Monday, November 30, 2009

Hoyanation, the Hoyas glide into action tonight against "The Mount"


#10 Freshman Greg Monroe glides in for the vicious dunk on Mount St. Mary's 2009 season

The Hoyas glide into action tonight against Northeast Conference's Mount Saint Mary's Mountaineers (3-2).  The Mountaineers have won games against Loyola College of Baltimore, American University, a recent 65-56 overtime road win against Navy.  The Hoyas are at a steady pace at 4-0 and playing with a "sense of urgency" and are becoming a force.  Great team play, leadership and determination are what makes the Hoyas tough.  Hoyanation, let's keep chanting Let's Go Hoyas and glide with our Hoyas.  Let's get it in tonight for the blue and gray.  This will keep rough and tough throughout the game letting them know the support is there, now go get it Hoyas.  Hoyanation, sing along with me WE ARE GEORGETOWN!  WE ARE...GEORGETOWN!!!   Some photos from last year's Hoyas vs. Mount St. Mary's game...

#4 Sophomore Chris Wright with the sweet jumper on Mount St. Mary's player last season

#20 Freshman Jason Clark looking to pass with coaches looking on

Greg Monroe going around Mount St. Mary's defender in last seasons win against "The Mount"

Jason Clark bringing the up the court against Mount St. Mary's in last seasons matchup

Greg Monroe clearing it out against The Mount last season




Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hoyas glide and push the rock to steam roll the Lafayette Leopards


First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Abe Pollin for his great contributions, accomplishments, and the smiles he brought to the fans and communities of the Washington, DC metropolitan area and beyond.   Thank you Mr. Pollin.

#22 Hoya Julian Vaughn stretching in for two points in a 97-64 win against the Lafayette Leopards

The hype for the Hoyas was definitely felt in the Verizon Center, as the "redemption dream season" continues as the Hoyas beat the Leopards 9of Lafayette College 97-64.  It was like rapid fire 3 point bombs from everywhere, Jason Clark and Hollis Thompson bombs away career days and more to come baby.  Chris Wright's steady point guard play and heart  led the attack  In the beginning minutes of the it seems the Hoyas had to let the turkey digest and get down to business.  The Hoyas shook it off and they did.  They stuck together, dug in, stayed focused and won at a pace that fun to watch.  I think this game was a great game for the Hoyas in knowing this will help them work harder on defending the perimeter in future games against better perimeter shooting teams such as Butler and Duke. Most of perimenter play is "communication".  The more "communication" the better.  I think that will get better because there are many leaders on our Hoya team.  Everyone can play and will play when called on.  The coaches have let the players know they have all the confidence in the world in them, and I think this is "extremely" important for these student first, basketball second young men.  Sometimes I just can't mention one player because I'm a team player, but I have to give special props to everyone on that team from the coaching staff to the players.  They're like a family and it's a beautiful thing to watch especially during these holidays.  Hoyanation and friends it will get even better because WE ARE GEORGTOWN!

"I don't go into a game saying: 'We need four, five, six guys in double figures,' " Thompson said. "We have a bunch of guys in that locker room that can score points. Who scores the points is irrelevant to this group."   For Jason Clark's whole career, everyone talked about, 'He's too little, he's going to wear down.' He hasn't yet," Thompson said. "They're both scrawny little kids, but they haven't worn down." - Coach John Thompson III

"I take a lot of hits. They beat me up in practice. I don't have a lot of concerns about wearing down," Clark said. "[Iverson] plays hard the whole game, and that's what I try and do." - Sophomore sensation Jason Clark

#4 Chris "Lumpy" Wright glides in for two points against Lafayette

#30 Henry Sims with the finger roll for two as Coach Thompson looks on

#10 Greg Monroe fighting for loose ball with Lafayette player

#21 Jason Clark and teammates go after the ball

#15 Austin Freeman muscles his way in for two and the foul for the And One

#21 Jason Clark on the gliding in with the floater for two against Lafayette defender

#25 Freshman Stephen Stepka defending against Lafayette player

Coach John Thompson III congratulates #1 Freshman Hollis Thompson on 14 pt. career performance
Hollis' great communication after made baskets was key for the Hoyas also
Stay tune more to come from this young man!

Kicks of the game, they felt good on my feetz, lol

Geogetown Hoyas Nike Dynasty Hi





Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hoyanation, Hoyas Glide into GAMEDAY!



I woke up about 7:00 am hyped up ready to go.  Knowing this is a new day, it's also GAMEDAY Hoyanation, it's all about one game at a time, step by step, inch by inch.  The Hoyas are ready to play!  The Hoyas glide into their 4th game of their "redemption dream season" against the Leopards of Lafayette College at 12:00 Verizon Center, Washington, DC.  It is truly a game the Hoyas will go into focused and determined with a "sense or urgency".  I feel the Hoyas can play no other way but "positive" and I have lots of confidence in the Hoyas as I've always had.  The confidence for my team has never left me, because I understand.  I'm so hyped right now, I'll be leaving out about 10:00 am this morning singing Let's Go Hoyas!  You can bet on that, but I'm so hungry gotta get a good breakfast in there.  Well, Hoyanation and friends, let's sound out LOUD for our Hoyas because WE ARE...GEORGETOWN, WE ARE...GEORGETOWN, WE ARE...GEORGETOWN!

Let's Goooooo!!!




Friday, November 27, 2009

Hoyanation, Hoyas detemined to skin the Leopards


THE MATCH UP: Lafayette (4-1) will take on No. 18/19 Georgetown (3-0) in the Verizon Center on Saturday in a noon tip-off. While the two schools meet in football each season, the two basketball programs have not played each other since 1979.

Lafayette is coming off of a win against Hartford Tuesday night at Lafayette's Kirby Sports Center, Easton, Pennsylvania.  The home of  great boxing champion and legend Larry Holmes.  This game will continue the Hoyas' journey of a "redemption dream season".  The Hoyas are up and ready focused and determined to give it their all for home crowd tomorrow afternoon in the nation's capital.  Hoyanation is pumped up for this game.  I've been looking and studying at so many different college games and all I can think about is my Hoyas. Hoyanation, I'm ready!  Let's all sing together Let's Go Hoyasssss!

While watching college hoops one game that stood out to me was the Minnesota vs. Butler game.  The Golden Gophers gave Butler all they could handle.  Tubby Smith's Minnesota guards "relentlessly" went inside to the bigs at will.  F/C #43 Colton Iverson's was spectacular.  With all kinds of passes, bounce passes, passes to the finger tips, passes thrown towards the basket for the bigs to go get and finish, lots of unselfish pass plays was truly fundamental.  Butler fouled frequently which put Minnesota in the bonus early in the first half.  The Minnesota guards also had nice dribble drive kick outs and passes.  The Minnesota defense did a great job filling the lanes stealing passes and making Butler put the ball on the floor.  I think this strategy was better for Minnesota which only gave Butler a two pointer instead of a three pointer. 

I woke this monring and looked out of the window, sun finally shining, thinking about Thanksgiving with my family yesterday, it was a great day, and I'm thankful I have them.  It meant so much to me.   Hoyanation, and friends, I know you felt the same.  I know some of the college athletes didn't get a chance to go home with their immediate families, but watching ESPNU last night, a Alabama football player answered a question from a reporter, "how do you feel that you can't be with your family on this day" the player's response was, "Although I cannot go home and be with my family, my teammates are my family also, we're like brothers, we are family",  when I heard this young athlete say this it made me feel a little better knowing that these college athletes had a nice Thanksgiving meal and comfort.  I hope our soldiers had a great Thanksgiving meal yesterday.  WE WILL NOT FORGET YOU!  USA!




Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hoyanation, Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Jive Thanksgiving

Wishing all of Hoyanation, everyone and our troops overseas a Happy Thanksgiving.  Tomorrow is the day we will spend time with family and friends.  Although we thank each other every day for so many things, Thanksgiving day is an American tradition and holiday where we eat a variety of foods primarily the Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, greeens, mac n cheese, Hoyanation I'm getting hungry as we speack, lol, cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie mashed potatoes, just so many great foods on this traditional holiday.  There are many other things going on in our communities on this gracious holiday. Turkey runs, high school high school football games, neighborhood football games.  I guess I'll go up to Baltimore (Charm City) and stuff my face on the way back home I have a another stop to make, so Hoyanation enjoy your Thanksgiving and I'll get back witcha in a few.  Here some photos of our family's Thanksgiving in the past.  I bet my family didn't still I had these photos. Haha, well, here they are...

My Aunt (left) Mom (right) cutting the potatoes up for some potato salad Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving at home 2008

Um Um Good turkey, gray, string beans and more...


Mom had to dress it up a lil bit

Marsh Mellow Sweet Potatoes

My nephew Daniel on Thanksgiving Day 2007 future Hoya?

Hapyy Thanksgiving Day from Georgetown Hoyas


Monday, November 23, 2009

Baltimore native Henry Sims will glide in motion to step his game up this season for the Hoyas


#30 Sophomore Henry Sims is ready to glide to newer heights

Henry Sims glides in for the thunderous landing on the Savannah State Tigers 11/20/09!
Watch your head!
Nice Jordans Henry!

Hoyanation, sitting here thinking about the great Baltimore players that played here on the Hilltop.  David Wingate, Reggie Williams to be exact.  I call Henry Sims the baby of the bunch with lots of potential to be one of Georgetown's greats.  With lots of focus and hard work Henry can achieve and as we see now his hard work, determination, and dedication will pay dividends for the Hoyas.  Henry Sim, a 2008 graduate of Mount Saint Joseph's Catholic High School in Baltimore. The Gaels finished with a record of 31-6 and 17-1 in conference. The team was led by senior center Henry Sims, now member of the Georgetown Hoyas' basketball team, and sophomore guard Eric Atkins. The Gaels were both BCL and MIAA regular season champions, but finished 2nd Place in both the BCL and MIAA tournaments. Sims was chosen as the BCL Co-Player of the Year and was named to the All-BCL First Team.

I found a one clipping of  Henry Sims high school game against high school basketball famed Oak Hill Academy 2008:

(#43 Scout, #62 Rivals) had the most dominant performance of any prospect here in Springfield, scoring 32 points and nearly leading his team to a shocking upset victory over Oak Hill Academy. He is all you can ask for physically out of a 6’10 high school senior, blessed with broad shoulders, decent lower body strength, and very long arms. Athletically, the Baltimore native runs the floor exceptionally well and has above average leaping ability. When you combine this with his great motor, you begin to understand why he is a top recruit nationally, despite not having a super refined skill set.

Against Oak Hill, Mt. St. Joseph established Sims as their go-to-guy from the tip. He received countless touches in the post, where he was able to use quick drop steps to put points on the board. Once Oak Hill began combating him with double teams, he responded well by making the proper reads and finding teammates for open looks at the basket. Henry showed off his soft hands by catching everything thrown to him and grabbing a ton of offensive rebounds, which he usually converted at the rim. He’s not the most skilled or fluid player in the world, but he really gets the job done at this level. When not around the basket, he displayed a promising jump-shot from 17 feet and in. Although he did not shoot the ball from the perimeter at an outstanding clip, he established himself as a presence out there with his ability to hit the short jumper or put the ball on the floor once and take it to the rim.

Sims used his long arms and good timing on the defensive end to alter many shots, doing his best to marginalize the impact of Oak Hill’s posts. He boxed out well inside and likely would have had more rebounds if his team did not allow the Oak Hill guards to crash the glass so much. The potential is definitely there for this athletic big man to develop into a defensive presence at Georgetown".

Henry Sims flushes dunk with one hand in high school

Nike SPARQ Training NSTC: Mt. St. Joseph's Henry Sims


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hoyas start out slow then quickly glide to the finish

Jason Clark glides in on defender teammate Julian Vaughn below

Hoyanation, the Hoyas vs. Savannah game was aired on 570 AM radio here in the Washington, DC, area.  The Hoyas go on to victory against the Southern Athletic Independent Conference (SAIC) Savannah State Tiger team 63-44 with great team play".  Everyone scored and contributed to team play.  Jason Clark led all scorers hitting four 3 pointers in one half and was deemed player of the game, but to Jason it's about "team", sacrifice and determination for his team, this is part of what makes Jason so special as a player, person and student.  As Coach Thompson credits Jason's stellar play he also said these great things about Jason, “the number of points Jason scores is irrelevant,” Thompson said. “He plays great defense and he’s a very unselfish player. He’s at the core of what we’re doing this year. He’s going to have a lot more than 14 as we go along.”

Jason Clark makes unselfish pass to teammate in Savannah game 11/21/09

Coach Thompson giving direction in Hoyas victory over Savannah State

Hoya Greg Monroe gets possession of the ball from Savannah defender

Julian Vaughn fighting to receive ball from teammate against Savannah State defender

Greg Monroe hustles for loose ball in Savannah game

Freshman Vee Sanford scores off a "dribble drive" for his first 2 points of his collegiate career to take the score to 54-35 at the 5:47 mark

Freshman Vee Sanford shooting and making three pointer in Kenner Summer League action

Vee Sanford bringing the ball up in Kenner Summer League action

Vee Sanford defending in Kenner Summer League action

2009-10 Georgetown @ Savannah State - Coach Thompson and GU Players

Vee Sanford gliding along the basline!

Vee Sanford glides for the SMASH!!
Talking bout airtime! LOL!

Wanna see Vee Sanford dancing at Midnight Madness to Soul Sonic Force
Go to the 1:04 minute, then go to the 1:54 minute and enjoy! 

Freshman Vee Sanford loving the spotlight with ole skool robot footwork

Voice of the Hoyas Rick Chvotkin

Listening to the game on the radio hearing The Voice of the Hoyas Rich Chvotkin for the first time this season was a joy.  Some of the things he says makes me laugh, for instance when Jason Clark made the third of his three pointer, Chvotkin says, "bombs away", later on during the game he said, "as Jason Clark brings the ball up he is "eyeball to eyeball pressure" with the defender guarding him".  Hoyas on fire!  Rich Chvotkin says after a Chris Wright 3 on a 19-4 run in the first half.  At the 6:16 mark in the first half Jason Clark's 4th 3 ball had Rich Chvotkin excited, saying, "Jason Clark is on fire"!