Thursday, November 5, 2009

Big ups to Cordero "Showtime" Holt and the Northern Virginia Community College NVCC Raiders

Just wanna give a shout out to those Northern Virginia Community College Raiders.  Cordero "Showtime" Holt will be starring the Raiders this season.  A true 6-7 left handed shooting guard that can do it all.  Cordero's energy can be felt like buzz when he's on the court.  Running the court is what makes Cordero special, it sets him up for the glide for the dunk.  So many times has Cordero ran the floor and dunked on someones's head.  His defense is played with reckless abandon.  He does have the will to want to play defense and should become contagious to the Raiders.  As the Raiders glide into the season we hope to see the Novanation come out and support the NVCC Raiders.

.L to R Jermaine Wright, Cordero Holt, Joe Scorah

"Cordero Holt at 6’7” and 190 pounds is an incoming freshman. Cordero can knock down the three pointers with NBA range, can take the ball to the hole with authority usually dunking in the face of anyone trying block it and has better that average ball handing skills. As a shooting guard Cordero is going to cause many mismatches for the opposing team’s defense". - Coach Shawn Fitzmaurice

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