Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hoyanation we must raise up louder for our Hoyas

That's "G"

Greg Monroe shooting game winning shot 11/17/09

Chris Wright pushing the rock

Jason Clark with sweet form shooting and making the three in Hoyas vs.. Temple action 11/17/09

The first home game was exciting, but I thought it should have been more exciting Hoyanation. I'd sure love to hear that good ole Hoya song (Let's Go Hoyas) chant throughout the Verizon a lot more.  When the Hoyas are up and "especially" when they are down Hoyanation and company we gotta let em know we're around. (nice rhyme, lol)  The Hoyas want to hear everyone singing this Hoya legendary song, Let's Go Hoyas.  This will let the Hoyas know we support them every step of the way, and it also helps build confidence in the Hoyas hearts to go out there fight for the blue and gray which we so dearly bleed.  The Hoyas need this, they are like our sons, let them hear us rooting for them the "whole" game as one Hoynation.  That's one big reason why we're there because WE ARE GEORGETOWN!!!

Sing along with me, Let's Go Hoyas, Let's Go Hoyas, Let's Go Hoyasssss, Let's Goooooo!!!

Keep Chanting sure sounds good
Let's Go Hoyas, Let's Go Hoyas, Let's Go Hoyas!

Push the Rock!

Game announcer say's, "The Hoyas are Flying"! 
GlideHoyas, Glide!

Check out these New Fresh Nike Dynasty Hi "Georgetown Hoyas" kicks!  I copped me a pair today!

How ya like me now!  LOL!  If you bleed blue and gray get a pair today!

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