Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kenner 7/9/11

The 411 on yesterday's Kenner games.  One word.  Great!  It's always a great time at the Kenner League or should I say "reunion."  For this summer if the talent keeps on coming through because of the NBA Lockout that's a big plus for the DMV.  How bout that, I love NBA Lockouts for now.  Once the season starts I want the lockout to cease for good.  There was so much that happened yesterday.  I'll start with my Tombs.  In my last blog I talked about Isaiah Swanns "Beyond Belief"  the team Tombs had to play and how it would be a great test for the four Hoya freshmen that played. 

It was, it was just that.  Beyond Belief is a Kenner championship caliber team, and have been for the past two seasons.  Beyond Belief has "consistent" basis the "best defender" in the Kenner League Petey Peterson (St. John's/UDC).  Petey plays great defense up on you and locks you down. I've seen Petey lock down the best of them  in Kenner pro and college players.  There are no names once you take center court on the Hilltop of GU in McDounough Gymnasium. 

The young Tombs had me smiling like a proud papa because I knew what they were going up against.  The Tombs lost by a point or two, but stayed with the veteran two time Kenner League championship runner up. I bet they didn't know, but they felt that they're heart was being tested.  I had the opportunity to talk with Beyond Belief's head coach, and he said, "those Hoyas are tough, they were right there with us, those young Hoyas are tough," he's a big Hoya fan himself. 

With the good and smart play from Hoya guard Jabril Trawick, the Tombs were able to withstand all blows by the veteran squad Beyond Belief until the end.  Otto Porter, smartly feeling his way through the game playing within himself making great passes into the post, good job of setting up his teammates to get in postion to receive the pass.

Otto seems confident and smart.  Mickael Hopkins, what can I say about this young man, well, he never gives up.  He guarded Virginia Tech player Jeff Allen, Allen has tons of energy and goes hard and is a veteran.  There was no help defense for two of Jeff Allen's dunks, all due to no communication on those plays.  Mikael played well and working hard.  Greg Whittington, nice, smart at recognizing defenders that were checking him and adjusting and finishing.  Finishing at times with a smoove patented jump hook.  The jump hook is a thing of beauty, my goodness. 

A bread and butter shot that "jumphook" shot is.  Had the chance to mess around with the "Fresh Five," I said,"you guys are not freshman (as far as basketball), these Hoya fans that come to see you play are very happy with your pefornances, and they were very gracious.  You guys know you have something to prove and are playing as such."  I see the young Hoyas have the message already.  Focus, determination and hard work.

Hoya Aaron Bowen, had a good game.  He was the lone Hoya on his Clyde's team.  Good, smooth rotation and a great release when he shoots the ball.  All net!  Swishhhh!  Attacked the basket when he needed to. time.  Destined for excellence.  Chris Wright and Jason Clark were zoom zoom, they also had the quick and very explosive Denver Nuggets point guard Tywon Lawson

The played against Team Turner.  Team Turner had Memphis Grizzlies, Greivis Vasquez, and Milwakee Bucks Brandon Jennings.  The game was like a blur lol as Tywon Lawson, Jason Clark, Chris Wright and Jeff Allen feroriously brought their team back from 10 to 12 point lead to take the game in dramatic fashion and wow what a game and wow Tywon Lawson, he turned the volume all the way up, I could have swore he, Jason Clark and Brandon Jennings were breaking the sound barriers.

Hoya Mose Ayeba is ready an available. Wanting the ball and trying to make something happen with it is a great thing of course Big Mo will still work his offensive moves.  We have to remember that Moses has offensive moves and can finish.  He has a smooth stroke from the free throw line also.  His rebounding and ability to alter shots, block shots and dive for looses ball, and his brutal strength are the big pluses for Big Mo. Once he gets his hands on the ball the "vice grip" locks on.  Very please with Big Moses play yesterday and I told him so and very graciously said, "thank you man, I really appreciate that." 

Austin Freeman also played and look very good offensively.  He and Nolan Smith (Duke/NBA) were teammates playing for DC Assault.

I'll see ya'll at Kenner in a few.

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