter, smartly feeling his way through the game playing within himself making great passes into the post, good job of setting up his teammates to get in postion to receive the pass.

Otto seems confident and smart.  Mickael Hopkins, what can I say about this young man, well, he never gives up.  He guarded Virginia Tech player Jeff Allen, Allen has tons of energy and goes hard and is a veteran.  There was no help defense for two of Jeff Allen's dunks, all due to no communication on those plays.  Mikael played well and working hard.  Greg Whittington, nice, smart at recognizing defenders that were checking him and adjusting and finishing.  Finishing at times with a smoove patented jump hook.  The jump hook is a thing of beauty, my goodness. 

A bread and butter shot that "jumphook" shot is.  Had the chance to mess around with the "Fresh Five," I said,"you guys are not freshman (as far as basketball), these Hoya fans that come to see you play are very happy with your pefornances, and they were very gracious.  You guys know you have something to prove and are playing as such."  I see the young Hoyas have the message already.  Focus, determination and hard work.

Hoya Aaron Bowen, had a good game.  He was the lone Hoya on his Clyde's team.  Good, smooth rotation and a great release when he shoots the ball.  All net!  Swishhhh!  Attacked the basket when he needed to. time.  Destined for excellence.  Chris Wright and Jason Clark were zoom zoom, they also had the quick and very explosive Denver Nuggets point guard Tywon Lawson

The played against Team Turner.  Team Turner had Memphis Grizzlies, Greivis Vasquez, and Milwakee Bucks Brandon Jennings.  The game was like a blur lol as Tywon Lawson, Jason Clark, Chris Wright and Jeff Allen feroriously brought their team back from 10 to 12 point lead to take the game in dramatic fashion and wow what a game and wow Tywon Lawson, he turned the volume all the way up, I could have swore he, Jason Clark and Brandon Jennings were breaking the sound barriers.

Hoya Mose Ayeba is ready an available. Wanting the ball and trying to make something happen with it is a great thing of course Big Mo will still work his offensive moves.  We have to remember that Moses has offensive moves and can finish.  He has a smooth stroke from the free throw line also.  His rebounding and ability to alter shots, block shots and dive for looses ball, and his brutal strength are the big pluses for Big Mo. Once he gets his hands on the ball the "vice grip" locks on.  Very please with Big Moses play yesterday and I told him so and very graciously said, "thank you man, I really appreciate that." 

Austin Freeman also played and look very good offensively.  He and Nolan Smith (Duke/NBA) were teammates playing for DC Assault.

I'll see ya'll at Kenner in a few.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nike Pro City Kenner Summer League Week 2

Good morning Hoyanation and friends.  I hope everyone had a great week.  The Kenner League is going on it's third week now.  The exictement of the fans has been amazing.  The play has been good as always.  It's always great to see the basketball junkies such as myself in the house.  I think we talk basketball the whole time we are there except for the lovely women that walk the doors of the McDonough gymnasium.  I guess I could say this because I'm single and hope they are too.  

I'm looking forward to seeing our big man sophomore Hoya Moses Ayegba in action today.  He's a player I've been talking about, and I'm hoping he will do well.  Moses is a very strong player perhaps one of the strongest player's in the college game today.  I've seen flashes of potential greatness from the big man for the Hoyas.  Ayegba's defense and ability to rebound, alter shots, dives for loose balls and score's from time to time. He has a nice shooting touch and knocks down free throws on the regular.  Moses should prove to be a very valuable asset for his team this upcoming season. 

Last season, I thought he was ready to contribute right away, and I'm sure he thought the same, but sometimes patience pays off in the long run.  Although our team is young, the Hoyas are tough and have lots of heart from what I see so far in summer league action.  I'll be ready and waiting for Moses Ayegba's debut today at 1:40 in the Nike Pro City Kenner Summer League action. Moses will be play for Hoop Magic. 

Hoya Moses Ayegba gets his dunk on

The next game is schedule for 2:40 featuring Hoyas' Nate Lubick and Aaron Bowen.  Hopefully Nate will 
play in his first Kenner game today, and I'm sure we'll see an even better player.  I really don't see any team will outrebound the Hoyas in the upcoming season.  My goodness, this team is long and very athletic.  I say play everybody once the season begins.  It shouldn't be about who logs the most minutes, it should be about who can contribute for the TEAM in those minutes that are played!

4:00 will be the game to follow featuring five freshmen of the Hoyas.  Jabril Trawick, Mikael Hopkins, Greg Whittington, and hopefully we'll see Tyler Adams and reserve Joe Caprio  make an appearance.  The Tombs will be playing a veteran squad Beyond Belief  featuring Israel (Rishon) superstar guard Isaiah Swann.  Beyond Belief is a very scrappy defensive team minded team full of great guard play.  This will be another big test for the Tombs this summer, I think they can pass it.  Do you? I love this team, but I have to get it in with my squad the Tombs.  Beyond Belief understands I have mad love for them.  They really help groom my Tombs, and this the big positive I take out of this.  If the Tombs can hang in there and beat Beyond Belief, they can honestly say they are on their way, although I know they will be once the season starts.

The last game 6:00 will feature Hoya Jason Clark and former Hoya Chris Wright, and perhaps Tywon Lawson for Team Takeover.  From what I'm hearing NBA's Milwaukee guard Brandon Jennings may be playing also.  With the NBA Lookout looking upon us I think the rest of the summer season will be a lot of fun in D.C.  The word is getting out as to where the best "bump" is in the USA.  D.C. that is!   I think we all know what this means.  After all DC Is Our Playground!  

Kurtis Blow - Basketball



Monday, July 4, 2011

Kenner League 2011 Day 2

Rolling In The Deep

I can honestly say the "Hoya faithful" were happy with the performances of all the Hoya players that played in the first weekend of the Nike Pro City Kenner Summer League on the Hilltop in the famed McDonough Gymnasium at Georgetown University.  Great to see Lenny Elmore!  He knows a lot about the Hoyas and I know he was there to do some scouting of the "Fresh Five" and the rest of the crew.

Firstly, I would like to welcome Aaron Bowen back!  I was telling some of the people that were sitting alongside me that, "Aaron's timing looks pretty good especially when he hasn't played since the beginning of the season due to a shoulder injury."  His leaping ability is still intact his hustle and determination as sharp as ever.  Bowen, definitely looks hungry to me.  Very athletic and acrobatic player.  Hang time is phoenomenal!  All the Hoyas seem to communicate with each other and their teammates.  Going to be a great playerand he realizes, "players are made in the off-season."  

I think it's great to see Chris Wright back in top form out on the basketball court coming off of that terrible near post season injury.  This probably was "one" of his best performances since that dreadful moment at home against the Bearcats.  Wright dropped a tough 30 points and had 5 steals.  His explosiveness and quickness was outrageous.  He and Jason Clark looked to be in full bloom as they've done during the regular season.  Everything was on time.  

The cutting and crisp passing to one another was definitely a flashback for me especially sitting very closely to the court.  Jason defintely is in full throttle offensively and defensively.  Just has to watch the "advertising cross court passes."  He should know he doesn't have to take many dribbles get from point A to B because he's so quick. Good to see both on the same time once again.

Henry Sims and Markel Starks, I think that's a perfect combination, I really do.  Both look good.  Markel looks fluid and his defense on the ball is solid.  His poise at the point guard position proved to be a factor in his teams play and win. Marke's ability to communicate and lead are what I think everybody is/was looking for.  There was never a doubt in my mind that he Starks can run the show.  As long as he's himself he and he Hoyas will be just fine.  

Henry Sims is playing up to his potential and will only get better.  I the vicious two handed put back dunks.  My goodness!  Rejuvenation time for this Hoya!  I've always had faith in Henry and even told his mom in the phone booth (Verizon Center).  He, Hopkins, Lubick, Adams, Porter, and Whittington will have field days blocking shots and rebounding.  Stats should go up in these categories for the Hoyas.  

My last blog I talked about the Tombs, a teamed comprised of 5 Hoya freshmen stepping up in their next game with a teamed named Boss Auto. This team was a lot bigger and better than the previous team that Tombs played the day before.  I knew this would be another early challenge for the Tombs.  The score was close at first and remained very close for the start of the second half, but the Tombs caught fire with 15 minutes left in the first half. The Tombs past their second test against a bigger and better team. 

Jabril's leadership as the point man for his team proved to be major.  His "mental and physical toughness and versitality" area blessing, and will be a blessing for the Hoyas this upcoming season.  Once again, for the second day Mikael Hopkins proved to be force and factor in the paint.  Before Mikael's first game, I did have the chance to tell him about the Hoya big men of the past, especially Michael Graham, lol, and he was very attentive and I could see  he was taking in everything I telling him.  I pointed to the1984 NCAA National Championship banner, and told him Michael Graham played a big factor in the 1984.  I also told him how he Graham played and that I love Graham's play on the basketball court.

Greg "Magic" Whittington, was soaring, oops, my bad, was gliding all over the court even if a couple of shots didn't fall.  It didn't matter that sure didn't break Whittington's confidence.  This young man is truly a gem.  Used all kinds of weapons in the game and stepped up. He might look thin but Greg's heart makes up for his strength, needless to say he has to lift and get stronger just as all his teammates need to do.  This Hoya team is very long and athletic and play with a lot of heart and toughness.  

Kenner music of the day the Iconic and Legendary Michael Jackson. 

Jackson 5 Basketball Skit