Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hoyas start out slow then quickly glide to the finish

Jason Clark glides in on defender teammate Julian Vaughn below

Hoyanation, the Hoyas vs. Savannah game was aired on 570 AM radio here in the Washington, DC, area.  The Hoyas go on to victory against the Southern Athletic Independent Conference (SAIC) Savannah State Tiger team 63-44 with great team play".  Everyone scored and contributed to team play.  Jason Clark led all scorers hitting four 3 pointers in one half and was deemed player of the game, but to Jason it's about "team", sacrifice and determination for his team, this is part of what makes Jason so special as a player, person and student.  As Coach Thompson credits Jason's stellar play he also said these great things about Jason, “the number of points Jason scores is irrelevant,” Thompson said. “He plays great defense and he’s a very unselfish player. He’s at the core of what we’re doing this year. He’s going to have a lot more than 14 as we go along.”

Jason Clark makes unselfish pass to teammate in Savannah game 11/21/09

Coach Thompson giving direction in Hoyas victory over Savannah State

Hoya Greg Monroe gets possession of the ball from Savannah defender

Julian Vaughn fighting to receive ball from teammate against Savannah State defender

Greg Monroe hustles for loose ball in Savannah game

Freshman Vee Sanford scores off a "dribble drive" for his first 2 points of his collegiate career to take the score to 54-35 at the 5:47 mark

Freshman Vee Sanford shooting and making three pointer in Kenner Summer League action

Vee Sanford bringing the ball up in Kenner Summer League action

Vee Sanford defending in Kenner Summer League action

2009-10 Georgetown @ Savannah State - Coach Thompson and GU Players

Vee Sanford gliding along the basline!

Vee Sanford glides for the SMASH!!
Talking bout airtime! LOL!

Wanna see Vee Sanford dancing at Midnight Madness to Soul Sonic Force
Go to the 1:04 minute, then go to the 1:54 minute and enjoy! 

Freshman Vee Sanford loving the spotlight with ole skool robot footwork

Voice of the Hoyas Rick Chvotkin

Listening to the game on the radio hearing The Voice of the Hoyas Rich Chvotkin for the first time this season was a joy.  Some of the things he says makes me laugh, for instance when Jason Clark made the third of his three pointer, Chvotkin says, "bombs away", later on during the game he said, "as Jason Clark brings the ball up he is "eyeball to eyeball pressure" with the defender guarding him".  Hoyas on fire!  Rich Chvotkin says after a Chris Wright 3 on a 19-4 run in the first half.  At the 6:16 mark in the first half Jason Clark's 4th 3 ball had Rich Chvotkin excited, saying, "Jason Clark is on fire"!



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