Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nike Pro City Kenner Summer League Week 2

Good morning Hoyanation and friends.  I hope everyone had a great week.  The Kenner League is going on it's third week now.  The exictement of the fans has been amazing.  The play has been good as always.  It's always great to see the basketball junkies such as myself in the house.  I think we talk basketball the whole time we are there except for the lovely women that walk the doors of the McDonough gymnasium.  I guess I could say this because I'm single and hope they are too.  

I'm looking forward to seeing our big man sophomore Hoya Moses Ayegba in action today.  He's a player I've been talking about, and I'm hoping he will do well.  Moses is a very strong player perhaps one of the strongest player's in the college game today.  I've seen flashes of potential greatness from the big man for the Hoyas.  Ayegba's defense and ability to rebound, alter shots, dives for loose balls and score's from time to time. He has a nice shooting touch and knocks down free throws on the regular.  Moses should prove to be a very valuable asset for his team this upcoming season. 

Last season, I thought he was ready to contribute right away, and I'm sure he thought the same, but sometimes patience pays off in the long run.  Although our team is young, the Hoyas are tough and have lots of heart from what I see so far in summer league action.  I'll be ready and waiting for Moses Ayegba's debut today at 1:40 in the Nike Pro City Kenner Summer League action. Moses will be play for Hoop Magic. 

Hoya Moses Ayegba gets his dunk on

The next game is schedule for 2:40 featuring Hoyas' Nate Lubick and Aaron Bowen.  Hopefully Nate will 
play in his first Kenner game today, and I'm sure we'll see an even better player.  I really don't see any team will outrebound the Hoyas in the upcoming season.  My goodness, this team is long and very athletic.  I say play everybody once the season begins.  It shouldn't be about who logs the most minutes, it should be about who can contribute for the TEAM in those minutes that are played!

4:00 will be the game to follow featuring five freshmen of the Hoyas.  Jabril Trawick, Mikael Hopkins, Greg Whittington, and hopefully we'll see Tyler Adams and reserve Joe Caprio  make an appearance.  The Tombs will be playing a veteran squad Beyond Belief  featuring Israel (Rishon) superstar guard Isaiah Swann.  Beyond Belief is a very scrappy defensive team minded team full of great guard play.  This will be another big test for the Tombs this summer, I think they can pass it.  Do you? I love this team, but I have to get it in with my squad the Tombs.  Beyond Belief understands I have mad love for them.  They really help groom my Tombs, and this the big positive I take out of this.  If the Tombs can hang in there and beat Beyond Belief, they can honestly say they are on their way, although I know they will be once the season starts.

The last game 6:00 will feature Hoya Jason Clark and former Hoya Chris Wright, and perhaps Tywon Lawson for Team Takeover.  From what I'm hearing NBA's Milwaukee guard Brandon Jennings may be playing also.  With the NBA Lookout looking upon us I think the rest of the summer season will be a lot of fun in D.C.  The word is getting out as to where the best "bump" is in the USA.  D.C. that is!   I think we all know what this means.  After all DC Is Our Playground!  

Kurtis Blow - Basketball



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