Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alonzo Mourning with Rick Reilly taping of ESPN's Homecoming at Georgetown University July 23, 2009

I was excited, amazed, very humble, sort of anxious, when I thought about being anxious, I let it go, lol, so I could focus on the Key Bridge traffic with folks tired and trying to get home from work, and here I am on my way to an event. The Skies were very clouldy and you could tell the rain could fall out of the sky at any minute. I finally got over the Key Bridge and I was home free riding a short ride on Canal Street onto the Hilltop. The parking wasn't bad at all, I was surprised I didn't see much traffic for the show. I guess the traffic was in the front of the school on 37th and O.

When I got out of the car, I saw a couple that was going to the Alonzo Mourning and Rick Reilly taping of Homecoming on ESPN. We talked a bit and we were walking towards the one the garage step doors and off we went up too many flights of stair, I thought we were just gonna go up one or two flights, lol, I was like, I ain't trying to get sweaty geez, lol, I was complaining, but I made it all the way up all those flights of steps, no problem, only one thing, I'm thinking, geez, I hope the line won't be long, as the couple and I approached the garage steps door the couple opened the door and it was raining hard hard there, lol, I was like whattttttttt, now it's raining, not now, the line might be long, (I did remember, my name was on the list) I'm always thining positive, but I felt a slight panic, lol, just a slight one, the couple opened the door and made a go for it, I didn't, I stayed, I was like geezzzz, I had my Jordan's on and it was raining very hard, although it was just a bit of a shower, as a matter of fact almost too much of a showerl because I was trying to get the show.

The rain settled down somewhat, I still got a little wet, but nothing to hard my Jordans, I ran so fast, yes, I still got speed, I was excited, mad, happy and breathing hard, lol, especially when I made that run for it, good thing I've been swimming (cardio) : ). I get to Gaston Hall where they are doing the taping, sort of wet, but Georgetown Jordans are okay. I had spilled some grape juice on the same Jordans earlier, was I fired up, I had to calm down. Once I got to Gaston Hall I saw only a few people, and then I went outside to line up and hardly on one was there, so basically I was one of the first people to enter this great 100 year old Hall tonight to be a part of Alonzo Mourning and Rick Reilly's Homecoming on ESPN.

Wow, sitting back and just watching as so many people filled Gaston Hall 600 plus, totally amazing, then Big John Thompson walks in and the place erupts, loud cheers and handclaps. The 2009-10 Hoyas walk in and the crowd gets it in with loud cheers and handclaps. Formers players, Patrick Ewing and son, John "Bey Bey" Duren, Jaren Jackson, Bobby Winston, special appearance live onscreen well-respected NBA coach and true champion Pat Reiley. Alonzo's wife and son Trey also in the house, great family.

It was a sight and a blessing to see all this take place on this beautiful night in July. Alonzo Mourning's Homecoming with Rick Reilly on ESPN will air August 6, 2009, TBA. A true life learning experience and great inspiration, Alonzo Mourning.

I hope everyone will see this Homecoing! WE ARE GEORGETOWN! 


Alonzo's Homecoming

Alonzo Mourning's #33

Patrick Ewing arriving at Gaston Hall for ESPN's Rick Reilly's Homecoming

Patrick Ewing arriving at Alonzo Mourning's Homecoming

Waiting in line for the taping of  Homecoming with Alonzo Mourning and ESPN's Rick Reilly
photo taken by photographer Rafael Suanes



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