Friday, November 20, 2009

Hoyas get ready for former Hoya Horace Broadnax's Savannah State Tigers

#32 Former Hoya Champion with the fresh blue and gray Hoya Nikes

Former Hoya National Champion and current Savannah coach Horace Broadnax

The Hoyas will glide into action tomorrowafternoon at 1:00 in an away game on the campus of the Savannah Stae Univeristy Tigers.  The Hoyas will going up against former Hoya and present Tiger Coach Horance Broadnax's Tigers in a early non-conference game in Tiger Arena.  Now in his fifth season at Savannah State, Broadnax has turned around one of Division I's worst programs, a school that had gone 9-102 between 2001-05 and had once shot 1 for 23 in a half against Kansas. The Tigers finished 16-15 in 2008-09 and return an experienced group to repeat the feat, and get a rare opportunity to host a top 20 team at its 6,000 seat Tiger Arena.  Let's Goooooo!!!  Play Hard!  WE ARE GEORGETOWN!  BEAT SAVANNAH STATE!

Hopefully coach Broadnax face can look like this at the end of the game with the Hoyas tomorrow

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