Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kenner Kickoff 2011

I had a great time at the 2011 Kenner Summer League yesterday.  A moment all Hoya, other college and professional fans could enjoy seeing once again.  It was good to see everyone.  Some of my friends were walking into McDonough Gymnasium saying, "man, it feels great to be back here in McDonough at the Kenner League."  You saw family, friends, or fans of players.  Players from Howard, American University, Augusta State, Maryland, George Mason, George Washington the list goes on.  

Also, Jeff Green played for the Tombs, a team of five freshmen Hoya, but just one thing they don't look like freshmen. Of course we will see these young men be challenged more from some other great teams, but this is where they bond, communicate, and step up to the challenge before they go to China.  The young Hoyas are out to prove themselves.

One Hoya freshman Jabril Trawick has accomplished so much during spring, and I definitely saw this in his first Kenner League debut and will continue to see.  Jabril fire in his eyes!  This is what I look for in a player before and during games, the fire.  The "sense of urgency to get better."

I have to quickly write this need to be getting ready to get up to the Hilltop.  To make a long story short.  Aaron Bowen looking nice and fluid with fire in his eyes some good defensive and offensive plays.  Looks great for not playing for so long, he's coming right along.  

Jason Clark, I think he knows what time it is.  I see a "sense of urgency."  The fire is definitely there.  I think he knows he knows his big role he will take and and do.  Jason will lead on the court, he definitely had a great day in Kenner.  Flight dunks were off the charts, and definitely was locking em down out there.

Mickael Hopkin's debut young fella is going to be a prize winner.  Love that kid he's gonna to do some great things for the Hoyas.  His shotblocking ability is definitely available.  Altering shots a big plus, runs the floor well.  Just has to the ball up higher when he's holding it and make that move.  He will be a gem!

Greg "Magic" Whittington, played well nice turn around shots made with back to the basket.  Nice quick one hander shot also.  Smoooooooth jumper and he's the type of player that can play the perimeter and still have the will to want to rebound.  Now's that's awesome.  Greg can play every position.  Fire in his eyes too!  Dribbles the length of the floor, head always up.  I keep seeing a 6'9 Hoya stooping low and pushing the ball the length of the floor like a "true" point guard, not guard, but point guard and finishing!  Mannn we got a lot of guards that can put it on the floor and make good decisions, I'm just saying.

Got to see my man George Johnson, DII, All-American running with my Hoyas.  He will break out on everybody so stay tuned.  When he gets hot lookout it will be raining in McDonough.

The french fries, hamburgers, turkey burgers, drinks, candy, chips, hot dogs, were in Kenner fashion.  

Shout out to the Kenner League for rocking "The Godfather of GoGo," the Legendary Chuck Brown!!!  #DCISOURPLAYGROUND!



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