Monday, July 4, 2011

Kenner League 2011 Day 2

Rolling In The Deep

I can honestly say the "Hoya faithful" were happy with the performances of all the Hoya players that played in the first weekend of the Nike Pro City Kenner Summer League on the Hilltop in the famed McDonough Gymnasium at Georgetown University.  Great to see Lenny Elmore!  He knows a lot about the Hoyas and I know he was there to do some scouting of the "Fresh Five" and the rest of the crew.

Firstly, I would like to welcome Aaron Bowen back!  I was telling some of the people that were sitting alongside me that, "Aaron's timing looks pretty good especially when he hasn't played since the beginning of the season due to a shoulder injury."  His leaping ability is still intact his hustle and determination as sharp as ever.  Bowen, definitely looks hungry to me.  Very athletic and acrobatic player.  Hang time is phoenomenal!  All the Hoyas seem to communicate with each other and their teammates.  Going to be a great playerand he realizes, "players are made in the off-season."  

I think it's great to see Chris Wright back in top form out on the basketball court coming off of that terrible near post season injury.  This probably was "one" of his best performances since that dreadful moment at home against the Bearcats.  Wright dropped a tough 30 points and had 5 steals.  His explosiveness and quickness was outrageous.  He and Jason Clark looked to be in full bloom as they've done during the regular season.  Everything was on time.  

The cutting and crisp passing to one another was definitely a flashback for me especially sitting very closely to the court.  Jason defintely is in full throttle offensively and defensively.  Just has to watch the "advertising cross court passes."  He should know he doesn't have to take many dribbles get from point A to B because he's so quick. Good to see both on the same time once again.

Henry Sims and Markel Starks, I think that's a perfect combination, I really do.  Both look good.  Markel looks fluid and his defense on the ball is solid.  His poise at the point guard position proved to be a factor in his teams play and win. Marke's ability to communicate and lead are what I think everybody is/was looking for.  There was never a doubt in my mind that he Starks can run the show.  As long as he's himself he and he Hoyas will be just fine.  

Henry Sims is playing up to his potential and will only get better.  I the vicious two handed put back dunks.  My goodness!  Rejuvenation time for this Hoya!  I've always had faith in Henry and even told his mom in the phone booth (Verizon Center).  He, Hopkins, Lubick, Adams, Porter, and Whittington will have field days blocking shots and rebounding.  Stats should go up in these categories for the Hoyas.  

My last blog I talked about the Tombs, a teamed comprised of 5 Hoya freshmen stepping up in their next game with a teamed named Boss Auto. This team was a lot bigger and better than the previous team that Tombs played the day before.  I knew this would be another early challenge for the Tombs.  The score was close at first and remained very close for the start of the second half, but the Tombs caught fire with 15 minutes left in the first half. The Tombs past their second test against a bigger and better team. 

Jabril's leadership as the point man for his team proved to be major.  His "mental and physical toughness and versitality" area blessing, and will be a blessing for the Hoyas this upcoming season.  Once again, for the second day Mikael Hopkins proved to be force and factor in the paint.  Before Mikael's first game, I did have the chance to tell him about the Hoya big men of the past, especially Michael Graham, lol, and he was very attentive and I could see  he was taking in everything I telling him.  I pointed to the1984 NCAA National Championship banner, and told him Michael Graham played a big factor in the 1984.  I also told him how he Graham played and that I love Graham's play on the basketball court.

Greg "Magic" Whittington, was soaring, oops, my bad, was gliding all over the court even if a couple of shots didn't fall.  It didn't matter that sure didn't break Whittington's confidence.  This young man is truly a gem.  Used all kinds of weapons in the game and stepped up. He might look thin but Greg's heart makes up for his strength, needless to say he has to lift and get stronger just as all his teammates need to do.  This Hoya team is very long and athletic and play with a lot of heart and toughness.  

Kenner music of the day the Iconic and Legendary Michael Jackson. 

Jackson 5 Basketball Skit 



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