Monday, November 9, 2009

Hoyanation, Jason Clark will spread his wings and glide into the season in top form

Jason Clark stretched out gliding in for the the dunk

Jason Clark gliding with blazing quickness throwing the baseball pass downcourt

Hoyanation, it's 4 days before the Hoyas first game of the 2009-2010 season.  I think Hoyanation has been waiting for this moment from last season's last game.  I know I have been waiting patiently hyped up here and there, and finally only 4 more days, a dream come true no matter what the deal is.  I'm ready to go out there right now and play. (just kidding).  Jason Clark an all purpose guard, will glide into the season in top form with blazing speed and quickness and mad heart.  Jason has added more strength which has helped him in those areas.  Jason's work ethic, dedication, focus, and sense or urgency will pay off this season.  His leadership will propel the Hoyas to higher levels.  Could you imagine running the old John Thompson Jr's press with Jason's length.  The ball wouldn't get past wouldn't get past half court because of Jason's graceful wing span which propels him to glide in for the landing for two points.  We'll surely need a lot of that from Jason, and Hoyanation, I'm sure he'll deliver quite well.

Jason had a very successful summer on the hardwood at the James "Jabbo" Kenner Memorial Summer League.  His play was "stellar".   Sitting in my normal seat close to the floor, I was able to see the action up close.  Jason quickly came down the court in transition as he's done all summer and when he crossed half court to the three point line all I saw was a burst of blazing quick speed in for two points.  When I saw that I was like amazing grace. (lol)

I guess you could say it's kinda nice to have a player on this Hoya team that reminds of Sleepy Floyd, David Wingate and Reggie Williams all put into one.  Also, Jason was born on the same day as my son.  A great person, student and player is what makes Jason special.

One other play that really got the Kenner league rocking is when Jason came down again in transition fumbled the ball while going up for the layup, put the ball through his legs while still in mid-air and laid the ball of the glass for two points, now how did he do that?  Length!  Jason Clark is ready!


Above them all Jason will reach for new heights

#21 Jason Clark NCAA 2010

Jason Clark's grace will be all over the place

Jason taking the game right out of opponents hand

Jason's defense is the key

Doing what he does, glide right by defenders

Jason Clark at Midnight Madness


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