Friday, July 15, 2011

Kenner League Week 3

I hope everyone had a great week Hoyanation and friends.  Kenner League is going into it's third week already.  It's already the middle of July.  It seem as if July 4 was yesterday.  Anyways, let's get down to business.  I didn't blog for last Sunday, so I'll just do a small recap on last Sunday's games.  I'll start with Team Turner's and Hoya Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson's great performance.  I got a chance to see Hollis play, and he has gotten bigger and definitely stronger.  It even looks as if he has grown some.

Early in the first, half Hollis seemed was trying to get his wind, but before the half ended Hollis turned it up running the floor for a fast break layup.  Hollis looked like a different player than he did this past season. He was aggressively in attack mode especially in the second half.  His team Team Turner blew out the legnedary Awash mob, by a very convincing margin.

Hollis' intensity on defense and offense was big time.  In the second half, it was all Hollywood.  He indeed put on a show.  Hardly no mistakes.  He was doing everything on both ends of the court. Rebounding, getting steals, passing the ball and playing great team basketball.

Thompson looked like a man "possessed" out on the court on Sunday.  Coach Rodney dapping him up before and during the game.  Coach Rodney knew his best player was back.  Personally, I could tell Hollis had been putting up some shots a great deal because he was knocking down three's from all over the place. Off the dribble in transition three pointers.  Hollis' ball handling has gotten a lot better.  He's been working.  Hollywood is BACK!

Last Sunday I arrived a little late for the DCX vs. Clyde's game.  Hoyas' Markel Starks and Henry Sims both play for DCX and Nate Lubick, Aaron Bowen and Jeff Green played for Clyde's.  Jeff normally plays with the Tombs, but they didn't play on Sunday.  It was great to see big, tough guy Nate back in action.  Nate played well and aggressive as always.  Got into foul trouble but he was okay.  Everyone was awaiting his arrival this summer.  All Hoyas' play hard in this game.  I think what tickled me the most was watching Sims defend Jeff Green.  It was almost like little brother playing against big brother in the back yard. 

Sims was holding his own but Jeff would take him to school on occasions, but I like the way Henry hung in there and kept challenging Jeff.  I think if Henry continues to play hard this summer, and works hard in practice this season he should be able to start at center.  At least that's what I'm hoping, he or Moses to start alongside big Nate.  Either would be fine, but I do know both will be ready.  I can see Henry battling Big Moses "Vice Grip" Ayegba for the center spot in practice.  All the bigs will battle, but it will come down to experience, and toughness.  Markel was at the helm and played well.  Still needs to work on properly feeding the post.  This should be the "first" place he looks to feed the ball to the big man or attack and shoot the "floater."

I would love to see the Hoyas' practices man ol' man.  Jabril going against Markel in practice.  As a coach I'd love this because it
make the both of them better and cohesive on court come gametime.  Lots of time I put the best against the best in practice because they play so well together in games. 

Team Takeover's and Hoya Jason Clark was all of it.  His ballhandling and decision making has gotten better.  He had his "jet shoes" on again, and boy was he taking off and perhaps breaking the sound barrier with his quickness and explosiveness.  His ability to set the offense up and call for screens proved to pay dividends for the TTO.

I guess everybody is looking forward to tommorrow's Kenner League action.  Moses/Hoop Magic plays the first game at 12:00, Aaron Bowen, Nate Lubick/Clyde's at 1:20, Tombs/Jabril Trawick, Greg Whittington, Mikael Hopkins, Otto Porter and Jeff Green at 2:40.  Hollis Thompson/Team Turner will play at 4:00.  I expect Austin Freeman and Chris Wright to hopefully suit up tomorrow also along with some NBA players.  Right now I'm loving the NBA lockout because so many NBA players have came to the Kenner League and The Goodman League outdoors and at Spingarn High School in Washington, D.C. 

Believe Me - Meek Mill

Me and my Hoyas during a timeout


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