Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hoyanation, Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Jive Thanksgiving

Wishing all of Hoyanation, everyone and our troops overseas a Happy Thanksgiving.  Tomorrow is the day we will spend time with family and friends.  Although we thank each other every day for so many things, Thanksgiving day is an American tradition and holiday where we eat a variety of foods primarily the Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, greeens, mac n cheese, Hoyanation I'm getting hungry as we speack, lol, cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie mashed potatoes, just so many great foods on this traditional holiday.  There are many other things going on in our communities on this gracious holiday. Turkey runs, high school high school football games, neighborhood football games.  I guess I'll go up to Baltimore (Charm City) and stuff my face on the way back home I have a another stop to make, so Hoyanation enjoy your Thanksgiving and I'll get back witcha in a few.  Here some photos of our family's Thanksgiving in the past.  I bet my family didn't still I had these photos. Haha, well, here they are...

My Aunt (left) Mom (right) cutting the potatoes up for some potato salad Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving at home 2008

Um Um Good turkey, gray, string beans and more...


Mom had to dress it up a lil bit

Marsh Mellow Sweet Potatoes

My nephew Daniel on Thanksgiving Day 2007 future Hoya?

Hapyy Thanksgiving Day from Georgetown Hoyas


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